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  1. Am I wrong to use Vents instead of a Rammer (besides binocs/GLD)? Reasoning is, I feel like spending much more time waiting on the aim than on the reload. Also vents allow me to switch binocs for optics when I get sit. awareness (+SiS and Coffee).
  2. Sure, there are some red-line-chai-snipers out there, but high WN8, low WR? Is that even possible? As for your question I also recommend Zeven.
  3. Stupids GEMA for to block Claus' video
  4. What an obvious and simple solution, still too difficult for WG support. Thanks!
  5. Same here, that 2s alt+tab delay (that wasn't there before 9.10(?)) is really annoying.
  6. So you'd like a way to skip tanks you don't like by spending money? Good news: That possibility is there!
    1. kolni


      Don't you remember the time where the Hellcat required like 2,2k to get the ace? :awyeah: 

  7. Have the Ibuki and the Kagero researched, but only enough credits for one of them. Which one should I go for as first T9, also (but since it's a long grind not only) regarding the T10? I've heared Zao and Shima are both decent?
  8. Playing around with the czech Wn8 values? 60-day-purple all of a sudden o.O

  9. Skipped the top radio. 415m on tier 8 is a bit low, but usually everybody else has good enough signal range you can leech of. Careful with the T8 radio on 34/100 though, it electrocutes the radio operator instantly everytime an enemy looks in your general direction, don't think he lived through a single battle.
  10. You trade 100HP, 10m viewrange and 0.2s reload for 2° depression. I'm running the stock turret, makes a tank relying on not getting hit much more comfortable.
  11. For to see picture of Claus, for to watch Claus goes camping. Oh, look, giant arm sticking in Claus' ass. AAAHAHAHAHA!
  12. Wow, extensive review, didn't expect that. Really helpful, thanks a lot!
  13. They buffed the handling? Tbh it feels worse, I really enjoyed the tank when I got it, but recently I can't seem to hit anything. Feels like they countered the aimtime buff with a dispersion nerf. Also 8mm more pen is pretty worthless, either 175 is enough or I load APCR anyway. (And with the mm it gets, for most targets neither 175 nor 183mm are sufficiant, which really cuts into the credit earnings) I think it deserves a gun handling- and viewrange buff.
  14. Depends on calibre but here's a rough estimate: DD CA BB CV Shot (20sec) + ~4 km + ~6 km + ~12 km - Fire + 2-3 km + 2-3 km + 2-3 km + 2-3 km AA + 1-2 km + 1-2 km + 1-2 km + 1-2 km When concealed in smoke you're safe to fire.
  15. Just lost the best game I had in my IS-6 so far. http://wotreplays.com/site/2312364#highway-monty50000-is-6 Didn't push the Rhm. because strong camo and unknown positions of enemys, should I have taken a chance here? Waiting to get overrun clearly was the wrong choice. Any other mistakes (the artyhit in the beginning was unnecessary, I knew he was aiming at me) / things I could have done to win? Was it one of those unwinnable games?
  16. Might have been a bit hasty there, session stats (YasenKrasen) are not working anymore. edit: seems to be a problem on my end, quite sure they've been working earlier, and they are working for others. Haven't changed anything, wondering what has happened there. fixed: CW breaks it, set battle types 2-13 to ignore in config and deleted cw battle from cache.
  17. Used to be able to left click on images for enlargement, now I need to right click -> show graphic.
    Is it me or did anything change here?

  18. Was there ever a micropatch that caused mods to stop working? TLDR: Yes
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