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  1. So after six years of studying and finally getting engineer degree i'm proud to say i got dream job working on a fucking gas station for 16 fucking hours per day. I fucking love living in a shithole 5th world country.

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    2. Medjed


      @BlackAdder Well put. I think you really need to experience it on your own skin to get the real image which you can't really explain or emphasize enough with words how it is to live here. It's literally hell on Earth and pure survival from month to month and if you're lucky enough you'll go somewhere outside(western countries aka Germany etc) to work/live.

    3. no_name_cro
    4. Nope


      There are no equal grounds for discussing this matter across continents. It is literally fucking 3rd world gutter vs 1st world modern society, an education that's amazing one place is utter useless turd-smell another place, also it's highly unlikely that the curriculum and job opportunities are even remotely similar. Why people get their panties in a bunch is beyond me, realise the yuropoor/spoiled suburban kid difference and back off, you'll never see eye to eye because you ain't levelled bitches.

      Now fuck off to reddit. Ta3J274.gif

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