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  1. Where are your annual festive hats on your avatars fuckers?!

  2. I've resurrected my brother's account on which last battle was played in 2014 ūü§£

  3. Anyone knows a way to get your account transfered to the other server. In my case I want my NA account transfered to the EU, cuz I'm obviously from EU. I've already tried sending tickets to the support to no avail. They just tell me politely to fuck off, saying that transfers are not possible outside the special instances, like right now with EU/RU servers due to the situation in Ukraine. Anyone knows a guy, that knows a guy that could help me?

    1. DrWeb7_1


      Transfers from NA to EU were temporarily possible in 2016 or so, I don't remember exactly when WG offered such.

  4. Playing on a Test server a little bit and I couldn't be happier that i quit this shitty ass cancer game long time ago. Btw good luck to all that still play once they release Minotardo, T10 Spaghetti TD.

  5. You fucks still playing tanks, you cray man

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    2. orzel286


      I only play cultured weeb games :doge2:

    3. ZXrage


      Earlier today i reinstalled the game, lost my only match back, then uninstalled

      I'd probably play again if I had the space for it

    4. echo9835


      I started playing games that don't piss me off. Now, oddly enough, I am not pissed off.

  6. Although I don't play tanks anymore and I'm not that frequent on Wotlabs either, don't you motherfuckers think I have forgotten to remind you of annual festive hats on your avatars. Put them the fuck on, right meow or else...:triggered:

    1. ZXrage


      pulled an old one out just for you bby

    2. Jul_Le


      Finally someone focusing on the important things

  7. Why are you still playing tanks?

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    2. ZXrage


      I just come by to witness people's misery.

      I say that but i would still play tanks if I had the space for it

    3. Expendable_Lad


      Sunk cost fallacy.
      J/K (kinda) - it's a pretty game. Great models, and it challenges me to think fast and slow. Not a mindless shooter or a dull-ass strategy game. 

    4. Balthazars


      Because (sadly) it is still pretty much the best game in its genre going around, and I find it great for simple pick up and play without too much brain-power required, which is much appreciated given my work schedule and limited time to play games. I've been getting into Hell Let Loose recently, but that takes quite a bit of concentration and games can take up to 2 hours so it's only viable when I know I have a decent chunk of time to sit down and play. WoT has none of that, even if it's just 30 minutes of free time I can jump in and play a few games and chill.

  8. Just a yearly reminder about festive hats on your avatars in case you assholes forgot to put it on. Put them the fuck on or else...

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    2. ZXrage


      even I forgot to do it...

    3. lavawing


      jesus mspaint is hard

    4. orzel286


      HaSHirE sOrI YOOOOOO

      KaZE no yOU Ni

      TsuKImIHarA wOOO


  9. You motherfuckers still play tanks, you cray cray man

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    2. PityFool
    3. orzel286


      Ha! I don't play tanks anymore, I have a  Big Brain and play Lewd Boat game!

    4. Medjed
  10. Just played a little bit of WoT, although on test server, and if someone ever told me before that WG will introduce more cancerous game mechanic than arty I'd call him crazy. Holy fucking Jesus wheeled shitanks are so fkn cancerous. Even if I ever thought of coming back to play, after this there's 0% chance.

    1. Private_Miros


      That was my first impression as well, but in the end, it's quite alright. I don't mind them unless I am playing slower scout tanks.

    2. Enroh


      yeah I agree....hate em hate em. not to mention I get stuck with the shitters on them on my teaM 99% OF THE TIME

  11. Did you assholes here forgot about annual festive hats on your avatars? Put them right the fuck back on.

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    2. Wanderjar


      its festive certainly

    3. Rexxie


      i regret mentioning that now

    4. Nisa


      its a red hat so it counts.

  12. Bery nice BWfFG1G.jpg

  13. Played ~20 battles on the test server and all I can say is, thank fucking God I quit WoT long time ago. Even if we completely disregard arty as the dumbest game mechanic in history of games, just the pure RNG nature of the game, completely broken tanks, imbalanced and stale corridor maps, fantasy blueprint tanks with cancer mechanics that completely break any sort of game balance just makes this game pretty much the worst fucking game I've ever laid my hands on. The only positive thing from this game is that i managed to sell my EU account couple of years ago and got some money out of it. Holy crap, anyone who still plays this must be completely insane.

