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  1. No, never used Wot Tweaker. When I do a clean install (after deleting tempfiles, appdata files and manually cleaning the registry) it works when the install is from 0 to the latest patch (then there are no *.xdiff/*.riff files but only up-to-date *.pkg files). Unfortunately most of the times that's not the case, it's usually an incremental patch from 0 to older patch# to latest patch# so it brings up the same problem.
  2. Just posted this on the official forum but maybe here the chances of getting actual help are better: Every patch brings up the same error for me: When patching, the installer takes the *.xdiff/*.rdiff files from "World_of_Tanks\UpdatesData\client\patch#\res\packages\", applys them to the corresponding *.pkg files in "World_of_Tanks\res\packages" and generates new *.pkg files from it. At least it does that on every PC except mine, somehow the launcher is not able to perform this step on my system and I have no idea why. The logfile (example from todays WoWS patch, its the sa
  3. Can I use my repair party ("T", not "R") while I have a fire burning or is it more beneficial to wait until the fire is extinguished?
  4. 3k crew xp in 37 seconds, not bad.


    1. Firedog119
    2. monty50k


      4.5k in 35 seconds, even better.


    3. Firedog119


      rip i just realized this has to be the 62a sport


  5. ftfy Seriously, I hated the ISU and gave up on the 704 after a few games. The BL 10 trolled me way more than my enemies. I have no idea how anyone can make that gun work.
  6. Grats, nice match! Yes, you getting triggered was clearly visible - and also predictable. When you stopped there at ~2.30 I was thinking "hmmm, didn't see arty shoot, if I was sitting thered he'd certainl...BLAP! exactly"
  7. Thank you guys so far. Been watching Zeven a lot lately, and it really helped me improve my T10 gameplay. Been stuck around ~2k WN8 in them for a while and now improved by ~500 points fairly consistent: I've always been watching my minimap, but mainly to react to what's happening. Pre-acting on what WILL happen is so much more useful and I'm getting better at reading the battleflow. Spent a couple hours yesterday to look through my replays, and I think I found my main weakness being wrong target priorisation. Not necessariliy a focus-fire problem, I DO try to get guns out of the game,
  8. I really like them both, and while being far from great, I feel like I'm doing decent. Usually I start the match by rushing out, trying to get my first clip out as fast as possible. That might be an aggressive med position, as you can see by the avg. spots, or, if there's a good scout and a map allowing it, a second line position from where I can empty my clip while the enemy team is deploying. I might derp sometimes and lose a good chunk of my HP doing that, but for the most part I'll take non or minimal return fire. After that first move I'll try to play support, pumping damage into d
  9. It was changed drastically in 5.5, they said they'd give a free respec with further 5.6 changes..
  10. Finally patched my client. What happened to " For all Commanders who have specialisation in the affected ships, players will have the possibility to redistribute skill points of such Commanders for free " ?
  11. Also shaming myself for trying to trigger responses, but I've been grinding through Churchill 1 and 7, so I got an excuse.
  12. Anyone knows where to find autoaim+ for 9.15? 9.14.1 version is supposed to work, but I can't even find that one.
    Author only offers a modfolder including other crap I don't want/need. (http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/441413-0915-autoaim-indicationsnappingaddins/)

    1. rabidmonkey679


       :no: Auto snapping......really? It will lower your game in the long run 

    2. monty50k
    3. Curo


      it leads to bad habits, lowers an individuals ability to aquire targets (twitch style) sometime leads to over exposure and also can prevent you from getting important tracking shots. basically many players use auto aim+ a whole lot more than they should.


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  13. Been in a similar situation: Found me a dirt cheap used HD 7770 OC (basically R7 260), was absolutely worth it.
  14. Thanks, finished my Kagero by now, 6.4 km torps were fun. For the enemy. Wouldn't call that an improvement. Usually I designate the target as soon as I see them heading in my direction and only hit P as soon as I'm detected. It's actually easier to mark the planes when they're still a little away, hitting P is a lot faster than searching the sky directly above your head and maniacally clicking on the planes before they move off-screen.
  15. 2k overall - done.
    Off to purple recent!

    1. monty50k


      And check.
      Next step: learn how to win.

  16. 263 grind was pretty bad and I haven't even bothered purchasing the 263. 268 grind on the other hand was absolutely dreadful and I sold 704 before even researching the 268. Seriously, how is the BL-10 so popular? It trolls its gunner way more than its targets.
  17. Sure it's on the west coast? Connecting from EU I have a ping of ~125/~160 for WoT NA east/west, but for WoWS it's only ~100.
  18. The two most overlooked features for new / inexperienced players are - deciding who to ride with after your death if you tend to watch the rest of the match - guessing whether that teammember pinging the map / giving advice in teamchat is trying to win or to lose the match
  19. "9.14 was a good example that we now listen to what the players want" Yeah, sounds and physics were the most urgent problems in the game, forums were full of complaints about them.
  20. Autoequip mod? Have you checked your depot? Maybe the game is trying to tell you that the era of passive scouts is over and you should equip optics.
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