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  1. Really well put and bang on topic for what I'd posted. I try to exit when I see CVs in Queue for exactly the reasons mentioned over the few posts above. Sadly sometimes it was a "drop straight in" for a match with CV nubs. JunoUwanna is another. Aware that I'm average (plus a little), my efforts have been successful in improving my finishes over the last 3 seasons. S3 was the toe-dipping, S4 was going hard in IJN DDs where I managed a 75%WR in Minekaze and 63%WR in the Mostsucky up to Rank 4 ended on 5. (much to the chagrin of some cruiser and BB drivers) I hit rank 5 today and S5 wa
  2. Seems to have changed the default view from 1 : 7 : 30 : (total battles). Just look at the two previous posts ^^ Is there an option to reset the sig back to default?
  3. Yes hunter, but CVs in ranked literally decide the win/loss. If team A's CV can drive CV and team B's a little less so, then the match is decided. Dunning & Kruger's study have precious little to do with CV driver ability deciding ranked battles, but don't let what WG suggest get in the way G1...
  4. _MacDaddy_ and his shitlord Lexington. Why are so many fucking tards running CV?
  5. Someone just suggested the HD model... It really is fucked now, I used to tank against all comers. Not any more. 13kph and gets penned by mediums front on... Destroyed Tank rather than TD...
  6. T95 is not only immovable, it's armor is now shite. After a month or two off, I've found nearly everything pens it. My 57% WR on T95 has been fucked over the last week.
  7. Thank you Sir for taking the time to dig that up and really enjoyed the guide, great help.
  8. Great looking config, attempting to learn something so far removed from my working expertise is very challenging. Any chance you would have any backups of those files TheMarine0341? Just can't get the squad_num in the shield running...
  9. The youtube TheMarine0341 posted with his article at 3.17 (screengrabbed below) looks like a great xvm config. Would anyone know who the author is or be able to share the config with me please? Currently using Aslains but I see the benefit in the kind of config shown below. Regards from down under. Started getting some help with configuring markersAliveNormal.xc last night from JOC (PBKAC), but can't seem to pull the Badge/shield icon for the {{squad-num}}...
  10. Variety is the spice. Certain missions KV-1, module missions KV-2, combined mission the E-100 worked on the stug, but am less than halfway on the HTC.
  11. Thanks for the tips posters. Taking a more "cautious or patient" approach with it now and getting 'racked less frequently playing 2nd line when possible. Sidescraping the RHS exposed surprised me at even tier Ruinberg. Finding I prefer terrain rather than towns and buildings as the depression is providing for some consistent bouncing of enemy shots. Tweaked the gunner skills to BiA+DT+SS, but the 88mm L71 seems to roll low quite often, but starting to like it as a tank and started doing consistently better damage.
  12. It does like ramming doesn't it Marine? Duke Nukem has plenty to say! But that f......g ammorack on tracks! Here's hoping the 50 and 50M are less prone...
  13. Thank you Sir. Makes loads of sense, especially the Controlled impact.
  14. Find myself wondering about skillsets with the Pather II.
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