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  1. On 11/11/2018 at 11:43 PM, BlitzReaper said:

    I haven't changed anything about my laptop (sorry) at all during the past months. Suddenly today I'm starting to get very big FPS drops in games like WoT, CSGO, etc.

    On WoT my FPS usually varies between 120-80, 80 being the lowest. Now, when I play I sometimes get 40 FPS.

    For example, when I am aiming normal view with arty (sorry again), my FPS stays above 80, usually over 100. When I switch to the other view, it drops down to around 70. 

    When I play normal tanks or have the direct view with my arty, sometimes the FPS drops down to around 40.


    I have downloaded nothing, CPU and RAM seem normal, I also cleaned the vents of the laptop even though it was only slightly dusty, and I also did disk defrag etc. My SSD also has a lot of free space.


    Also with CSGO my FPS is normally 200, and it sometimes randomly drops to around 100. Of course it's playable, but getting those FPS drops are damn annoying.


    Could anyone maybe suggest me something to do so I can find out what's causing this?


    See, there's your problem. Should have downloaded more RAM. sry had to

  2. AMD already has taken back a lot of lost percentages on CPU market with their Ryzen 1/2 series and despite being someone who prefered Intel i couldn't be more happy for AMD(really wish they'd come up with some competitive stuff in GPU market to compete with nVidia). Intel is seriously starting to piss me off. Until Ryzen showed up with a loud bang Intel literally recycled their CPUs from generation to the next one with miserable improvements and all of a sudden when Ryzen came they quickly launched Coffee Lake, after a long time series that upped cores on all their main CPUs with i3 becoming old i5, i5 gaining two additional cores and i7 switching from 4c/8t after a long time to 6c/12t and easily clockable CPUs up to 5+ GHz. Something they claimed was almost impossible. It was really obvious that they can launch monster CPUs pretty much whenever they wanted, but  chose not to because of lack of a competition. Won't even go into Spectre and Meltdown shit. Fuck Intel.

  3. I don't even frequent this forum as much as i did couple of years ago, but it's always nice to see that there's still shitlords spamming threads that could have been status updates. On a more bright side at least i get to use my daily downvote. Shitlord.

  4. 18 hours ago, PityFool said:

    Yea I got it on sale for 19 NZD and don't regret buying it at all, apart from the crashes most of the bugs are actually somewhat entertaining.

    That moment when you realise you fucked up :serb:

    Actually, it wasn't that bad at all.

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