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Found 80 results

  1. I would like to join a clan to prep me for getting into clanwars while I grind t10's out, not sure what my options are though. My first 6k games were played at 15fps and it painfully shows. My only t10 is a T57 heavy atm, next in line is T62a, then Obj140. I am also considering grinding credits and re-buying my IS-7 after that. I have a decent of amount of battles since I grinded up alot of lines which I didn't want the t10s. so. yea. Essentially no clanwars experience since xout and foxey really didn't count as clans that knew what they were doing. TL-DR: Need clan suggestions for the step before competitive clanwars which I would like to start next semester. I would prefer a clan designed as a intro to clanwars training rather than a newly established clan who is trying to find their way desperate for tankers. Thanks Suggestions for where I should look much apreciated ps. looked at pinned thread, just getting a feel for what people would actually suggest based on my stats and such. I was thinking of trying to get rel-a to void my large number of battles but wanted to know if there was other options. I don't want to join a clan that is bad at cw so they take people with low numbers of tanks, aka the usual "starting out cw clans" more like train to get in a gud clan w/ access to good players to play with clan.
  2. LEMON AND LIME: ON AVERAGE CLAN COMBAT COHESION Most of our clan is solid yellow to light green. But the only time we're reliably winning is when we're facing clans that are 2/3 yellow and ⅓ red. We win those not because of teamwork but because 1v1 we are barely better players, not a collection of retards. We can improve and are somewhat-as individuals. Tier 1 clans win for one main reason: they master the basics and consistently provide smooth performances. Thats why you see rotational dominance on the CW field amongst the top units. They master basics execute like swiss clockwork. We work together about as well as a timex that’s been parked under a maus. Collectively we don't use autoloaders effectively nor do we know how to counter them at all (use soft stats like view range, accuracy, gun depression, sustained DPM, alpha hits, camo values). We have no idea how to use artillery at this level of play (having a supportive fire plan, priority of fires, designating a FIST in each subsection, having a FO with a elementary education on ballistics so he doesn’t call for unplanned fires through a fucking mountain). As far as arty goes, we are leaning -heavily- on individual players, and while Tanker and Jen are kick ass arty operators we shouldn’t be forcing them to guess everything. “Do whatever you want because I didn’t bother to think ahead” is not what happens at this level of play if you want to win. If you’re calling a match you should be able to have a rough idea of whether arty can hit targets in certain areas and should only need to ask if its a unique situation. We’ve all played pub matches, learn elementary do’s and don’ts from pubbies instead of during clan fights. As an aside, a conqueror is not the only tier10 arty for a reason. We don't know how to run maps, and consistently fail to evaluate the actual terrain on the ground and how it interplays with view range to establish things like sight lines and points of dominance (sending meds to scout/attack when there’s no way they can actually beat OPFOR to a site they’re nearly certainly going to be at, or trying to push into autoloaders on the same altitude). Believe it or not distance on the minimap is not always a golden rule for how long it takes to get to a certain spot. If every time you run into a tier1 operator like Otter or G (using these because that’s who we most commonly encounter in detachments) and they have a certain type of tank at a particular location there’s a goddamn good reason for it, and that reason is almost always view range dominance over key areas. STOP GALAVANTING PAST THEM. We don't share the health pool at all. Its a team battle for a reason. If you see somebody getting the shit blasted out of him try to cover him before he’s down to double digits. At a more advanced level you’ll see (as consistently happens when we meet Otter in detachments) that multiple players are one or two shots at the end. They’re that way for a reason, they do this well. Also, we don't focus fire or even identify targets to focus down at all. When we rarely identify targets to kill its normally by % health. Which is a shitty way to do it, because 30% of a maus is a lot different than 30% of a T110E5 and makes it more difficult to rapidly determine how many shots its going to take to take the gun out of the match. Likewise, before we advance to contact we have a shitty comprehension of which tanks are most important to kill. If you send three IS7’s around a corner into a maus and a T110E5 the mouse should probably not be your first target. Also, and again relating to issues with autoloaders that are pretty universal, when you charge a AMX50B and he drums your ass and you let him run off, if you see him 30 seconds or so later chances are pretty good he’s got a magazine in the chamber again, so don’t do the same thing. We keep having the same thing happen over and over without acknowledging the real issues, let alone doing anything tangible about it. The sole adjustment we've made is the same one that most other clans with problems implement: the rule "never speak and listen to the battle commander AT ALL TIMES". Assigning one guy god mode doesn’t work when he’s not experienced enough (and I’m talking hundreds of battles here with good -52% MINIMUM- win rates) because he gets information overload and then either starts to micromanage or disconnects from what’s in front of his face, giving calls that are impossible due to vehicle/map/player limitations. This only works if we derprush them from someplace they