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    Leadership Question

    This can be an interesting topic. Leadership is one of those qualities that people seem to either have or don't. There are papers written on whether you are born with leadership qualities or if they can be taught. My belief is it is a bit of both. The one quality that is a must though is confidence, great leaders have a persona that people just tend to follow. This is because they had the confidence which personified onto the people they were leading. I have been in the Army for 22 years now and still going, seen many a great leader and too many poor leaders. I guess the question to ask is what are you trying to accomplish in the group meetings. Remember you are all just kids, so attention spans can be quite short. Can you get them involved in the meeting more, give them some sort of responsibility towards it as has been mentioned in this post. The one thing you should not do especially on this age group is use force. Kids will tend to rebel against this and you will not get anywhere. You need to find out what they are interested in and see if that can be brought into the meetings and get them involved.
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    Australian on NA server looking for adds!

    Im in Aust too (Brisbane) Hit me up if you see me on.
  3. mattyh77

    Randdom 1Gig Update - 9.9 SUPRiSE!

    That's for EU, didn't think NA was getting it yet. There's nothing on the NA website.
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    Randdom 1Gig Update - 9.9 SUPRiSE!

    Was just trying to search for that info as well. Its not 9.9 is it?
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    What is an MoE?

    Nope, as far as I know, they stay with you.
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    Where to go from here.

    By reading into his question, I think he is talking about the XBox version of the game. Didnt know X-Box version were doing WN8 (read his signature line)
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    Looking for arty players to platoon with

    Finally bought the Conq GC last night. Also have FV304. I play those funny Australian times, so if I'm on, feel free to shoot me an invite.
  8. mattyh77

    Individual Missions: A How-To Guide

    Will see if I can find the replay, but saw a yellow with an Obj 260 yesterday. Had to look twice, but yep it was definately a 260. Will post screenshot of replay when I get home.
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    M18 Hellcat – A Padder’s Plaything by MaxL_1023

    I would say yes, drop that camo net. Read this article
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    [LABS] The Official WoTLabs Clan

    ^ Thats the boat I'm in, guess I better get gud @forum poasting then Sorry cant do gifs from work
  11. mattyh77

    What now?

    I cant talk about the FCM as I dont have one, but the IS6 is pretty good at printing money. However if you havent played the high tiers it could be a bit of a shock until you get used to it. I'd say grind out to the IS3 and pick one other line to concentatre on.
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    [LABS] The Official WoTLabs Clan

    Its taken me 2 years to reach 200 posts in the Ars Technica forums. I'll never make it here I just read alot, have some input where I feel its necessary but usually someone else has said it much better (Thank god work allows me on this site or I'd be bored shitless)
  13. mattyh77

    VK 36.01 H

    I've been using the 75 and it seems to be working better than the 88. Pew Pew them down Got a KV2 from full health and he shot once (missed thank god)
  14. Definately should not prevent you from moving up As you move up, damage will increase thus increasing your Wn8. As has been said previously throughout here, play for the fun of winning, not chasing a stat.
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    Time to stop lurking

