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  1. So after six years of studying and finally getting engineer degree i'm proud to say i got dream job working on a fucking gas station for 16 fucking hours per day. I fucking love living in a shithole 5th world country.

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    2. Medjed


      @BlackAdder Well put. I think you really need to experience it on your own skin to get the real image which you can't really explain or emphasize enough with words how it is to live here. It's literally hell on Earth and pure survival from month to month and if you're lucky enough you'll go somewhere outside(western countries aka Germany etc) to work/live.

    3. no_name_cro
    4. Nope


      There are no equal grounds for discussing this matter across continents. It is literally fucking 3rd world gutter vs 1st world modern society, an education that's amazing one place is utter useless turd-smell another place, also it's highly unlikely that the curriculum and job opportunities are even remotely similar. Why people get their panties in a bunch is beyond me, realise the yuropoor/spoiled suburban kid difference and back off, you'll never see eye to eye because you ain't levelled bitches.

      Now fuck off to reddit. Ta3J274.gif

  2. Man, i'm sure she got all the followers/subs cuz she's so good at Fartnite. We're not gonna even mention she's just using that game for her self promotion as she just keeps fullscreen on her and not even playing the fucking game. But God forbid some guy goes shirtless on Twitch. Instaban. Fucking whores.


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    2. Sapros


      @hazzgar I think you need a safe space. No triggering words (no matter how appropriate they'd be), and also the chance of someone actually mistaking your shitposting for informed opinions. QB subs get extra points.


    3. Medjed


      I don't give a fuck about your assumptions. She a hoe bruh. Now get the fuck out of my status update.

    4. Hellsfog


      14 hours ago, TAdoo87 said:

      Guys say what you will but this girl is an excellent passive content creator. One picture of hers generated higher activity on this site than anything in the past year. :serb:

      You're right about that. Sex sells.

  3. It's bloody Valentine's day....i wrote a whole novel to a girl i'm in love with how i feel about her, copied the whole text, opened messages on FB, opened her profile, pasted everything and all that is left to do is to press Enter and send it to her and i'm so fucking nervous i think i'm gonna have a heart attack....pls send help :oscar:

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    2. Siimcy


      True balkan attitude :hb: 

    3. Monkey


      You can get married inside your Type 5. All the guests will fit.

      Just take this song and replace 'gangnam' with 'balkan' and you have your wedding song!

    4. hallo1994


      Sorry to hear that.

  4. I think i'm in love and i'm being usual shy faggot about it. Fuck me sideways :foreveralone:

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    2. Va1heru


      Love is tricky famalam. Make sure she's mature, alot of girls like the idea of a serious relationship and then don't. 


      Take it slow if you really like her that much. Theres nothing worse than fucking up soemthing like that 

    3. orzel286


      @Siimcy The only skin I give a shit about is my foreskin.

    4. Siimcy
  5. The pubbie tears over FV304 cancer nerf are delicious.

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    2. Cunicularius


      Fuck, that could hurt some1... how about it leaves a collision texture? That cud cary by morale deprivation...

    3. Ekozilla


      FTR blocked @ work - can someone copy/paste into the 9.3 discussion forum?

    4. CarbonatedPork


      Try heckyesmarkdown.com to fetch the article.

  6. accuracy nerf confirmed, no ETA...yes please make this game more RNG based so i can miss fuckpubbies at point-blank range and quit the game for good

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    2. UglyBigD


      You say this like youve never missed a shot at point blank because of rng and forgotten that ridiculous shots were still possible with the old sigma.

    3. peregrine


      folter having ~20 percent of shots going to the edge of the aim circle is not "fine"

    4. Medjed


      I've pulled enough of my hair while playing T30 before accuracy nerf to know how fucked up it was with shots flying everywhere. Those shots happens now too, but much more rarely.

  7. Watching Straik playing and i can't fucking believe how good MM he gets on RU and how braindead people that play there are.....i would transfer my account on RU if i could

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    2. AkulaV


      I've hung out with and watched Straik play live next to me. He's a great player but not a God.

