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  1. Fucking finally!!! Moved from a "supposed to be" 7 Mbps connection that was as stable as Fukushima reactor at earthquake times, ping was horrible, jitter was all over the place speed was bleeding constantly to a new ISP, that's rock solid when it comes to stability and the only "bad" side of it is that i'm paying for 50 Mbps connection but due to the distance this is approximately the best i can pull. Still miles better than the old internet. Even though it's not the best internet or fastest in the world it feels so fucking good man. feelsgoodman.png


    1. Siimcy


      LUL, yesterday I went from 7Mbps to 14Mbps(15Mbps is the package supposed speed) after years. They installed an amplifier something nearby and my ping lowered by half as well and it's fucking fantastic(was 50ms ish now it's below 30ms). FeelsGoodMan It may be low still but god damn it FeelsGoodMan to finally watch Twitch source with 0 buffering 2hrs of watching, DLing stuff in 1hr which took me 2 and the speed is so constant and not jittery it's amazing. PogChamp

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