weren't expecting, otherwise we get 3/4-15 wipeouts. Things like forgetting how many of a tank type you have happen because our tac officer is trying to think for 14 people, and is unacceptable at this level of play. Things like forgetting the 5 mediums that were spotted going down a flank that you left unguarded while you charge at 6 autoloaders across dishpan flat ground are the result. Inexperience and poor situational awareness are, in my mind, the reason our main tactics are either a 1. derp rush or 2. a campfest around green flag. And surprisingly, both are particularly complete shit against 1: competent teams or 2: high burst damage vehicles. We need to delegate and assign groups, even if its just buddy pairs it’d be an order of magnitude better than what we’ve got now. Platoons exist, use them not just for improving stats but to actually learn to work together. Our battle callers are not experienced enough, and won’t be for a long time, to be at the level when they can stay track 14 people while maintaining situational awareness. Stalin delegated to his army commanders in order to overcome the Wehrmacht because one man can’t run everything efficiently. We micromanage way too much for the level of player skill (caller and fighter) and teamwork we have, and flat out refuse to use tactical teams/groups, let alone delegate down responsibilities to section commanders. Most of these wins against clans on our level and higher are because they had a passive strat or we just get flat out lucky. The reason you white chat with Tier 1 clans and be at least civil because they are tier1. It shows you respect them, their level of achievement and that you aren’t assholes. This isn’t middle school where you don’t talk to somebody that’s not in your clique. If you are going to do no white chat, make it for the teams of tomatoes that are going to do nothing but troll you. And even then, if they reach out and aren’t dicks then you return the greeting because its civil and polite and you’re not a troll living under a bridge. You chat with the Tier1’s because if they see that you’re learning and improving and aren’t total tools/retards you’d be amazed the level of inroads it will give you for diplomacy, or even just friendly suggestions of what to do differently. Which, ultimately, if we’re ever going to actually win and hold land we are going to need. Nobody worth a damn allies with people that can’t fight or are assholes. You solve half that equation just with a friendly “howdy-do gents, good fight, and nice use of terrain T-62”, so why would you not do it? I'm tired of losing 100k in a night because we keep brushing this off and saying its because we "dont listen to the caller" or "they're just gods compared to us". Both of those are bullshit excuses, and if we're ever going to be as good as the average stats in this clan suggest we should be doing we need to actually learn tier5 level skills. You don't start the learning process by having some shiny platinum fucking plan/caller, you do that by applying the basic skills of clan wars, or any organized battle for that matter. which we consistently suck at. Just because you want to be getting free gold/detachment bonuses doesn’t mean you’re going to get it handed to us. Frankly we're not ready to win reliably at tier10. We are losing millions of credits and with tank locking preventing access to vehicles that we should be learning how to operate in pubbies so we’re at least competent in. We ought to work on the basics in platoons and tier6 detachments then gradually scale up as our teamwork develops. What we’re doing now of having 2-4 CW matches and a couple hours of tier8/10 detachments is just pissing away credits/xp we could be using for vehicles while simultaneously reinforcing piss poor habits. From where I stand we need to do one of two things, and both are equally viable-but totally separate. We need to decide if we’re fine being a noncompetitive social clan and continue what we’re doing now while we stop pissing into the wind with 2-4 hours wasted on uppertier-detachment/CW charges and campfests every night constantly reinforce poor habits and demoralize the people that want to commit and win until they quit. Or we decide we at least want to compete on a level that our stats suggest we’re capable of, in which case we need to implement ALL of the above, and start deliberately kicking anybody that either can’t or won’t follow the above, until we get to the point where we see a Tier1 clan in the matchup and don’t instantly think, “well this is a wash”. But we need to collectively make a decision, because right now about 30 people are carrying this ass backwards combo, and that can’t function in the long term. I’ve seen clans that chose to go big league. If they commit they can compete and possibly dominate eventually. I’ve been in clans that chose to stay small time, and they were a great bunch of dudes that made me laugh my ass off. If you’ve made it this far thanks for reading and chime in below with your thoughts on the topic. I originally put this together for my own clan, but I think it can likely be used by a lot of other people clans. If you’ve got comments or suggestions please PM me either in the forums or in game. I will edit this to try to keep it up to date. Ideally I’d like it to the start of a discussion about how to improve clan-level operations, similar to Tazillion’s scouting guides and Lert’s great series (Lert’s awesomeness here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/197648-collection-of-guides-tips-and-helpful-links/ and here:) And I would absolutely love if one of you worldbeaters would deign to invite this common peasant to a platoon where I could bask in your radiance and absorb some of your knowledge. I’d both love a chance to learn some habits from players much better than me and I promise I’ll try to contribute enough that you won’t be totally disgusted by having me around.
