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Found 3 results

  1. I've been trying to be less bad in general and have been focusing on learning sounder tactics as well as trying to stick to what I do well (or at least what I do less horribly.) Here are the results: While this is nothing to celebrate for the likes of all of you, it is mildly encouraging for me because: * This is the first time I've cracked 48% overall WR (47.5%, actually) in many thousands of games * I received my first mark of excellence (it's only a first level mark, but a big deal to me because I didn't have any marks until a few days ago) on my Type T-34 * First time EVER
  2. I've taken to solopubbing more lately, and I usually run something like a tier 5 to warm up, then move to tier 6,7,8,9 and 10. Usually, I'll end up mostly running 8-10 over the course of the night, but I've run more and more into something interesting: I've been getting a lot more oranges and tomatoes in my tier 10 battles lately. Often in lower tiers I can carry the weight of a few baddies, but at tier 10, when you get south spawn at Erlinburg and all 8 of your top tanks go camp behind the hill at H1 and die in 2 minutes without killing a single enemy tank, there is no amount of carrying th
  3. Here are the twenty-five questions I asked during my eight day public Quiz, the quiz itself is not really in any particular order. I apologize that it took this long to release the quiz, as I did not have my computer with me during the Holidays. Without Further Ado! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uKIeamPi2Y Electromagnetic waves travel through space at an estimated velocity of 299,792 km/sec (or 186,282 miles/sec). Assuming the place of origin was the sun; how long would it take for the rays to reach the earth? (Created by Banish) Would the "Blue" spectrum of lig
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