    3. Medjed


      That's how we call RU supercums, for me personally best player i watched is EJ(EmbryonicJourney)

    4. Anfield


      There are a few NA players that would get close or even match probably.

  8. Tuco22, RutgerS, Peanut, Spencer, ZX are the coolest people here

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    2. Siimcy


      I can already say it's because I cry all the time, hell I complain whenever I click LMB(my brother told me so lel) ...

    3. Tuco22
    4. ZXrage


      I don't understand why I'm on this list.

  9. TIL girls fart, but i still refuse to believe

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    2. Tuco22


      Vegan farts are the absolute worst.

    3. Medjed


      Does it smell like digested grass?

    4. Tuco22


      Smells like rotting corpses.

  10. Fkn mood changes...one day i'll be all hyped up and happy, i love anyone and everything and then next day i can't stand even myself let alone anyone else....if i was a girl i'd blame it on pms :serb:, but since i'm not i guess it's the caffeine side effects :damn:

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    2. GazT4R


      I'm low at the moment, friend I knew from Uni (near 2 decades ago) was found dead on a beach. Suffered from mild depression before, need to be hitting some of that cardio with or without caffiene. Worked before.


    3. westybig


      ay life is cruel sometimes, anything that makes you feel happier is helpful

    4. GazT4R


      TItties and Beer :awyeah:

  11. Ok i've watched the sandbox arty rework and i can say that i kind of like it....the stun isn't as cancerous as on the first sandbox server, it reduces your crew ability by 25% which isn't that bad, AND consumables are now reusable and medkit completely removes the stun effect...you also don't have to pay 3k credits every time you use your consumable, you just pay 3k as you always did. So arty does WAY less damage, stun isn't that bad at all and you can negate it with reusable consumables.....So, i guess WG kind of did something right and i'd actually prefer this arty over 1shot piece of crap that it is now. :serb:

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    2. saru_richard


      welcome to WotLabs were topic changes happen a lot :fish:

    3. Tedster59


      ships economy is a bit different.  prem consumables cost about the same in ships as in tanks, but in ships you earn 5x the credits, so it's far more affordable.  full prem consumables in tanks gets expensive very quickly.

    4. Greatspank


      Is it ok to bring out faster autoloader arta now?:serb:

  12. first we were warned about using certain words for adressing arties, now if we negrep someone for bringing arty bullshit here we are retarded...excuse me but when the fuck did Wotlabs became arty apologists circlejerk?

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    2. Nekommando


      Is negrep-ing arty posts a serious issue? Like, does anyone get R/O simply because the amount of negreps?

    3. RNG_


      Are negs not supposed to reflect the feelings of the community about a post? I would say feelings where definitely reflected.

    4. Medjed
  13. Type59 is one big pile of steaming shit and here's why http://i.imgur.com/faINMoJ.jpg

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    2. BanzaiBonsai


      please die. are you telling me I quit this game and they hand out 59s again?

    3. Medjed


      ^^Been there, done that....occasionally you can have a decent game, but the frustrating ones because of the gun handling just makes it a turd...FUCK TYPE59 AND EVERYONE WHO PLAYS IT Kappa

    4. Medjed


      Banzai, you're fine...they are not giving them ever again, but they might as well do it, because it would be a massive profit for a tank that is piece of shit

  14. I wanna marry Katy Perry

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    2. KraftLawrence


      who are u, kim jong un?

    3. ViktorKitov


      Katty Perry = 7.5/10

      Nice boobs

    4. Medjed


      KraftLawrence I literally watched The interview last night :D

  15. K70 is get bois and holy shit it's awesome.....0 regrets even though it costed metric shitton of pennies :kreygasm:

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    2. MAJEST1C


      Corsair master race

    3. Evelyn


      47 minutes ago, Urshakus said:

      Logitech G710+ owner here bois :doge: cherry brown masterrace.

      I got that board too, and got some custom caps for it <3 #cherrymxbrownmasterrace

    4. Daezara


      Second gen Blackwidow Ultimate calling in, back when they still used cherry mx blue's in them :awyeah:

  16. So, TIL Garbad is 19 y old and i'm also older than Taco22...what the fuck is this

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    2. OnboardG1


      I'm actually quite impressed if Garbad is 19. He shows a lot of insight into things that most 19 year olds wouldn't get. It makes the hilarious lack of self awareness "Just another teenage thing" rather than a pathological symptom.