  3. *Requirements* "LGC's Tank Battalion" or LGCTB is recruiting tanker for our clan. Our only requirement is that you use teamspeak while playing on World of Tanks. We do request you to be at least 16 years or older due to mature content that may appear during platooning, debates, and random chatting. *What is Legion Gaming Community and what is offers to you?* - How Legion Gaming Community Started. LGC Started off as a crapton of dudes playing the MMORPG eve online. We played several other games together with our non eve-playing friends and our group slowly grew to include other games. Since then we've become a little more organized and expanded our server/service base to meet community demand. -What Legion Gaming Community offers. ~Individuals: A professionally run, team oriented environment. ~Guilds/clans: No paying for hosting or managing services. Our website and game servers are all operated by our professional staff on enterprise grade servers. We provide and manage the services you need so your focus can be where it should, in leading your fellow players. ~Server Operators/Scripters/Admins/Moderators: Do you operate a server, or write mods you think would be cool as crapbut can't implement them? No problem! We've got space on our servers, and if your mod/server/whatever is cool enough, or desired by the community, we'll do what we can to make it happen! All you have to do is talk with one of the administrators. This can be done by joining the admins in our teamspeak3 server, IP: teamspeak.legiongc.com Website http://legiongc.com *What Legion Gaming Community Tank Battalion offers to you?* LGC's Tank Battalion is a clan based on having fun and training clan member to help tankers learn basic concepts of the game. We are helping tankers grind into high tier tanks. We do this by doing training matches showing tankers game mechanics. We are sister of DRT which is beginning to compete in clan wars. Because we use the same team speak both members from the clan's are allowed to platoon with one another. LGC's Tank Battalion is not only interested in recruiting new players into our clan we would also accept clans willing to merge with ours. If you are interested privately message me and if you have any questions feel free to post down below. Note: We are not willing to merge with anyone, yet we are open to allowing other clans to merge with ours.
  4. BOSS is one of the oldest, active clan tags on the World of Tanks server. Having been created in the first week of release of World of Tanks. Some of the original members are still active and in clan. After a period of relaxation and rest, BOSS has re-branded and is looking for new life and tankers to join us in our e-Sport clan. We are all about team play, whether in platoons, strongholds or our bread and butter, Tournaments. What does BOSS Gaming offer the avid WoT tournament tanker? 1)Organization: You will know when tournament sign up is, who is calling, tiers for tournament, time frame for tournament etc all updated frequently on our webpage. 2)Scouting Reports: Our team of tournament specialists provide you with detailed information of who you're playing, their stats and tendencies. We are tracking all. 3)GOLD! We consistently earn gold every week in Skirmish. 2500 for three - four night Skirmish tournament common, sometimes more. BOSS Gaming teams earned over 3k gold in Skirmish 30. 4)Calling: Experienced calling is a large key to winning. Our callers have all the tools, are prepared, experienced, and can react on the fly. 5)Support: Our groups average battle count is large, our core members have been playing a long time, there isn't much they haven't seen in this game. They can help you with most anything in this game. 6)Relationships: BOSS leadership has been around this community a long time, have established relationships with WGA and WGLNA Pro's who join our teams and help where they can. Often our teams have high stat, good guys from other clans joining our teams. Why? Because we earn them gold and provide a fun environment where to do so. 7)Strongholds: If this game mode interests you, we are active in this mode because it is team based and has rewards. We rarely lose. 8)Environment: Many stories of bad mixes in clans, with people you don't like or just plain jerks. We have always offered a fun, win based without the over the top egomaniac environment. 9)Two active WGLNA teams. One named a VIP team not long ago for a WGA event. if WGLNA interests you our teams offer a good entry to this format, with experienced people who were in on the ground level. 10) Just a plain and simple awesome clan tag and logo. Who hasn't wanted to say you're being a boss, and well, you could be with the clan tag to prove it! What do we need from YOU? 1) A commitment to assisting our leadership in tournament planning. You will go to our website frequently, tag your availability for tournaments on our calendar, and sign up for that you can contribute to. 2) SHOW UP for what you have signed up for. Number one way to get tossed from BOSS Gaming is to NOT SHOW when you said you would. We understand not everyone can make everything, but letting us know is key to long term membership. 3) Stats: You should be running 1700+ WN8 (60 day) minimum in order to successfully fit in, and contribute to our Skirmish teams. You should be overall green level. (Some exceptions to be made here.) 4)Varied tanks in your garage. If you sold all your tanks on the way to tier 10, you are of no use to us. We NEED tiers from all levels, with crews available. 5)You should not be stingy with your gold, if you need to train a crew for a tier 4 tank which would cost you 600 gold, but you will earn 2500 two days later in winnings, we expect you to do so. Running Skirmish with an 80% crew is being a bad team mate. 6)You will not be a troll. Trolling is poor form, bad sportsmanship, and sinks you to a level we do not want in our group. 7) ACTIVITY. You are signing up for a competitive, e-Sport clan. Sitting in our group being a 'chip' we don't use is of no use to us. You will play strongholds, you will join tournament teams. This is why you would come here, playing WoT during weekday afternoons and not when tournaments are active does not make you a tournament player, or mean you should be in a tournament clan. 8)Yes you need TS3 so we can communicate during tournaments. We only expect you in TS when team events are going on, if you wish to not run TS during solo pub play. If you would like more information, please go to our webpage and register on the recruitment page, and someone will contact you for a one on one TS chat and potential toon session. Registering does not ensure acceptance or commit you to joining. Everything is confidential. http://wotbossgaming.enjin.com/home PM Me Here if you'd prefer, or find me in game.
