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Found 6 results

  1. Getting there The 121 is by far my favorite tank even the 120 was a fun grind with me having almost 1k battles in the type 59 grinding a crew/ playing it the 121,120,type 59 feel very much like the same tank but up tiered, Having about 10% of my games somehow dedicated to this tank I feel one with it |300+ 121, 300+ 120 ,~1000,t59| How I got there, I’ve had the 59 since they put it on sale for the last time I jumped on the chance back when I was a scrubby to play this rare god of a tank. Back when I started playing again china tanks had just come out, I free xped to the 59-16, skippe
  2. So guys, I'm looking for some Play4Fun™ tier 10 and I've came up with these two competitors. I'll probably end up having both, but I'd like to know what you guys think. You probably all know how 121 and Leo 1 preform so I won't go into stats and stuff. But yeah, main selling point of 121 is 122mm gun and of Leo1 is speed. Vote away!
  3. Good afternoon Wotlabs: I'm looking for a mentor specifically to assist me with my play in the Chinese Tier 10 Medium the 121 I am doing ok in the vehicle currently but my goal is to achieve at least a 55% win rate and a wn8 closer to 2000. I desire help, because while I love this vehicle I know there are players out there which are able to better utilize the capabilities of the platform better than I. I must learn it from those who know it best. Help me to find positions where I can better exploit its alpha/dpm while compensating for its lack of depression. Additionally I need as
  4. So I was playing 121 on El halluf and my turret front got penetrated twice by a T57 heavy turret front ..... ..... and I backed off and stared at the turret of my tank and screen shot and alt+tab to check penetration of T57 heavy AP rounds and tank inspector armor profile of 121 and still do not understand how that happened
  5. Hi fellow tankers, after reading many disparate reviews and topics on few of the Chinese tanks I'm driving as well, I thought I'd do a writeup what I learned so far. As some of those things are recurring questions to many players, perhaps some of those questions can be answered here. The guide does not cover information on all the low tier tanks from the Chinese branch, as most of them are not really worth to be mentioned and can be very painful to grind, so you will be glad when you can finally sell them I will, however, update this guide a) to reflect changes in the upcoming pat
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