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  1. 56% wr on my 140 might not be good, but it's clearly better than my 0% 62A wr. Go 140
  2. Wondering how those of you who say the mod doesn't give an advantage aim. I usually place my crosshairs roughly where I want to shoot, then check distance / shell travefl time, the map for enemy direction, the smoke for enemy speed, and guess if / how fast the enemy is turning. This takes a few seconds to process, while with a "shoot here!" mod it's just point and click, even if you still have to guess for turning. Are you so accustomed to your ships that you can just aim from the gut and hit?
  3. Exactly, you don't use AFE's, you just carry them. And not running food you can still call yourself cheap. BTT, what's the opinion on optics vs vents in the current meta? vBAddict shows pubbies tend to use vents while purples are pretty much undesided (44.6% vs 43.1%). Currently running vents for better snapshotting ability.
  4. Makes as much sense as "good luck" in all chat.
  5. Thanks, jipp, only for own clan. So if the info isn't public, it would be nice if you could at least look up your friends list, but i guess that's not a high priority development.
  6. I have the same feeling with Bert, yesterday I platooned with a T7 and he was top tier 4 matches in a row. Do I have to log off ships to see if someone's online in WoT or is there a way to check via web?
  7. With the IJN DD line it's not much different, you get upgrades until Tier 5 Minekaze, and from there it goes down again, with torpedo load times and detection range increasing, compensated by slightly better main battery which is still useless.
  8. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/459197-mysterious-launcherupdater-error/ Also posting this here for higher hopes of useful input: I've had problems with every micropatch lately and it's always the same critical error, the launcher failing to rename x.yz to x.yz.killme. It even starts with a fresh install, first time I start the launcher, it tries to rename App_Type.xml to App_type.xml.killme. Problem is, the file doesn't exist. When I manually create it, the launcher proceeds and installs WoT. (Same for WoWS) Now todays micropatch, as all of them lately, gave a similar problem:
  9. Probably because they were busy scouting for you, avoiding enemy viewranges and aircraft and did not expect torpedos coming from a direction where no enemy can possibly be.
  10. Optimised for 122-44 I'd prefer situational awareness instead of repairs for commander since you only have one loader and 50% repairs won't help you not using your repairkit when tracked in a critical situation. -1 forumposts?!?
  11. Do you get xp for cap pressure? Reason I'm asking is this battle, i did absolutely nothing except some cap points, but all enemys were destroyed before capture. Still some teammates got severly less xp than me:
  12. Are you sure about this? Thought it was the longer range that gets spotted earlier. If so, you'd actually have about the same reaction time to fast and slow torpedos?!
  13. Well, the Bogue really is bad. I bet I'm not the only one running its stock config because withe the upgrade loadouts, you usually pick the wrong one for the battle you're gonne be in.
  14. With only 18 players and 900 battles that number probably doesn't have much significance.
  15. Wrong conclusion, the average wr tells you how many draws there are, not how good the playerbase is.
  16. Love the Minekaze, but I think the stock torpedos (7 km) are far better, the only map I'd want the slower 10 km torps is ocean, which you don't see very often (at least in a tier 5?). It would be perfect if you could switch torps just like shells, but the Minekaze is probably OP as it is. edit: 3 battles and 60 torpedos with 0 hits later I wish the Mutsuki could mount Minekazes stock torps.
  17. 370 looks like a decent choice. I have an even slower CPU (Phenom II x4 @ 3 GHz) and recently upgraded my Videocard to HD 7770 (same card as R7 260x I think, got it very cheap), WoT and WoWS are running smooth with good (not maxed) graphics @ 1280x1024.
  18. I'm terribad @ <s>sinking ships</s> winning games and tired of failing solo. Send me an invite and / or leave your name here if you like to divison. Current Tiers: 5 (Omaha, Bogue, Furutaka) to 6 (Mutsuki) edit: created in game channel for easier comms
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