  5. Welcome to PSYCH: The Magical Land of Pineapples and Fake Psychic Detectives! A platooning clan for good players, with the goal of eventually playing Strongholds. Requirements Blue recent WN8 (minimum 2000) 60% recent Win Rate Preferably several tier 10s with good DPG Also recruiting solo bluenicums who just want a clan to call home and who love pineapples!
  6. ADA - Auzzie Death Angles We are a young clan, looking at expanding with the long term goal of joining clan wars but for now we simply platoon, and play the odd Company Battle here and there. While the Commander will tell you the clan name is all about utilising angles to bounce shots, penetrate the enemy etc - I'll tell you he'd had a few more scotches the night he created the clan name and spell-checker didn't pick up on Angles v Angels error... About us - we a a friendly bunch of Aussies, 30-40 years old (most of us) who like a laugh while we play tanks. Our playing time is sporadic, but since a few of us are shift workers, there's generally some of us on-line at any time. At the minute we use Skype to communicate, that or the in game chat/Q button option. However we are looking at using Team speak 3 at some stage soon. Once we get a number of members I am happy to pay for that. Generally we play evenings Melbourne time, but we are often on during the day as well. If you are up for a laugh, enjoy the game without taking yourself too seriously and can communicate in English (either through chat, Skype or in game voice) drop me a line in game (stewiejp) and I'll sign you up. We do take our tanks seriously, but won't give you a spray or banish you if your stats are low, or you make the odd mistake. We are all human. Just as long as you do your best, and if you are new or not really good at the game, you are open to advise. What tanks do we play? Most of them. Not a lot of tier tens at this stage (though there are some), our platoons are generally around tier 7/8 but we are all working towards tier tens eventually. Over 18's preferably, as the language can get a bit R rated, especially late at night. Bots need not apply.
  7. Looking for a clan wars clan that has training, as I wish to get better. I do have a bit of calling experience...currently I have the E100 and the T110E5 but I am also grinding the Obj 140 as my first tier 10 med. I'm looking for an active clan, not a building one. Any questions or concerns direct them here! Thanks for your time and consideration!
  8. We are a new clan looking for players with a 1300 overall wn8 or a 1500 recent wn8/1000 games. 1 tier 10 and 50%+ WR. Message Will74 Durante_Alighieri or Vergilius_Maro if interested!!
  9. Upvote is an independent clan active in clan wars. We are RDDT's sister clan. Upvote is looking for recruits for Clan Wars and the upcoming Campaign! Now you might be wondering, what can Upvote do for me? Well let me tell you what Upvote offers: A laid back and friendly atmosphere Clan wars everyday Be part of a great team Platoons! Platoons everywhere! A place to help improve your skills Gold Payouts! A fun and exciting Teamspeak Victory in the next Campaign Experienced Leadership A place to make friends Now you may be wondering how can I join this amazing clan!? All you need to do is meet the requirements! Requirements: 1. Have an account on Reddit.com 2. 2100+ WN8 over 60 days 3. 54% winrate over 60 days 4. 4+ (preferably 5) Clan Wars viable tanks (Tier 10 stats will be looked at) 5. Participate 3+ days a week in Clan Wars 6. Have a good, positive attitude and not be a source of drama. Priority Tanks we are seeking: Conquerer GC, M53/M55, 50B, Leopard 1, STB-1, Obj 140, Batchat, E100, IS-7, E5, E3, 268, Waffen, T57. Now you might be thinking what if my stats are a little bit off; well attitude and tier x damage are actually the most important things. How to Apply: Send a message to a recruiter to let them know you are interested. Get into our teamspeak, let recruiters or officers know you are interested, play with people in the clan you want to join. Show you will be active and demonstrate a positive attitude and ability to work well with teammates. Provide basic information about yourself, CW experience, and availability Applying should be done once you have completed the other steps. ​Links: TeamSpeak server address: redditwot.ts.nfoservers.com Clan page: http://worldoftanks....00006817-NARWL/ TL-DR we work closely with and would like to promote if you are not a candidate for NARWL: [TL-DR] Requirements to join: -> 1600 60-day win8 -> 50% 60-day win rate -> 3+ CW viable tier 10s -> active in TS and CW 3+ nights/week -> Must have a Reddit account on Reddit.com We are very interested in callers! Show proficiency as a caller in TL-DR and it will help you greatly to move to NARWL! Reddit is a big group of clans and we have many that fit every bracket of skill and purpose. SNOO is our west coast clan, AURUM is a 1300+ wn8 clan wars clan, RDDT3 is a training clan and there are others for casual or competitive play.