  17. Didn't even realised i was chatbanned for 3 days until i've tried writing something in KITTY's clan chat...fuk me, can't pluton now....

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    2. Medjed


      I'm afraid of tranny voices :3

    3. Nope


      Tranny voices too OP for you :3

    4. Medjed


      I'm not actually THAT shy, it's just i feel really awkward talking in English. So far whenever i used TS it was in my first clan where we just communicate in my native language, but when i had to play CW campaigns in UNICA i felt awkward :D I barely talked at all...i mean my English is fairly good, but i just feel weird talking it irl :D

  18. Reading comments on Rita's blog about ammo pen nerfs hurts my brain hard

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    2. Medjed



    3. Joebob73


      E-50M pen nerf is bullshit. It's supposed to have the highest pen of all the tier 10 meds anyways.

    4. Theaty


      113 did not deserve that treatment to begin with

  19. Everybody is circlejerking about XTC and no one yet mentioned how retarded it already is at first glance....it can still be padded...just play the tanks you have best XTC in....it encourages low tiers massively.....and it looks like a metric only for top players....i mean if a regular WN8 supercum has barely green stats in some tank what stats will those yellow/orange shitters have...unicums will fight for purple and everyone else will be red bobs...fuck stats and numbers...play the goddamn game

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    2. Medjed


      and everybody is jizzing their pants in that thread because Garbad made the thread therefore it must be great metric.

    3. deathmachine16


      It's like wn7 was renamed

    4. Medjed


      ^^same turd as any other metric wraped in a bit nicer cellophane

  20. The more i play Type 59 more i hate its gun....from all tanks from tier 1 to tier t10 i ever played it has the worst fucking gun EVER

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    2. Evelyn


      But those all see tier 10, Type 59 doesn't, so it's balanced around that.

    3. Cunicularius


      Are you kidding? Type 59 would make a better tier 8 than the T342

    4. Medjed


      ppl pls stop trolling me...i never said it's a bad tank, i wouldn't play it if it was(like i don't play Lowe) i said it has the worst gun of all tanks i've ever played...gun on it makes me rage like anything in WoT ever made me

  21. Experiences, opinions on Corsair's Strafe keyboard? Any other keyboards in the same price range that are comparable to it?

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    2. Eladamri


      I bought the corsair k65 lux.  Liked it so much that I bought a second for work, and my brother has the older k65.  All with cherry reds.  Really love the ten-keyless form factor.  

    3. Siimcy


      K70 is REALLY worth it medjed. It may cost more but damn this aluminium base and the whole keyboard look and feel is just Kreygasm . I honestly would just spend a bit more and get the K70 for the long run if you're already spending as much for a keyboard. :doge: 

    4. MAJEST1C


      I have a K95 and I love it. Although out of the 18 macro keys I used only 2 lmao :feelsbad:

      One thing that annoys me is the CUE. 

  22. This girl stops by at a gas station where i work and omfg she smells like heaven....and as an icing on the cake she's easily 11/10....she's goddamn beautiful ok...fuck me sideways

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    2. Medjed


      i didn't said i would marry her just based on the smell, speciall not based on the smell of her shit, because that smelled like the scrape from hell's bottom, i said i'd marry her based on everything, but fkn hell if someone told me a girl like that takes shits like that i wouldn't believe him

    3. snowdude21325


      Biologically speaking, when someone has a good smell it means they are a genetic complement to you so your offspring would be superior from having more varied genes thus being more resilient..... just saying  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    4. Raj


      snowdude that's just a meme created by someone to make nerds feel better about every single girl that smells good, so they're like "I would make a good compliment to this 10/10 because she smells nice". Meanwhile you smell like a nerd.

  23. Did you assholes here forgot about annual festive hats on your avatars? Put them right the fuck back on.

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    2. Wanderjar


      its festive certainly

    3. Rexxie


      i regret mentioning that now

    4. Nisa


      its a red hat so it counts.

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