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Found 8 results

  1. Very simple, what is the best layout of equipment for the 50b, i plan to use vstab and gld for sure but the question is optics or vents. optics will help later in the game when trying to carry however anything that helps with aim time and mobility (while still partially helping vision) is almost essential on the french heavies.
  2. THE END: Overall Stats after 95 games: WR: 62% (59 wins) DPG: 2692 KPG: 1.54 Survival: 37% --- Previously on wotlabs: Purpose: Challenge and test my skills with the AMX 50B, my second tier 10 tank, for it's first 100 games, all solo. Get feedback and suggestions from you guys Rules: 100 solopub games Played in batches of 5, min 5 batches per week Lesson/Recap on each match World of Tanks Statistics on each Goals: (feel free to give me suggestions on these. I want something hard, but achievable) 57% WR 2600 DPG 35% Survival Setup: --- Batch 1 (In the order in which
  3. Hello WoTlabs replay viewing community, This is my own personal thread of terribad replays for your viewing displeasure. Here I will post replays of me failing hard, and if you want to review them, please go ahead. All I ask is that you are honest and constructive. I know I am not a good tanker, so telling me I suck is redundant. Hopefully feedback from this thread can help make me less bad. I would like you to focus on initial deployment, hp trades, and map awareness, because for French tanks these are perhaps the most important skills to have. Of course anything you can point out
  4. After my initial fail when I posted something similar to this in the initial thread explaining the existence of this subforum, here is my official help_me_I_is_bad poast! Replay (if you want more to get a better sense of my 50B gameplay I can upload moar, but this is the first replay that comes to mind when I think of games in which I could have done more) http://wotreplays.com/site/1526226#el_halluf-thatdipolemoment-amx_50_b Thank you for your feedback!
  5. Animactus

    AMX 50Bae

    Thanks to tourney/cw gold, I will be completely skipping the AMX 50 120 and will be jumping straight into the 50B, a tank that has been on my shopping list since it's release that I only made decent progress on grinding towards about 2 months ago. I do however understand that I will be missing out on the learning of playing the tier 9 version but am pretty set on my decision. So what tips do you 50B drivers have regarding equipment/consumable loadout and tactics? Which camo patterns look the sexiest?
  6. So, Im supposed to be terrible in my AMX 50B. I am looking for some unicums who are great at the tank to give me some reviews of my replays in it, and maybe later on play with me in it and give me some tips on positioning. my main problem with it is not knowing where to go, and were to play it. general map positioning is where im worst at, when I get into a good place I can generally hold out, but getting into the right position is where I stumble. games: note, I have just played a set of games in the 50B, and have uploaded them. no sweet picking, a set of games all played in a row. http
  7. Please feel free to post your own art I'd love to see it. I am pretty rusty these are my first attempts at drawing since high school and it shows lol Vote them up if you want to see more! T57 in progress---I am getting fatigued on this one...I was trying to work on my shading and got the gun how I liked it. But the rest still needs a lot of work and drawing tracks sucks big time. I'm going to start over on the tracks they look like crap...I want to crumple this one up and throw it away lol I got better stuff to work with but I just cant shade like i use to..and looking up
  8. So i got my AMX 50 B not long ago, and haven't played very many games in it yet because i feel completely inept anytime i get into it. I struggled a bit with the 50-120, but generally did ok. But the one problem i seemed to consistently have with the 50-120 is now even worse with the 50B. Simply, I don't feel i can effectively get my gun in the game. I am @ work, so i can't poast replays yet, but can later today or tonight. The advantage of an autoloader is burst damage. So IMO the worst thing i could possibly do is pull out from cover and trade shots with someone who has adj
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