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Found 4 results

  1. World of Tanks 9.15 GPU Comparison and Analysis Introduction: World of Tanks updated to version 9.15 which added new technology to the game. Now the game supports multi core CPUs and is not dependent on single threaded CPU performance. This should allow for an increase in frames per second with the same hardware compared to earlier versions of World of Tanks. For smooth game play you want to keep your minimum FPS(Frames per Second) above 30 FPS. Games can start looking like a slide show below 30 FPS. Games tend to look smoother and are easier to play when you keep your mini
  2. (Mods, please move this to the appropriate forum if it's out of place..) If your game now crashes like mine, where the map loads to ~90% and then the game freezes up completely; and when you try alt-tabbing out, you get a dark screen or you just can't; but you can gently tap your power button to put your computer to sleep, wake it up, log back in, and get a dark screen with nothing but your taskbar, try starting task manager only to find out the black screen somehow veils over all windows and you can't see the task manager, and WoT won't forcibly exit; resulting in a terrible loss.
  3. Changes in the garage: - now you can see 3D model of every tank in tech trees - changes to list of base tank stats, added new ones - parameters are in 5 groups - added dynamic tank stats - added info about how modules and equipment improve tank stats - game will show us how many players cap the base and how long it will take - option "remember recipient" is set to default - improved physics https://youtu.be/EiAHtOuV40Y - better tank filter - added sounds for camo net and binos - more exp for playing in platoon (% depends on tier) - added option to chose speakers con
  4. Same deal as usual. I'll look at all the new HD models and point out the changes. Lots of tanks get those little bumps for wheels removed when made HD, so I'll ignore that in most cases. Too lazy to say how the tracks changed (as in they get gaps in them or something). General size of the tank is ignored in most cases too. I'll probably be less detailed on paper thin tanks in the future like I have this time. I have my little thoughts at the end of each list of tank changes. Soviets Germany (this text won't bold for some reason ) Ame
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