  10. -TB- Trail Blazers Moto: Blazing trails thourgh our enemies all day everyday. 1. Min. WN8: Overall - 1500 60 Day - 1700 2. Min. Winrate: Overall - 50% 60 Day - 55% 3. Must be respectful in battle (I.E. No calling people noobs unless they ask for it, or trash talking). 4. Must have Teamspeak 3. 5. Must have atleast 2 prefered tier 10 clan wars tanks. (E5s, 57 Hvys, E3s, WT E 100, any russian med, BatChat, Foch 155, etc.). 6. Must be willing to take and hold land in CW. (Clan will be made around Tuesday) If interested PM puff5648, Quackpot134, or THeChuckNorris in game.
  11. About me: Tanks I have: One Tier 10 (FV4202), Two Tier 9 (Centurion 7/1 & Waffle Jr.[i have M53/M55 researched, Just need a few more creds to buy]), Five tier 8 (T69, Centurion 1, Rhm, IS-3, M40/M43), One Tier 7 (T71), Eight Tier 6 (Crommy, KV-1S, M6, Hellcat, M44, FV304, KV-2, SU-100Y), And many tonks under tier 6.... My Stats: My overalls suck (Due to the fact I was using a laptop that did on average 5fps for my first 4k games and I didn't start using a mouse until 6k or 7k games) My Current 60-Day WN8 is over 1600 (But would be a lot higher if I didn't do TCs everynight. TCs are WN8 killers and I am a TC ADDICT!) What I want in a clan: One that is active in strongholds One that does tourneys One that can handle my occational immaturness (But not TOO immature!) One that doesn't allow people under 16 in! One with a 60-day WN8 minimum of atleast 1300 or 1400 Other things: I don't mind doing CW. (They are a llittle fun actually) I like TCs and Teams (Strongholds even more!) If you have any questions, just ask! WARNING: I have a history of getting in trouble for talking to much. (Even have got kicked cause of it. I also hate clans that kick without warning.) Black and white version: About me: Tanks I have: One Tier 10 (FV4202), Two Tier 9 (Centurion 7/1 & Waffle Jr.[i have M53/M55 researched, Just need a few more creds to buy]), Five tier 8 (T69, Centurion 1, Rhm, IS-3, M40/M43), One Tier 7 (T71), Eight Tier 6 (Crommy, KV-1S, M6, Hellcat, M44, FV304, KV-2, SU-100Y), And many tonks under tier 6.... My Stats: My overalls suck (Due to the fact I was using a laptop that did on average 5fps for my first 4k games and I didn't start using a mouse until 6k or 7k games) My Current 60-Day WN8 is over 1600 (But would be a lot higher if I didn't do TCs everynight. TCs are WN8 killers and I am a TC ADDICT!) What I want in a clan: One that is active in strongholds One that does tourneys One that can handle my occational immaturness (But not TOO immature!) One that doesn't allow people under 16 in! One with a 60-day WN8 minimum of atleast 1300 or 1400 Other things: I don't mind doing CW. (They are a llittle fun actually) I like TCs and Teams (Strongholds even more!) If you have any questions, just ask! WARNING: I have a history of getting in trouble for talking to much. (Even have got kicked cause of it. I also hate clans that kick without warning.)
