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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys. Some days i ago i saw this replay from the NA-Server: http://wotreplays.com/site/241870#malinovka-garbad_the_weak-t-44 Now i have some questions about that: a) How does he manage not to get spotted? I know he shoots the most enemys when they are double-bushed and has camo painting+ camo crew skill, but driving over the open field at the start of the match and firing all the times should reveal him. Atleast the Superpershing in their base should spot him if he is firing all the time from <400 meters oO b) was this some high-risk-high-reward gameplay because he could not
  2. According to Verilogus's post, 8.6 brought some rather significant camo changes. He says he stopped playing the 268 and T-62A because their camo no longer cuts it like it once did. What do the rest of you all think? Has any tank been winning or losing the vision control arms race since the new patch? I'd assume the Fatton is winning, since it relies less on its camo and more on its view range advantage.
  3. As the title says. Seems like some versions break compatability and I'm curious if this one does given the major changes.
  4. Hello everyone. So, with 8.6 comes a tier 5 artillery, the SU-122A. What do you guys think? I've got myself a 261, and i think it'd be a good idea to grind the crew with the SU. Has anyone played it on the test server -- what are your thoughts on its performance, credit-making abilities, etc.? Would it be a good gold investment to buy it?
  5. I posted this in the Garbad Arty discussion, but that has become a poo-flinger without any discussion of the 8.6 arty changes. I was wondering if anybody knew the logic behind removing tracers. AFAIK, tracers are really only useful to other arty doing CB, and I can't imagine a reason why you would want to make arty in the backfield safe to sit still back there and shoot with impunity. Is the idea that with the longer aim-times in 8.6, arty needs to be safe from CB pressure?
  6. I have two ways of reclaiming this tank: 1. Asking support to give it back 2. Wait for tourney to end for 14,000 gold, and buy it free But I'm wondering if I should waste my only ticket on the JT88, or if I should waste 14k free gold on it either. I have lots of experience in the JT, and I've been testing the JT88 on test. So far, it's good, but I've found it to be a little lacking in getting actual kills. I'll do 2-3k damage, but I don't actually kill anything. So, is it worth re-buying in any of the above fashions?
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