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Found 4 results

  1. I don't see a lot of people talking about the tier 7 premium Warcrimes Panther but from what I can tell the general consensus is that it's pretty terrible. I picked it up over the weekend thanks to a 30% discount and some tournament gold and I've got to say that it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Here's a list of pros and cons for the tank: + Sheltered matchmaking has you only seeing tier 8s. + High rate of fire sometimes lets you get two shots in during an opponent's reload. + Mantlet and turret have enough armor to use your DPM effectively if you stay hulldown. + Side armor is fl
  2. No mods since in 9.9 http://wotreplays.com/site/2124241#siegfried_line-adeadman1-comet I thought I was being aggressive. Trying to push up but trying to engage only a few targets at once. I did that early on. Has I moved into the city, I basicly tried to put in a few shots, wait for the enemy to turn to face me, and promptly change flanks to get a new firing angle. I was not has focused on the minimap has I should have so I took to many shots out of my mistakes. I flipped between flanks has we pushed between the flag, I tried to get an angle but the IS-2 was constantly putting shots into me.
  3. Hi again. Lately, I've been frustrated by this map. I rebought the Comet in order to raise a crew for my brand-new FV4202. I've been playing the tank a lot and enjoying it much more than during the original grind. However, I swear I'm getting that goddamn bloody Kharkov every other game. Tier VII matches are fine, VIIIs ok, but in tier IX matches, I really struggle. I think my problems mostly come from bad positioning. The truth is that I don't have a clue where to go. Generally, I avoid the middle at the beginning, try to support, punish enemies who aren't paying attention and find ga
  4. Okay, now that I have played my IS-4 to 200 battles I have decided to try and grind up the British Medium tree. In general Mediums are not my strong suit, but I love the way that the FV4202 looks and I want to succeed at this. For this grind I am starting at the Comet. I have everything unlocked (thank you Free exp). What equipment should I use for the Comet? I am thinking Vstab, Rammer, and Optics? What I want to know before playing is how to do well in this tank. Please provide replays if possible of good play, and I will definitely post some for critique. I also plan to continue
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