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  1. i have a man crush on Barks

    1. ViktorKitov
    2. Medjed


      No homo ofcourse...okay a little bit homo...after all i used to play cancer before

  2. If you feel the need for pubbie's tears go read comments on FTR about stronkhold mode

  3. FIFA and whole fucking world cup is a fucking disgrace...made me disgusting

    1. ViktorKitov


      No, you are german and you have a little tank.

    2. PityFool


      ^hahaha, where's Rene?

    3. Lt_Gruber


      It has to be said, my last WOT battle is in January.

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  4. Can't tell for sure what's more cancerous. Arta or common FTR reader. The amount of stupidy there is at an concerning level.

    1. hallo1994


      Alt accounts in ftr

  5. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/06/05/technical-post/#comment-157840 So i got my own space in FTR's blog. mr. sexii's jimmies has been rustled. HE HE
    1. Nekommando


      "If I were a kid your mom would be jailed for pedophilia" ~ Quoted from Medjed. Baus.

    2. Migizikody


      My god why does he have that hair at like 40 years old

    3. Medjed


      Obviously cause he's an emo mr. sexii. He also supports that fucking bearded thing called conchita wurst that won the eurosong competition. Nekommando :P

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  6. http://imgur.com/w3gpQEZ Cunts playing cancer on test server and somehow i got punished for that :/
    1. Panzer9Supertiger


      Silly, just block their barrel with your gun. They'll still die when they fire, and it counts as a suicide :^)

    2. Debela Berta

      Debela Berta

      Buy E50, put the long 88mm gun in front of their barrel and watch them implode :D

    3. Medjed


      Meh, it feels more satisfying when i shoot the mr sexiis myself :)

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  7. http://i.imgur.com/kZsBBwm.jpg Typical day at new WG HQ building
    1. MrsmilieyfaceC8
    2. Nekommando


      At least it doesn't benefit cancers

    3. Medjed


      If only it benefits anything else but heavies :/

  8. starting to get addicted to WT GF

    1. Cod


      WT GF is a cooldown game. Like Chilly said it is more for "Fuck WoT I'm gonna go yolo in a t-34 and somehow live" than anything else.

    2. besieger


      My cooldown game has Mechs and laz0rz.

    3. Medjed


      exactly....i'm playing wtgf #4fun cause i got kind of tired with WoT and wanted to try something else...although i've been experiencing lot of bullshit in WT also, so it already starts to piss me off...not good

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