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  1. Can't decide on 4th skill for french heavy crew. FF for not having having such a bad feeling while running coffee and cigarettes, or rather camo (useless on 50b but could help FCM playstyle). Any input?
  2. Despite telling OMC installer not to reset my session stats (YasenKrasen) on a daily basis, it apparently does. Looked through my mods folder but can't find a config to disable that, any idea where I can find it?
  3. According to these pictures the difference really isn't too big, but this third of a square might be the critical one. I just had a match there where I aimed by minimap, which wasn't too effective (but also not completely useless).
  4. I always felt north had an advantage on the hill, being able to fall back when spotting through the northern bush on the hill, while from the south side there's a point of no return. With the current render changes you can't even snipe the middle from the southern ridge anymore. Am I overseeing something or does the north team have a huge advantage now? edit: Talking about F/H 0, while the E 1 bush gives another advantage to the north team.
  5. I'd consider contacting the authoritys (no, not your mom).
  6. Is it just me or is the formating of the OP somehow messed up? Can only see the left two thirds of the text, right side is overlayed by the Topics bar.
  7. Can confirm: http://wotreplays.com/site/2285140#highway-monty50000-t23e3
  8. Had to dig a while for this thread but I think the latest patch warrants a necro. It's actually fun to drive now, feels like a slightly worse Comet, but the pref mm makes up for that. And without the need to spam apcr it makes quite a good profit. My really sucky M46 crew appreciates!
  9. I do not think reducing the diversity of tanks you drive/encounter is a good idea, but still: My only question was why noone claims that WoWS is p2w (and exspecially Jingles saying it's a good mechanic there), while there's a massive rage in WoT.
  10. Care to explain the negrep?

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      Ah yes. Cause, you're clearly wrong. Thus, negrep

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      Apparenty I'm bad@forums and didn't realise this was public.
      No drama intended, was just curious for an explanation.
      Done with status, OT discussion in respective thread.

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  11. To clarify: While I don't think it was a good idea (no, I could not have afforded to equip every tank I play), it's clearly not p2w. You being able to play a huge amount of tanks every time you want doesn't give you a higher winchance against someone who hast to stick to a few favourite tanks per month. In WoWS its actually closer to p2w, even if you get every flag in only one game, you're done for the day, so you can equip your flags the next day for the match you're again earning every possible flag.
  12. I really don't understand why it's P2W in WoT, but done right in WoWS. Yes, you CAN get flags for playing well, ONE of each type PER DAY. And to get the "good" flags, you have to play really well. In WoT you can make credits, an unlimited amount per day, and in the right tanks you don't even have to be a great player. So how is the WoWS' system better?
  13. No stats under the posters avatar anymore?
  14. To start the next set of missions I had to get 2 femcrew I didn't have any use for, so I put them in my ELC I hadn't touched since I played through it when I was still a baddie. Holy crap, the statpadding is real, printing more WN8 than the Fed Res dollars! Currently running GLD/Vent/Bino, debating on switching binocs to optics, with food that'd still be ~430m viewrange which should be enough in lower tiers.
  15. Is the engine "upgrade" worth it? 32k xp for ~2% less weight seems pretty expensive.
  16. On the portal they call it "KV-5 (TLV)" so there might be a way for them to differentiate it from the KV-5.
  17. If you've been searching for articles, you have probably come across Smoking_Cookie's guide? Not much to add there..
  18. Is ANDES the dump for retards? http://wotreplays.com/site/2226123#himmelsdorf-monty50000-sp_hpanzer_ru_251 (4:50)
  19. Sitting behind a rock/mountain for 15 min waiting for the game to end is great fun! Oh, it's Prokorovka? Well, just sit behind your own SPG, he might provide some artycover at least.
  20. Pay to play what you want, how often you want, when you want, still no p2w. Don't get me wrong, im not defending this as a good idea, or saying it might not bring more harm than good. It's just not P2W. If every advantage you get for buying gold is considered pay to win, what else is left WG can do to convince people to spend money?
  21. Theres more than one alternative, you can also stick to a few favourite branches/tanks and thus lower your maintenance costs. F2p doesn't mean your entitled to maintain dozens of top notch tanks without the need to grind for credits. It's always been that way, either you invest time, or money. And on a side note, getting some gold without investing money really isn't too hard with all those tournies, even for low tiers, around.
  22. Is there a list of all the forum titles and requirements to get them? edit Let me reformulate that: Is this list published anywhere?
  23. So? It's always been "pay to progress faster", no difference here. You don't even have those 10 garage slots if you start fresh and don't spend money. Sure, you'll aquire them over time with events and gift tanks, but still, want to progress fast? Spend money! New creditsink =/= pay to win. I imagine WG has a good enough insight into their game's economy to decide if/where sinks are needed.
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