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  1. After my first night of ranked I'm still somewhere in rank one. 4/8 in the E5 and 2/3 in the AX. Lot's of bush camping redline E100s! I'm actually looking for advice. I've been playing fairly aggressive going for the win, as such when I get on those teams with the camping super heavies/alpha TDs etc I'm dead too soon to place top 3 losers. I'm wondering if support tanks are a better way to fail up a few ranks to get out of the 45% crowd a bit? Or should I just be a little more conservative and not try to be the lead assault all the time? Usually by the time I figure out that peopl
  2. The the thread "Swedish tank crew layouts + changes of Swedish tanks" over in the upcoming changes boards has all of the crew layouts, its good stuff and I think will have the answer to what you want to know. 155,135 should get you to the leo. 182,715 will be close to an elite (add more for the top radio, which I can't tell you as it's shared with TD line and I have it unlocked from there). Also can't tell you if stuff is shared if you play up, but bottom is 185k plus or minus a couple will get ya there.
  3. It's an odd duck. First, I think I'm over performing in it, and not doing anything special. In fact, being test server I'm probably a bit more YOLO than I am normally (which is too much). Basically rush to a position, siege mode up and shoot away. It's nothing to bounce/block 2k plus without even trying. Literally "front towards enemy" is all I have been doing, no wiggling, analyzing angle, nada. 2.5 seconds into siege mode, 2 seconds out: not effected by BIA/vents etc. Camo net is not broken on traverse, it is with forward or rearward movement. The machine is far less good c
  4. yep. hence being in the swede section
  5. With test server up now: Free xp to the tier 8s where the crews stay at 3 members (CDR, DRV, RO for TD) (CDR, GUN, DRV for HVY). It's 4 crew members prior. TD: 256,025 HVY: 250,535
  6. So am I the only one who noticed the 0 skill BIA ala sisters of steel perk? Who gives a shit about the tanks, if anyone needs more Russian or Brit crewmembers and don't want to go through the trouble of the IM's then BAM! Total P2W, just for that alone.
  7. I have a crewed E5. I'm keeping my M46 with the good crew. So, my mammoth crew will be going into the M48 with no intention of playing it seriousface (provided it doesn't get buffed in the future). *edit* and of course if gold isn't an object, you can always retrain to get yourself a few perked commanders out of the deal.
  8. As others have said scattered about: #1 It's not made out of ammo rack like the Leo (but note; it burns instead) #2 It has a tier 8 premium with 1:1 crew matching The lesser stuff; it's blue, it's has a tiny bit more armor for HE and making people pause a tiny tiny bit before they YOLO derp into with their T21.
  9. For the qualifier; I haven't played the 30B in test 2 yet as I've been messing around in the tier 9. (and of course it's TS so you can't really tell minor armour differences and how well things bully lower tiers etc etc) That said: It's a crappier leopard, but it's not made of ammo rack; though it will burn. The problem with test one is that the gun changes made everything else better too so it was hard to make comparisons. For example, the STB became way less derpy and running the BIA/vents/food combo it basically became a BETTER leopard and dare I say superior to the Russian stuff.
  10. With the numerous changes I think its still too early. My first impression of the 30B was meh, but it's growing on me. One of the major factors for me is I have yet to be ammo racked in it, still small sample size though. That said, I've been playing it back to back with the Leopard and I HAVE been racked a few times in it already.
  11. Ok, played it a tiny amount so far on test server. Played it back to back with a Leopard with very comparable crews and equip etc. Honestly, the AMX-30B just felt like a sluggish Leopard to me, with worse gun handling. Reload a tiny bit faster, though honestly I'm not near good enough to levarage such a tiny difference. For those curious: 197,300 for 13-90 to AMX 30 Then AMX30 to AMX30 B.... 55,000 for gun, 25,000 for turret, 180,100 for AMX 30B. I had the SA47 gun unlocked already from Heavies, have to go through that too. Looks like tracks are needed for 3rd gun, those are 24,000.
  12. This really sucks for the 4202. Everything else at least has a gold round with extra punch in their back pockets.
  13. Another thought to take into consideration is the availability of crew training vehicles. For example; Chinese mediums benefit a lot from good skills, but if you have the two Types for crew trainers crew xp is easily obtainable. If a person doesn't have a good STB crew, I'd say that would be the number one choice right now. *edit - eliminated an aside*
  14. Any more updates or confirmation on this? Still seems to be some confusion.
  15. The question for me is will the tier 10 be made out of ammo rack like the leopard. If not, then hello beautiful!
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