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    Engineering, Philosophy, History, Studying and working at the same time for fun :). Marriage, more fun than I thought it would be. Explaining to wife why I'm using the term "inbred cretins" more than usual.
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  1. yup, click to pick area after pressing 7 then click once more to commence. No joy. I sus pect he may not have activated one in the pre battle screen. You have to do that I presume?
  2. How the hell do we deploy these when in game? FC squawking and clicking map according to instructions on WG site. No makey boom boom. Step by step monkey fucking a football level guide please. We had prepared some and it was there on screen in consumables area. Thanks in advance, Gibbon
  3. Played on very similar machine for first year, 8-24 fps. Not a problem because I was shit anyway. Now running better machine on max at 50-60 fps. Much. Much. Better.
  4. Never experienced shit from a unicum that I didn't start. Got called a smurf the other day in the wotlabs channel playing on my na account. By someone with over 1k TC games in his hellcat, 1k in his kv1s etc. I made a remark about the minions voice mod making a tg funnier because they sing ymca every time you kill something and he sperged. Being old and grumpy I just assume un-provoked bile is just them acting out their own problems on the internet, annoying but not soul eating. He maybe felt a little insecure. Garbad has actually been rational and pleasant, most of you here have if you're any
  5. I now know what a "smurf" is. Filthy me, coming to another server once a year, using exactly the same nick to hide my filthy reroll status. LoL

    1. Xen
    2. Gashtag


      Nothing wrong with a bit of that :D

  6. 24th of February, and it's been so long since I regularly posted here that I can't remember how to post links properly. Had to type it in, I get out too much I guess http://wotreplays.com/site/1693529#team
  7. Goat fucking, anal virginity and a masturbating Daffy duck. The spirit of WoTLabs shines on lol....
  8. What account have you played it on? I was curious to compare my stats on it with someone who says they like it but it does not appear on this account. I just wanted to see the difference between my "OMG I'm suxxor in this" to your happy face.
  9. Bought this and it's interesting. I would not recommend it to anyone. £20 for a paper tank is a lot. -10 depression is great but if you're a mongo like me it's hard to find somewhere big enough for this tank to take advantage of it. No mantlet means you never get those freaky bounces. In 30+ games I have bounced one shell. Not exaggerating. Just the one. Average damage bounced per game so far is 11.3 in 37 games. That E100 driver was as shocked as I was. Ammo rack damage is near certain if you are hit on the right front. It's the only tank I now run two repair packs on. I do quite like it
  10. Alternative loony tunes approach: drop off the bridge at d4/e4 and nestle into the notch under the bridge. Negatives: if your team doesn't send at least 2 or 3 tanks down the ice road you will get raped. Positives: Surprise rapage of any lights or meds messing around in the middle. Great spotting and shots up onto H3/4. Hard cover for clip reloads. Arty safe thanks to the bridge. I prefer to do this in autoloaders as the prospect of rushing out someone with a full clip deters most pubbies who came round the a line from the south spawn, plus your team will shoot them as they try to
  11. Tier 1-4 are a loony shitfest anyway so worry not about your team, just assume they'll do the exact opposite of a good idea and plan accordingly. Sorry for declining your friends request in game, didn't recognise the IGN. I'm an EU player anyway so I'll likely be on at weird times of the day for you.
  12. Just assume Kraut is shorthand for "filthy European that doesn't have a proper toilet and likes sausage way too much...."
  13. Bah, will have to poke you with insults and resentment driven hatred on TS you kraut bastard Oh, that's what I do anyway... No alpha test for me, I is of SCRUB ;(
  14. Feel free to add me on EU server. I'm having a few days on the NA server to relax but I should be about. Do you have a headset for TS?
  15. On EU I am a 1600-2k recent but here 2-2.5K. NA dumber than EU? Hmmm, please don't feed the xenophobe... :P

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    2. Merky_Merc


      something something reroll?

    3. Tman450


      From my personal experience, EU is far dumber than NA. ;)

    4. TNTGibbon


      Hardly a reroll when it's a different server, I have the same name and the tank the difference is on is one I ground out in November, the amx12t. Even without 6th sense, that I had on EU, it seems to be easier to kill them. Note as well that I refer to "recent" not overall.

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