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  1. best thing ever !!!!! Thank you so much!!!! i love dark themes. the white theme hurt my eyes so much. too bright. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you dear leader!
  2. So i just got this beast like probably most of everyone else from the last day of Black Market key thing. Now im no good player. But man this is OP as heck. Are you guys having fun in it too ? Should it be removed or just plain nerfed (i say no its too much fun! 😈)
  3. paris and that striankzi map. I wish i had 2 more slots i could exclude. most of the maps really suck balls. and encounter/assault is off for me. I loathe those game modes. so stupid
  4. Hey guys. So as title says I'm not that good. 1500 wn8 is my absolute max in t8-t10 50% wr. I got so tired of my bad performance that I dropped down to t5-6 where I suddenly get 60wr and 3k wn8. I feel so lost and passive in high tiers but in low I totally feel when and how to shoot push and snapshoot. At least that's how I feel. Is this difference normal? And how can I fix it. I have thought about the early damage. It's like in high tiers I completely forget that and when I go to my "usual" spots that works in low I get punished in high for 80% of my hp. Which just makes me want t
  5. Best tank ever. I just got it and have odd 20 games in it. It's a beast not just easy wn8 while it is that too but it's one hell of a nice tank in 2020 still. I don't even consider going above it. I'm not a high tier lt player or high tier anymore since t10 sucks I enjoy tier 5 elc and Chaffee
  6. Best tank ever great when t10 goes to hell and you just want to have fun and kill and win games
  7. not fcm36pak40 and lefh right ? they and t2 light are the only ones i play with in lower tiers. plus all 3 are prems so they dont dare touch them do they ?
  8. fun reading all this. while here everything in denmark for me is normal.. never going outside and have a company bring me groceries.. (i dont have working legs so im half half excused) havent been outside or near people since italy got infected. J ust sitting happy playing games : D oh how my life sucks....................... :/
  9. looks interesting but probably not something id care about
  10. its definitely worth buying my god its fun but its also a pad machine. im an average 1500 player and over 40 games i am 2300 wn8. but man its fun especially after the plus minus mm where it cant see tier 10s anymore. Loving mine. But ive spent so much money lately on WoT that i promised myself its the last money i spend for a long time Im just glad i bought it.
  11. its confirmed they are removing this with World Of Tanks 1.0 .. Should people that don't have it hurry up and buy it ? (im a tank collector i got type 59 but i want this too)
  12. They promised a while ago that they would not touch pref mm tanks in regards to their mm, Which i think is great. If they change them to normal mm you are going to see a lot of angry people and it will make a difference. and as someone above said we bought pref mm for the pref mm not for changing it to a different mm than we bought it for. Im calm as long as they give is6 a pen buff im happy. and or nerf defender (in particular) armor.
  13. i was one day too late to buy this im so sad I hope it will come to the store again some day.
  14. im glad i looked at this thread. I was just about unlocking tracks. but ill grind the 20k more for engine first
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