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  1. Here we go again. Depression phase, sadness, loneliness and only thing you can think of is suicidal thoughts while trying to find reasons to be alive and you can't find any. I'd rather be dead than fucked up like i am.

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    2. NoobestNoob


      Been there, and to be honest while it sounds like a cliche the best thing that you can do its to get ou, go for a walk, run for a while, and try to socialize with positive people, i  got amazed of how supportive people can be even if they havent been really close to you for long. Go on med, you can do it :doit:

    3. Migizikody


      If anyones having trouble like this I severely recommend seeking professional help or opening up to family about it. Don't let your pride get in the way just because you would be embarrassed, a lot of people would be willing to help im sure

    4. RutgerS


      Your life matters. Please seek out professional help.

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