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  1. Sela, if you have "retired", Thanks for the memories I don't play much anymore, but loved your modpack for years.
  2. anyone having issues with the music in garage? I hadn't played in a week or two and logged in last night and no 'arnie music' in garage, battle worked fine.
  3. been using ur mod for like 2 years, but having safe shot makes game unplayable
  4. I played a few games with it last night, I enjoyed it a lot
  5. I have turned in Stickygreen0 and PrettyMilky as Bots ( tickets with replays) and checked WoT Hall Of Fame games played - after getting a 'canned' WG response thanking me blah blah- In boith cases they had well over 1k games played for their last 7 days but 0 games played for last 24 hours. So it would seem they give a 24hr ban. but don't actually so anything of substance
  6. Well I managed to get TD15 last night finally. Immediately sold my TD's and it felt good. The T55a is a real fun and good tank, glad I stuck it out through all those shitty TD games I played And, if I was on anyone's team in my TD the last few months- Sorry I sucked
  7. I suck at TD's. I suck at camping, I suck at pushing my E3, I suck at relocating the Grille. I get penetrated in my E4 more then a crackwhore gets penetrated. I suck at TD's I wouldn't even play TD's except for the missions and i have been stuck on TD15-3 for about 5 months, the only thing holding up a nice T-55a in my garage is 6k damage in a TD. I've watched replays, reviews and guides... Any of you ever overcome terminal illness of a tank line? Or maybe if I get enough abuse in here on how I suck at TD's I'll build up some karma and finish my fuckin
  8. A game hanging by it's last lifeline and pandering to the cash cow known as the 46% win rate player-that runs around in their multi-thousand dollar tier X tanks- has little entertainment value to me. I've never run any of the hardcore cheat mods, I have run whatever Sela has been linking in Wotlabs. WG ran off 90% of the really good players long ago. They know their money comes from the shitters that blow through credits like a 600lb slob goes through hotwings and chips. While I agree about warpack and some of these other crazy mods that aim for weakspots, lead tar
  9. This is my position too. I Run Sela's latest package and if I get banned for some reason, there too many other good games out there. Also, wait times on East sever are already often a minute or longer late at night, and quality of play is at an all time low. A seven day ban is just long enough to develop new habits
  10. leo sounds exciting, esp in combo with the premium tank to get crews up quickly. And, the high tier heavies are something I am looking forward to now. Didn't do the Japanese/Czech lines, but half swede so I been willing to consider WG's latest attempt to weasel credits.
  11. Just curious if any of you wants to share an opinion, or prediction, of which Swedish tanks are most likely to be successful- even OP? It's a bit of a crap shoot since WG reserves the right to change Tank stats between test server and public server.
  12. I appreciate your recognition that my general position is a discussion around placing one team in a nearly unwinnable situation and that you and your teammates appreciate the challenge that presents. Having three players in the top 99.99% playing talent is not a reasonable expectation for virtually the rest of us. And I strongly suspect if one performed a detailed analysis of your matches and charted them, I would see a vertical shift upwards where your platoon wins nearly 100% of all matches when your opponents are stacked with the shitters (compared with my 90%), and your win% might be 30%-4
  13. you don't even understand the conversation.
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