  12. Closed For obvious reasons....
  13. Welcome to the Relic Gaming Community Relic is always looking for qualified tankers. We are a long standing clan within World Of Tanks. We strive to maintain high standards, respect and competence in all battles we are engaged in. Our leadership values team-play and strongly encourage the use of Teamspeak3 to co-ordinate and communicate effectively. We are interested in quality over quantity and getting to know our members as friends and comrades. Members should be able to follow commands, perform to their potential, respect teammates, be damn good@poasting. If you think Relic sounds like a good fit for you, register on our forums and apply. www.relicgaming.com server = ts41.gameservers.com:9454 Pwd = relic1
  14. Come To The RED Side We Have (Insert Whatever You Like). What We Want ⦁ People Who Want To have Fun And Help The Clan Grow And Be Successful. ⦁ People Who Are Easy-Going And Fun To Be with. ⦁ Team Players Who Can Follow A Plan. Requirements ⦁ Must Have At Least A Tier 6. ⦁ Must Have Fun. ⦁ Must Be Respectful. If You Have Any Questions Message Sherman229
  15. Here is VonCurry's cheat sheet for new clans, you're welcome. (Mods pin this and unban VonCurry on the wotforum for the injustices you did against him #FreeZodman) Before you do anything involving a clan, be a soldier in a clan. Learn from mistakes and successes - Started off as a Sand Person in an African clan (D-INC) learned what clan wars was and learned how to be part of a community, also was also a good player who learned to play tonks and could play CWs competently (This is the minor leagues play here first). D-INC died and it's people spread like ashes in the wind. Then was a soldier in _BAD_, learned not to sperg, watched and took note on mistakes made. Then moved to PBKAC and learned how to play the "game", watched Ziddy #masterofdiplo, took note on what to do, somewhat learned how to poast. *See Purple Dawn and the fall of the Burning Legion on what not to do* *Watch successful clans like -G-, Otter, Relic, PBKAC on what to do* Once you've learned how to play the "game" - Create a fresh and unique theme, not something like 683rd Armored Cavalry with some goofy slogan... "e-honoUr, Integrity, Retardedness"... 1996 Chicago Bulls - GET DUNKED. (It's a game, not real life). - We started with a foundation of good players, Zodman,Zordan,Zippen with a proven FC Zackson. (You have to have a caller, if you don't have one.. don't bother making a clan). Also if you're garbage, don't bother making a clan, because no purple will ever bother going to you, you need some credibility. Why would I go play for some 1000wn8 goober instead of this badass purple who has a slick new theme? - We then brought in players of a certain standard 1800-2XXX wn8 (And recruited any FC we could find). As well as friends Zongley,Zerr etc who didn't meet reqs. but are loyal guys (who are now grandfathered in). Don't set your bar too high (aka reaching for super unicums because most of them A. play for stats B. Don't want to play with the common folk). *See the history and demise of Purpl for further examples on that* - Raise the bar on recruiting when your roster permits (You want to improve your team). - Put time and effort into the clan. You can't show up for 1 hour each day expecting things to get done, I primarily play this game or at least keep myself available when not playing to run the clan. Hit the map with 20 chips and 12 active players, and took land. Didn't try for anything fancy, just a small pot of gold. Didn't thump our chests at neighboring clans, fought battles we could win. We had 3 pieces of land with only 40 odd chips. Take it slow Recruit - AGGRESSIVELY recruited via Wotlabs/This forum/Wot-CS (Your best friend is the "Member Changes" tab for each clan)/Ingame (I'm talking hours a day, pretty much you're not playing tanks for fun until the roster reaches 100players) - We also brought in attractive players who had no interest in CWs (Though none of you knew this and most of them are since gone). That provided us with A. Substance to attract good players B. Chips C. WOT-CS score for ePeen. - Keep tabs on CR/D and keep tabs on clan implosions, and try to bring those players into the fold ASAP. Volt - (Enj,Edge, Rageous etc) Crabs - (Zutombo,Adaa etc) Build Depth - BULLS has 16 FCs of varying skill and talent. I can rest callers, and keep the workload light until needed. *I can have half my callers gone and still be able to compete in CWs* - Don't recruit people with 1 tier 10, they need at least 5 (Or have several coming in the near future). *A 1900wn8 guy with 15 tier 10s is more valuable than a 3000wn8 guy with 1* - Have a command staff that is dependable and competent. Also take constructive criticism and listen to veteran clan commanders (G1M,Edge,Enj,Rageous) *G1M/Rageous/Zackson/Zutombo can all run the clan if I am not here* - Keep your team full of actives. Inactive players are almost completely useless to your clan. *USVCH chip spammed BULLS with 4 battles at the same time with no notice, I was able to fight all 4* - When the opportunity permits, you can create a sub/brother/affiliate clan. They can provide offsets and assistance on riot clearing LZ clearing and a stable neighbor if needed. (I recommend ONLY 1, as a protective measure against multi clan alliances or groups) *See Evil Gaming, Claws/Mantis, Relic/2/3, Petco, Chai/Chai 2/Yo_oY, King/Queen/USVCH, Havok/-J-/Arbok* Keep it fun - Really important if you are an African clan, your community is going to live or die, depending how much people enjoy playing in your clan and with those people. - Bulls would play warm up music before clan wars, joke around, keep it relaxed. - Make your Teamspeak fun, We have a bunch of random TS tags for flair. *Stole it from Petco, and put our own swing on it* - No training (If you are an African clan you may want to have training) and high attendance standards 5-7 days a week is too much, 3-6 days a week with a gold bonus for the 6 day guys. Let the players have days off to