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  1. I can honestly say if at least 50% of changes from sandbox server goes live i'll fucking quit this game the same second. I swear, they changed shit just for the sake of change, it's so fucking random, pointless, unreasonable it's mind boggling. Arty shell debuffing your crew was the only way to make arty even more annoying and retarded. All the view range nerfs will to put it simply, break the game so fucking hard, they(WG) won't even be able "to spot" where they made a mistake. All in all it's a giant clusterfuck of random pointless changes just so they could say they "rebalanced" stuff, while in reality all they need to do is fix the fucking MM, fix the arty(best solution would honestly be to just remove it) and you'll have a great fucking game, but nah, let's fuck up everything. Let's nerf the distance of engagement, let's nerf shell penetration over distance, LET'S FUCKING PLAY WORLD OF CORRIDORS WITH HEAVY TANKUS. FUCK OFF AND DIE.

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