    Welcome I have found this place awesome with really good tips and tricks. I too just mainly lurk around here as people usually say things better than what I could, and cause I'm just a scrub
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    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Do people really think there is a conspiracy in WOT. I have never been on the WOT official forums, but I found this extract on a WOT Google Plus page. Man this guy is paranoid. "Eric Brian Brewster A Review of World Of Tanks: (Disclaimer-Part of this information is exerpts of an WOT Game Player by the name of "Waylandroo7" whom wrote an review of WOT for Yahoo and the rest of this review is my own personal experiences within the game.) There are very few credits or game experience points you can win as a player of WOT. Players in the lower tiers 1-5 can be shot by Ghost Tanker Nerfers seemingly through solid rock as though the GTNs were in a Ghost Rift, they do this apparently by using an Ingame "Hotkey Premium User Mode" 1. This special perk mode eludes an scan sweep of Tank Destroyers whom makes 2 sweeps looking for enemies at about every 2.5 seconds. (A) After the Ghost Tank Premium Nerfer depresses an Hotkey then they turn back to normal again and can move anywhere within 200 ft of the Non-Premium Players especially behind them blowing them into scrap. (B) It happened to me today when an ally and me went back to the Allied Base when we believed an attack was going to happen. There was just 3 of us left from a Allied Team of 15. After I had arrived at the base I quickly did a Scan Sweep of it detecting no enemy players but suddenly 2 enemy tanks appeared out of thin air, one behind me and the other directly across from my ally. I had taken 8 shots at the enemy scout ghost tank and it's health rating only dropped down to 82 percent and I was in an Cruiser Mark 3 tank then it blasted me to scrap. Apparently the 2 ghost tanks had destroyed our other 3rd ally in the same manner that this ghost tank scout just destroyed my tank. The 2nd Ghost tank fired on my ally blasting him to scrap also with 3 shots. Shortly after that when the game was indicating a Win Loss Ratio of 13/15 then it recorded the ratio of 15/10 which at that point our team lost the match. The Match was on the Mountain Ridges Forest Map. 2. Modified Armors: As the above statement has said when ghost tank nerfers are involved with the above ratios involved indicates that a tank armor of the enemy tanks would have to be some 15 ft thick if the Premium Players are using their War Pack perks to get the advantage so they can milk the lower 1-5 Tiers, clearly no one in the 1-5 tiers can afford nor use the "Thickened Armors" Hotkey Mode as the Premium Players use these for winning many games of The Random Battles and in the Platoon Battles. 3. I had entered an "Top Of The Class" Tournament and discovered it was as Rigged Matched just as any other matches were. A "Rigged Tournament" Match Maker works in this manner, apparently when there are about 20,000 Players in WOT; the Match Maker Gaming Program decides whom are the first 1000 high ranking players and no matter what tiers they are nor the kind of tanks they are. The Tiers from 6-10 are sometimes "Cliffed Dropped" into the lower Tiers 1-5 where the chaos and Tier Milking begins upon the poor unsuspecting "Cannon Fodder Players". Today I was playing in about 5 matches, one was the Artic Region, another was Himmeldorf, the Russian Train Yards a 4th was The Steppes Rail Road Map when our team and the Enemies were starting out with 15/15 Win Loss Ratios, the 4 matches saw one group of allies facing 22 to 15 tanks and were defeated, another group of allies faced 28 tanks to 15 and another platoon I was in was 38 to 15, the last Battle Match I was in and lost in was 45 to 15. I need not say that today was a very frustrating day where I fought 20 matches all together and pocketed only some 45,000 Points in Silver." Where the hell do these people get these ideas from.
  17. mattyh77

    [LABS] The Official WoTLabs Clan

    Next top 10 clan (must increase post count )
  18. What tiers do you have? What times are you on? I'm in Australia and can help out if you want even though I'm not a great player. Always looking for a toonmate as my clan is fast asleep when I play at nights. I can send TS info in channel if needed.
  19. mattyh77

    Rank the Maps

    Out of interest, where would you have rated Port? I could have sworn I read somewhere it was coming back
  20. mattyh77

    can't use small repair kit

    Do you have enough money left after your purchase to buy one
  21. mattyh77

    Crusader SP

    Yep, had to free XP past this after playing it for a bit. Worst arty I think I ever played. The 207 is a bit better, especially with the top gun. (Except when you do 10 damage to a Lowe with a direct hit) Will just slowly keep grinding through the double to get past it.
  22. My wife would love me in one of those T-Shirts
  23. I'm not sure where I read it but I have seen somewhere a suggestion on a 3 click arty process. An aiming recticle within the bloom first of moves in a vertical axis. As the bloom decreases in size the recticle speeds up. 1st click the recticle stops the vertical motion, then the horizontal motion starts. Click again to stop the horizontal motion. Obviously the closer the two points meet the more accurate the shot will be. 3rd click releases the shot. The larger the bloom and the further away the two points meet will hit nowhere near the target. If the recticles meet and the bloom is at its smallest, its a perfect shot and will land right where the points meet.