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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, so I have realized that I no longer have much of an incentive to play World of Tanks anymore. Only reason I play at the moment is to get Joz to #1 spot of Wotlabs’ top ten, without padding with the T-62a/E-50. Then after that, I guess just WGLNA. So, I have been thinking of doing this for a while, but now I can start since I have gotten some more free time on my hands. Why me? I have gained lots of experience throughout the years that I played WoT. I have learned and improved drastically ever since I took notice of stats last year and when I joined Wotlabs for the first time (Went from Green -> Purple). I use to be in [ARMED], and not at one point I thought I would be able to join a top clan like [-G-] (Before I yolo left cuz job), but I did. Now in the #NUMERO_UNO_CLAN_NA. Started from the bottom and now I’m here :^). What sets me apart from others is that I tend to be always actively doing something during battles. I have trouble sitting still, waiting and wasting valuable time. (Basically I ain’t no CHAI sniper). I always lead pushes or yolo to try to get them started. I try to make the best of every situation. I play for the win. I don’t rage at this game or complain about rng (What’s the point?), but I may get disappointed sometimes. Also because the stats seen on Joz has been me solo pubbing, only have platooned about 50~ battles on it in total. Boot Camp (Platooning – I tell you what to do) This is primarily aimed at players who are still learning the game. We will platoon and basically I will order you around. I will tell you where to go, peek or don’t peek…etc. At the beginning at the battle I will go over with you what I am thinking and what we are going to do, and then after the battle we will debrief and discuss what we did or happened. I think players who are barely green and below will benefit the most. I will teach how to play aggressively and the steps on how to begin carrying. You will learn map positions and how to properly flex according to the situation at hand. I can also teach some technics if you’ll like to, and answer any specific questions (Such as how to brawl properly). -Btw this is not really for people who have hit dark purple on their sig. Light purple players may get something out of this, but depends on player. Blues maybe. -I preferably play tiers 8-10, and maybe I’ll make an exception for tier 7. Can’t really play low tiers -Or if you just want to get carried platoon, that’s fine as well. -*Only problem is that if there is 3+ arty per side it becomes limited on what I can do, because usually i get focused. :/ -So we gotta yolo rush my friend :^) (Less time to give arty to click) Replay Reviews with Extra This is for people who want their replays reviewed. We will review them together and I will discuss what you could have done, how you should have reacted…etc. It will really benefit you if you were to come with questions. Also, another thing that I can do is that I can teach you how to play a certain tank, (Preferably a medium or heavy) by making a replay pack with several exceptional games then going over the replays with you while explaining everything that I did, what I was thinking…etc. Boosting and Favors I also am offering padding and boosting services. You need your wn8 increased, I can take care of that , or you need some free exp grinded to skip a certain tank or to unstock a tank…etc. Also, I can do other things like get your 2x’s/3x’s/5x’s knocked out, do missions, or if you want your dpg raised (Depending on tank). Prices All of this will be “Name your price”. You can offer whatever you want as long as it is fair and reasonable for the work that you want done. Paypal is preferred but if you can’t you can gift gold/credits to Jozala . Also if you don’t know what to charge me I can offer a price to help you out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To begin just PM me and we’ll schedule something out. Post here if you have any questions and stuff. I am available Weekends and maybe Monday?, and only evenings on weekdays. Can play either East or West, but I really prefer West. o7o7
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