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Found 3 results

  1. In terms of skill ceiling (The maximum potential output in the hands of a good player), this tank is just 1 notch below the T29. I bought the tank 2 days ago using a 100% crew that I bought several months ago for it when I had planned to grind it but never got around to it. I elite it in 1 1/2 days with 67 games, 1223 EXP/g, 2k DPG, and a 76% WR. Expendable_Lad said I should write a guide for the tank, so here it is: Equipment: Optics/Rammer/GLD (Learned this from Okeano back when I originally asked for Tiger advice). Rammer is standard, the optics is nice to have because
  2. This thread is here for people to throw various short tips that can simplify your gameplay and make things easier for you. Eg: Hotkey your medkit to, "4", and your repair kit to, "5". This way when you get your track blown off, all you need to do is double tap, "5" to repair it. Likewise, double tapping 4 will heal your driver when he dies. Tips/exercises to improve a certain skill set? Poast them here!
  3. Nobody likes stalemates. I absolutely loath them. I like causing damage. I don't get damage when I spend half the match in a stalemate. Some background on stalemates: A stalemate can carry a game (You holding off a more deadly threat). That being said, it's never a good idea to get yourself stalemated if you can avoid it. Often times, if you are taking the time to read this thread, you are probably the most competent player on your team, making you more viable in a non-stalemated position so that you don't have your team disolve around you whilst you hold off a greater threat.
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