    1. Jesse_the_Scout
    2. kolni


      its pretty sad how u clearly cant get over the game since instead of leaving it in the past u go on here to sperg while not playing it

      just relapse or dont already :doge: 

  14. Fuck everyone that plays WoT


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    2. Wanderjar


      holy shit schnitzel lives

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Jesus has nothing on me. 3rd time reborn

    4. Medjed


      @SchnitzelTruck If WoT doesn't kill you nothing will

  15. Wotlabs annual festive hats?

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    2. Medjed


      Yea, same here. I never took it off.

    3. ZXrage


      i can't believe i forgot to wear mine lmao

    4. Tarski


      Thanks for reminding me, I put one on. 

  16. Oh my fucking God. So, i just bought GTX 1080 and sold my GTX 1060 and couple of days later GTX 1080Ti is being sold for the same fucking price! Fuck me sideways in the ass.

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    2. Haswell


      Refund and buy the other one. Your fault for not keeping up with the murican tradition of black friday/cyber monday :doge:

    3. Medjed


      Literally nothing you two said relates to this country. This was on a craig's list type of site, so refunding is a no go. Only thing i could do is buy the Ti and sell the 1080, but selling the 1080 would be a lot harder than it was to sell 1060. I'm just mad that i haven't wait for just a couple more days.

    4. Fulcrous


      If it makes you feel better, an OC'd 1080 can perform close to a stock 1080ti.

  17. a9EmQjEA_700w_0.jpg

    1. sohojacques


      Make you spider senses tingle?


    2. Medjed


      Nothing tingles watching her, she's nasty as fuck

  18. So, today i had a brilliant idea to reinstall WoT after God knows how much time. Managed to play 2 battles and rage uninstalled it after the second one. Nope, i'll never fucking play this game ever again. If you wonder what made me uninstall after only 2 battles, it was arty.

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      you will be back 

    2. ZXrage
    3. Medjed


      Not really. This WAS my attempt to get back to the game cuz i got bored of all games i currently play and i just couldn't do it. Only way i'd ever come back is if they remove artillery from the game and we all know that'll never happen. I guess i'll just play on test servers every now and then just to get a dose of tanks.

  19. New toy has arrived


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    2. Fulcrous


      yeah. good choice then since you were on the z170 boards. great chip and well worth de-lidding if you ever get to it.

    3. Ham_


      upgraded from an I3-6100 to a 7100, have close to i5 6th gen performance now its incredible what they did with kaby lake

    4. Medjed


      I would delid it, but i really don't have necessary tools to do it or any way to get them. Also it'd take some balls to fuck around with your brand new CPU and risk damaging it regardless how minimal risk would be. Still haven't instal it and i just hope temps are gonna be fine with mild overclock.

  20. Man, i'm sure she got all the followers/subs cuz she's so good at Fartnite. We're not gonna even mention she's just using that game for her self promotion as she just keeps fullscreen on her and not even playing the fucking game. But God forbid some guy goes shirtless on Twitch. Instaban. Fucking whores.


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    2. Sapros


      @hazzgar I think you need a safe space. No triggering words (no matter how appropriate they'd be), and also the chance of someone actually mistaking your shitposting for informed opinions. QB subs get extra points.


    3. Medjed


      I don't give a fuck about your assumptions. She a hoe bruh. Now get the fuck out of my status update.

    4. Hellsfog


      14 hours ago, TAdoo87 said:

      Guys say what you will but this girl is an excellent passive content creator. One picture of hers generated higher activity on this site than anything in the past year. :serb:

      You're right about that. Sex sells.

  21. My parents were concerned about me drinking brake fluid. I told them I could stop anytime.



  22. Installed tanks again for 1.0 graphics and other than graphics this game is fucking sad. Arguably at worst state it has been in years.

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    2. StormCrowReaperManyHats


      Been going constantly downhill since 8.8

    3. TAdoo87


      Sadly I agree.

    4. king_spaniel


      The cosmetic glossover, while never addressing anything meaningful (or flat out doing it to the detriment of anyone who would want to play this game long term), is what WG is king of

  23. So, i just broke my HyperX Cloud Revolver headset. I'm such a fucking moron, and also fuck these headsets. They look rigid, but they are actually crap quality build.

    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Gamer headsets are consistently shit, Sennheiser is the only one that is worth a look. 

    2. orzel286


      I have a.... Uhhhh... Idk, what it is. Hm, it says it's some "gamecom" - what kind of brand is it? Anyway - ok-ish sound quality, pretty powerful, and it's still in one piece after several high speed contacts with the floor. :doge:

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