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  1. I'm interested, what times and days would I need to be there? IS-7,T-62A,Obj 140 whenever I save more credits up. (could power grind my Super Pershing.) Batchat, maybe amx 30B soon too. Also I have a e3. I don't have awesome stats in tier 10's but the mostly range from 1600 wn8 to like 2500. I am active.
  2. 1. I kinda just guessed you ment that sorry. 2. I know but I thought you ment for me to drop tags. sorry again 3. I yes. I would defently be interested if you guys are willing to give me a shoot as well. please pm me though if you need back up players if you want to try me out
  3. didn''t know I came across like that. I do see you point, I'm going to remove at least edit this because I don't want to look as a player like that. Thanks guys, but I guess I need to be willing to leave my clan, or be willing to be around the same skill, which means I won't have much room to grow. Honistly That isn't interesting to me.
  4. at this point, I'm not interested in leaving my clan, But I would be Really happy to do tournaments with you guys, you never know I might join your clan at some point even.
  5. Thanks, I would be interested in doing tournaments, but I'm not joining any clans at this point. I'm in one.
  6. Hi, I'm cctank1, I'm not a great player but I'm learning fast. I'm interested in joining a tournament team to do tournaments with, and learn how to play World Of Tanks better. What I want : A team that can teach me tactics. If I say I can show, I will be there. Also, I can Not use a mic, but I have TS3 installed and can hear, and follow orders.
  7. Thanks, O guess what, We own land now, And also we had a great battle on the map mines last night, We Crushed the clan "SABOT" I called that match, And came on with my own plan. I put 15 tanks against like 8, then once we pushed though them, and we just had to finished off the rest. It was awesome! 1,122-1 [B13TH] Bucktails 13th Pennsylvania Reserve Regiment 3,627 3,128 748 29 3 335+1 [SABOT] SABOT INC. 5,120 4,605
  8. Hey, The B13TH is looking for players with tier 10's Who are interested in calling battles! Here is a link to our clan recruitment page!
  9. Thanks! I updated them and changed a few things. This is what they are now. "What do you need to join the B13TH. these can be overridden at my discretion. 2+ t10s idealy. 1500WN8 recent Minimum show up on Fridays for CWs"
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