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  1. Only have a few battles in the 65 and still adjusting, but so far I don't find the upgrade from the St.B. worthwhile. Part of that might be that I'm more comfortable to play a support role in a T9, while in a T10, exspecially in 3-5-7, I often feel the need to make a play, and a squishy support medium is not best suited for that.


  2. 23 hours ago, TheMarine0341 said:

     If the enemy tank is not moving (unless it’s a light tank, as the special ability of light tanks is that moving does not reduce their camouflage value), is behind coverconcealment, or has not fired their gun recently, then you may need to be closer than your maximum view range in order to spot them


    On 28.3.2017 at 4:41 PM, TheMarine0341 said:

    There are other indicators that you’re spotted, and need to take “hard” cover (indestructible buildings, terrain, dead tanks, etc).

    23 hours ago, TheMarine0341 said:

    First, minimize your exposure over ridge lines where there is no “Cover”concealment [(meaning bushes or trees to help keep your tank hidden while you spot) move this explanation to first quote].

    Using clear terminology instead of those quotation marks makes your article easier to read, and probably also to write if you refer to those terms in future articles.

  3. 4 hours ago, It's_Matra said:

    owever even its current form is coming into question, as it partially automates the repair kit process and fully automates large repair kits based on tank damage. The rest is ok though (even if it is insanely easy to enable the snapping!).


    Wasn't that illegal even under the old fair play policy?

  4. 23 hours ago, Rexxie said:

    Can someone explain how this system works? Is it like, the higher your caliber the more normalization you'll get, but no more overmatch? Or does the maximum impact angle before you ricochet just change? Its hard for me to understand without numbers.

    That's how I understand it, the green "pen" lable is a bit misleading but I'd interpret it as "zone where the shell tries to penetrate the armour" (instead of a ricochet).


    Time to play some IS-6 before patch comes..

  5. Since last patch introduced cross-clan-legionnairing I'd like to gather a few contacts for those times your skirmishparty is short a few players.
    If you like to get spammed with invites leave your name and tiers you're willing to play here.

    <- 6/8/10

    edit: Created in-game-channel for more convenience: Wotlabs Legionnaires, PW: Never

  6. 5 hours ago, Kolni said:

    WGs premiums except the IS-6 up until now have pretty much been worse than their counterpart.

    How is the IS-6 that can't hit a barn (while it has to hit it's window to penetrate it) not way worse than the IS-3 with shells guided by Stalin himself?

  7. Description is wrong.

    "Out of the group of tanks that caused at least 20% of the enemies HP in dmg and did not hit any allies, cause the highest damage" would be correct.

    Stupid if you ask me. Just don't award the medal at all if the highest damage dealer didn't fulfill the other conditions.

  8. A little slow for my taste, it doesn't flex as well as the 1S, but if it suits you, sure, it's not a bad tank.
    Maybe get comfortable in that one first (learn weakspots, angling, locations, etc.) and then look after a medium like T-34  or 34-85 to get more into the dynamics (when to be aggressive/flank/snipe/scout/run away etc.)

    TDs might help to teach you weakspots, spotting mechanics and firing lanes, but in general I'd say they are too restricted to learn the game well.

  9. 4. is a good point, but I'd recommend more of a generalist tank to learn the basic mechanics and battle dynamics. KV-1S would be a good choice, it's got the armour to teach you how to angle and bully weaker opponents while maintaining decent mobility to be able to relocate and follow the flow of the battle.
    On top it gets a great gun, so you should be able to see improvements fairly soon, preventing frustration with the game.

    Scouts are probably the most difficult class in the game and not really suited for beginners.

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