enjoy life. - Don't embezzle gold, but give yourself and the officers incentive for running the clan. Also pay your players decent gold (If you can afford it). - Rest your FCs, if the battle isn't a do or die battle, let another FC get some experience and rest your main callers. - Jump on riots and LZs when it's time to train new FCs, play to win but don't freak out when the inexperienced FCs lose games. (They are learning). - Let you and others have time off from the game when you need to recharge. Don't let yourself get to the point of burn out. *See ChairInABasket and the demise of NDP for info on that* Diplo and Work with people - Chai, Otter reached out to us, and invested in us. Because we showed potential. - Be a loyal and trustworthy neighbor to surrounding clans (Give them a reason to not map your tiny clan). - Learn what is going on in the NA Map (who is fighting who, why? etc etc.) - Don't act like you're hot shit, because you're the new guy on the block *See Mac_D diplo with Crabs for further info* - Continue to build on your team (bring more FCs in), find more land. You're never done, kick inactives and keep your team fresh, not stagnant. Get rid of players who do not perform. Finally - Carve out your gold and solidify your spot on the map - Choose a target you can beat, have audibles for other plans. (You don't want to throw your clan at a brick wall like Otter or -G-). - Have a buddy to even the odds (Chai and Bulls hit Enjoy and Enjoy 2) - Have a plan of attack (we worked with Chai and blitzed Enjoy/Enjoy 2 when they got hit with riots, planned where we would land and what areas we'd march into and same with Chai). On day one BULLS had 3 territories, we took out their ability to offset each other and on day 2 cut them in half from each other. - Don't be an asshole to your partner (We split the goaldz evenly) - Establish relations with you neighbors WHAT NOT TO DO Recruit people for chips (aka reds,baddies,shitlourdes) Try to hit big clans and take their stuff. They will crush you under their boot, even if they are half your talent. They have numbers and will wear out your small team. Act like you're a bad ass. Sperg in CR/D. Piss off clan leaders. Bring in cancerous well known people (Sneaky_Bugger etc) unless you know they can change their ways. Build hordes of subclans Poach from landholding clans I will answer any questions people may have.
  16. This is Area 742, this is a Top Secret training facility for new, experienced, and competitive 7/42 players. We are looking forward to the Stronghold Battle Mode that will be coming out. While you are here you will specialize in 7/42 game play, find 7/42 teams, raise awareness to the 7/42 cause, and will be a representative of Area 742. Don't have a team, we will find one for you. Have a team and no scrim partners, we will find one for you. Want to win gold and be known? We will show you how. What are the requirements to join? Clan Applications must be done on the Clan Website Have a tier 8 non-premium tank Be willing to learn and teach Be a team player Have teamspeak 3 No microphone is required (but recommended) Clan Website: http://742.enjin.com Teamspeak Infomation: Area742.typefrag.com:8870 What [742] is currently looking for. Teams: HIGH Tier 1 Drivers: HIGH Tier 8 Drives: HIGH Callers: HIGH Current list of teams affiliated with [742] The_Underscores Numbers of players actively seeking a team: 0 Number of teams actively recruiting : 1 Super Effective http://742.enjin.com/forum/m/23514102/viewthread/13237497-super-effective
  17. Hi there, I've got blue eyes, an athletic body, speak multiple langua- oh wait... My hopes are to join one of the 'Experienced/Competent ' (or higher obv) clans, which Diastant described in his topic. The plan is to join your clan only temporarily (I'm a student, living in EU). So I'll be playing lots (~10hrs a day during june and august, less in july - see below). After the summer, I'd leave your clan to make room for a permanent member, if you want me to. What am I looking for? Clan wars: during June I think I might be able to play ~5days/week, don't care which days. during July: I'd say 1-2 nights/week due to my job I'll have during August: the first few weeks I should be able to do ~5/week again, the last 2 weeks probably less first week(s) of september: 3-5ish/week Platoons: Lots of time to play means lots of games, which I want to win, so I'm sort of looking for a clan that platoons quite regularly. (I guess this is sort of normal but figured I'd post anyway) (<3 playing X's most) Tournaments/skirmishes Would be lovely if your clan participates in these, as I'd like to rake in as much gold as possible. Naturally these shouldn't interfere with the clan wars. What I can offer? Flexibility: being a european, I might be able to join CW sooner (and preferably would) than some people over the pond, who are still @ work. Stats: check sig (bit lower than usual atm because 3weeks of toaster without mods) and 2years+ of WoT experience. I've advanced (almost) every line and generally know how to handle tonks. 'Maturity': I'm turning 20 in July Vehicles: X's I have atm [8]: IS7, AMX 50B, obj 140, 121, bchat 25t. (preferably not get it locked), FV183, obj 263, JagdPzE100 X's I have unlocked [4]: FV4202,E100, t62a, obj 268 - planning on buying the E100 and 62a in that order X's I'll be grinding [2]: Leopard (want to get beginning July), T57 (not really in a hurry) As for skirmish/tournaments: http://www.noobmeter.com/player/na/scout_in_da_house/1002231426/ Extremely active on both WoT and wotlabs fora, and once I get home (16th), also in-game. Ask if you need anything else... Conclusion: I'm very flexible, lots of WoT experience (none in CW though) with, I think, very good situational awareness (in pubs that is). I'm aiming for the best clans, but I realize that there will be some sort of trade-off between my presence possibilities and the other things I can offer... Please, if there is anything else you want to know (or random reader thinks I should add), just ask. Garbaged on OP's request.
