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  1. Don't get the salt about new physics in 9.14. It's pretty much the same as it is now, with just couple of small changes and couple of cool things, such as not getting stuck in terrain etc. TBH i prefer the new physics over current.

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    2. Assassin7


      last time they delayed the patch a week or so on NA for the finals to finish, so I dont think it will be an issue Mereel

    3. Shifty_101st


      The only gripe I have about the new physics is the new stopping and shooting mechanic, as your tank will do the lean with it rock with it.  So you have to wait for the tank to settle before firing.  At least during that time your tank is still aiming as well

    4. Medjed


      That's not true Shifty. That used to be my issue but on earlier iterations of TS and i hated the rocking of the tank. They fixed that and there's really no difference between the new and old physics in that matter.

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