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  1. New toy has arrived


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    2. Medjed


      Now i have to wait until Tuesday for thermal paste to arrive so i can install it. Fuck me sideways.

    3. Fulcrous


      out of curiosity what did you have before? with prime day coming up soon a 8700k might have been in the affordable range.

    4. Medjed


      i5 6600K. Switched mainly cause lots of new games actually require and work a lot better with more than 4C/4T. Since i play Battlefield games a LOT and they are highly CPU intensive i decided to do a switch. I've been thinking about 8700K, but it would be a lot more expensive variant. First i have z170 mobo and 7700K or kaby lake series do work with z170 motherboards with only a BIOS update which i already did, so if i wanted 8700K i'd have to upgrade mobo to z370 as well and since i live in a shithole country prime day, black friday or any kind of days doesn't play a role for me. 6700K or 7700K upgrade made most sense in my situation and since i found this 7700K brand new for a price of a used one on a Craig's list type of site in my country it was a no brainer. Now i'm gonna sold my 6600K and get some of the money back. All in all it was a good deal for me.

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