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  1. Friend come check out foxey, I need you back in my life! How else do I know how broken of a mechanic arty is? Also press F to pay respects for BULLS and Hogan. Good times were had there.
  2. Sorry don't platoon with people who hog my damages, jk add me <3
  3. Hey Dia, Take Nuggs out plox, were ded. I know I am only a recruiter, but our commander left and the active dep coms left as well. I am actually the only active officer who really knows what is going on, and I am really the only person from my clan on the forums. *Cheb if you read these forums, you were right.*
  4. Hey ghost, Come check out Nuggs, we would love to have quality players like you we are primarly Tourney and stronghold, but we also do CW almost nightly. Have a talk on our TS, platoon a little bit and maybe you'll like it. (getdunked.ts.nfoservers.com) Regards proud.
  5. I think ~18, but I'm sure its kind of up for grabs. Maturity, reliability, and not being annoying are what matters. Also, don't believe the hype about 6 tier 10s. 2-3 good tanks is enough, most 10s are crap anyhow.
  6. How many people from the top 16 are not in nuggets anymore, just wondering?
  7. Is that why my wn8 went from 1640 to 1621 and my recent from 2366 to 2358?
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