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  1. Until 8.11 my Radeon HD 3870 was doing just fine sufficient, but now with 9.0 I can't even activate "improved graphics" in the settings menu anymore, it's greyed out. This puts most of the other settings to minimum also (without being able to change), which not only makes the game look bad, but sometimes downright outraging (terrain collison model differs from visual one). (fps is better than ever before though) I sent in a support ticket, but since my card is really old and I read about all those performance issues with 9.0 graphics, the answer will probably be to stick with shitty graphics
  2. Considered optics but kept camonet. Never would have thought I'd put GLD and spall liner on a tier 1, but yeah, I did. Tried choclate and 105 octane but only to try it out, I'm not THAT crazy. Also never would have thought I'd ever unmute the ingamemusic. All in all - pure awesomeness! :-D
  3. "Requesting fire" to RMB, Autoaim to MMB (never use it though). Tried consumable 4 on spacebar once, but I was too much used to pressing 4 and after burning down a few times I switched it back.
  4. http://wotreplays.com/site/693406 Recently got my second Pool's, together with Kolobanov's (IS 3, Himmelsdorf).
  5. Also running torsion bars and I got the L100 first. The grind to the top gun seemed too long to me with the normal long 88, gold might help to pen, but the L100 gets a better reload which you will need when dealing 240 dmg on tier 9.. Guess I'll go turret->tracks (for optics instead of tb)->top gun next. Armour of the stockturret isn't too much of a problem because many people don't realise it and keep bouncing on your hull. Engine was already unlocked though, I guess because I had the E75 top engine researched when they changed it.
  6. I always mount a rammer, and I wouldn't wanne miss it when I circle that KV late game. I'd consider your setup to be too situational and maximizing DPM more helpful.
  7. Also prefer vents over GLD (besides rammer and optics), you hurt your DPM a little when sniping over distance, but the overall boost to already great viewrange and mobility is worth it imo. Great little tank and fun driving!
  8. Reached the code usage limit, thx anyway.
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