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  1. Only have a few battles in the 65 and still adjusting, but so far I don't find the upgrade from the St.B. worthwhile. Part of that might be that I'm more comfortable to play a support role in a T9, while in a T10, exspecially in 3-5-7, I often feel the need to make a play, and a squishy support medium is not best suited for that.
  2. Taucius is blacklisted so he had to use an alt. I'm a bit worried about his condition, it seems to get worse:
  3. Although you row back a bit in your next sentence, I think that title is already taken.
  4. First they changed the T10s to align the lines playstyle, now they change the line to align the playstyle with the new T10. Makes sense (in WGs book).
  5. Does friendly fire and / or self inflicted damage count towards damage received for HT-15?

    1. TheMarine0341


      I wouldnt chance it.

    2. Darvek


      It might count toward actual damage taken, though I doubt it. It definitely doesn't count toward damaged blocked by armor. You can't do HT-15 by having your platoonmate bounce shells off your armor.

  6. Unannounced (maybe accidental?) 30% discount on T8-T10s on NA.

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    2. Haswell


      More likely an accident on Community forgetting to announce the discount.

    3. kreigermann


      Or, you know, with WGNA getting moved to Texas,the giveafuck is non existent....

    4. Buck_Wild


      According to the store stab in-game, the sale lasts until the 26th.

  7. Lindybeige and Chieftain in one Video! <3


  8. When WG changed the containers from 5 to 4 flags they stole (up to) 3 flags out of every of my previous collected containers, but now that I finally unlocked the Yamamoto collection, they didn't put a collection item into every of my previous collected containers. :(

  9. Modules are on discount this weekend, for a T6 they shouldn't be too expensive anyway..
  10. I suppose you're talking about plunging fire?!
  11. Lindybeige! <3


  12. Played 6 CA games with an avg. dmg. of ~100k, didn't destroy a single secondary battery. How to 2/2/3 (destroy 100 secondaries)??

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    2. monty50k


      Yeah, well, thx, but I guess there's no real need to finish all the missions

    3. SoliDeoGloria


      Why on earth would you keep playing with streaks like that?

    4. monty50k


      Halfway through that mission, not much if any time to play the next days and need three open mission slots on friday.

  13. While retraining is still discounted: CE or manual secondaries for my soon-to-be-bought Yamato?

    1. Jaegaer


      CE. Yamato is a sniper and the ability to disengage and heal up till the endgame push is more valuable than maybe being able to annoy the occasional DD that gets a jump on you.

    2. monty50k


      Thanks. Wondering if AFT is worth it then with the amount (or lack) of CVs in T10 games.

  14. Using clear terminology instead of those quotation marks makes your article easier to read, and probably also to write if you refer to those terms in future articles.
  15. Really? Why, since when?

    1. BiggieD61


      Hey monty!

      Sorry i had to bail on our division the other day - the wife gets bitchy when she is bringing in groceries and I don't stop to help put them away. ;-)

      Also - I think you can only give an individual one up or down vote a day, you can give multiple votes to different peeps.  I think it's to keep [people from bombing someone they are in an argument with.

    2. BlackAdder


      Also if you aint cheap fuck you can buy yourself more. See patreon post. 

  16. Fuck weekends!

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    2. MAJEST1C


      Well thanks for the warning, definitely not playing ranked tonight. Was rank 10 then got demoted to 11. I feel like whoever got the most arp ships will lose. 

      Got tilted the other night. I yolo rush into enemy team and took out 3 ships by myself.

    3. monty50k


      Anything < Rank 11 isn't worth it anyway if you're not planning on getting 3x/5x Rank 1..

    4. MAJEST1C


      Planning on getting to rank 1 in my Gneisenau

  17. Used it on the T-62A Sport with its indestructible engine.
  18. Pretty sure increasing the number of threads about this does not increase your chances to get help.
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