  18. I know a lot of people type so fast they press shift too long. This happened to me when making my WoTLabs account and instead of DinoBlockHD it is DInoBlockHD. IN the settings you can change like everything but your username. ???? COuld I have some help please? ^ There is the shift thing again! -DInoBlockHD
  19. Hello Purple Posters! My question is am I headed for some Clam wars viable tanks or not? And is there some lines that are not worth doing? Have I made sufficient progress have < 4,000 battles? I'm currently running down a few lines, here they are: http://i.imgur.com/1dZPeLX.jpg British Mediums http://i.imgur.com/5cXoB0R.jpg France Lights/Mediums http://i.imgur.com/Pp9k6u6.jpg Germany Mediums/Eventually E-100 line http://i.imgur.com/ayBcPe8.jpg USSR Mediums to possibly T-62a/Heavies from the T-150 I figured screenshots were easier than me writing out everything I'm going towards! Thanks for your time, Mjolnir(James)
  20. Hey guys, I posted this on the official forums and I figured I might as well post it here as well: Dropped tags on Friday night. Looking for a new clan now. I currently have 2 tier 10s: -T110e5 - 59% ~ 2450dpg -Leo1 - 63% ~ 2700dpg I realize my lack of t10s will be the major thing holding me back. However I just got my t54 topped out and have bought a month of prem, so Im hoping to grind out the 140 and the 62a. I might also pick up the e50 while its on on-track. After that the plan is to grind the 57 (at the t71). I can be available 5+ days a week and can play in any of the time zones. http://wotlabs.net/na/player/bike347 http://www.noobmeter...347/1004335266/ If your clan can is competitive on the map, and has an active TS for platoons, teambattles etc contact me in game or on the forums. I would be looking to get on TS and platoon for a bit to make sure its a good fit. Il be on tanks tonight, as well as later tomorrow evening
  21. I was looking at the map and I saw that Relic 2 and Bulls lost all their land in one night and their former land turned into NPC controlled land. Can someone explain to me why that is? Is it when you lose a HQ you lose all your land?
  22. Welcome to our recruiting thread... [CDNEH] CANADA Eh? & [CNEH2] Canada Eh? 2 are accepting applicants from Canada, USA, and other geographies. We have a competitive group & a social group. Please apply to the appropriate one and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me in this thread or privately by PM. Thank you. Competitive Clan: Canada Eh? [CDNEH] http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000008155-CDNEH/ - Players looking to compete in Clan Wars & tournaments Requirements: - 40%+ win rate minimum - Tier 8 (non-premium) and above + the determination to get a tier 10 a.s.a.p. - Can follow orders - Raidcall (our teamspeak) for in-game communications - Registration on our forums (http://canadaeh.boards.net/) Canada Eh? 2 [CNEH2] (SOCIAL - SISTER CLAN to [CDNEH]) http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000011654-CNEH2/ - Social - have fun in company of fellow Canadians platooning and doing tank companies together. The building block and stepping stones to Clan Wars with the founding clan CDNEH. Requirements: - 40%+ win rate minimum - Tier 5 tank (non-premium) and above - Can follow orders - Raidcall (our teamspeak) for in-game communications - Registration on our forums (http://canadaeh.boards.net/) We are the most timbit loving Canadians around and we will stand side by side until the last shell hits its target! And we hope you'll join us! You are not alone in this game!
  23. I am looking for a decent clan to join that is reasonably active and willing to let me join. I know my overall is bad, but I'm trying to pull it up. My 60 day is kinda iffy and I wish it was better. I play fairly often. I have no tier 10s but I'm about to start working on 3 tier 9s. Which will be the M103, IS-8, and T54E1 as soon as I get the credits to buy them. I am looking for a clan I am able to platoon fairly often. With platooning I can get to the tier 10s in a fairly short amount of time. I am in North Carolina and most of the time I play from about 5 pm- 12 or 1 am. I'm sorry if this is a bit rambly and if it is bad it can be removed. I play on both the east and west servers and I don't care which.
  24. Hey guys I am a decently new player looking for a training clan that will lead to a good clan wars clan. I have a 52.2% wr and 1550 wn8. At the moment I have 3 almost 4 tier 8's (I cant pick a line) I live on the west coast but I am fine with playing on either servers. I have been in clan before but I didn't enjoy it so I left. I am a player looking to improve so I dont want a dumb clan like S-13 (look them up, they are worse then IOC) http://www.noobmeter.com/player/na/bananahamburger/1006536765 those are my stats. So if you would like to talk to me message me on these forums or in game. Thanks for reading - bananahamburger
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