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  1. Hello, we are the World of Tanks division of The Art of Warfare gaming community, a gaming clan of over 1500 members across dozens of different games, including World of Tanks. We are looking for mature and active gamers that want a laid back environment away from excessive foul language and offensive topics, have fun and from time to time like to be competitive as well for example in skirmish-battles, which we tend to play on our mandatory days, which are: Thursday - 19:30 - 20:30 Sunday - 19:30 - 20:30 Join us for some nice day to day pl
  2. Hello people who is watching this page. We are koersk a new starting clan searching for new players!What we offer?-playing skirmishes as much as possible (trying some tier 8 and 10 if we cant then 6)-activating boosters to get more priority things.-fun late nights talks to get some fun.What do we expect from you guys?-at least minimal 700 wn8 4000+ personal rating (some excaptions can be made)-at least have 1min. tier 6 and 8 tanks and a tier 10 on the way (ask the priority tanks to the field commanders)-have a sense of humour.-speak and listen correct english.-working microphone and teamspeak
  3. We are a fresh fun clan looking for new positive players to join us in Clan Wars, Advances, Skirmishes and Platoons. Team games in tiers 10 and 8 are run most nights, and we are always here for platooning or to socialise. We would prefer you to have 3 tier 10 and 3 tier 8 tank, usually in the heavy and medium class's. REQUIREMENTS TIR VIII: Minimum 3 tier 8 tanks useful in clan wars. TIR X: Minimum 3 tier 10 tanks useful in clan wars. Personal Rating: 3500 Discord: https://discord.gg/CBKFXTH Clan Page: https://eu.wargaming...s/wot/500164330 Sound go
  4. Hello everyone! I just switched over from the NA server to EU because it works way better with my current work schedule. I get to enjoy to wonderful grind from the bottom! Just looking for some decent platoon mates to help me grind out the bottom tiers and make it more fun/bearable. So far I am up to t7. We can try that recruit system for more exp/credits. I have comms if required. Shoot my an invite in game IGN: _KillSwitch89. Thanks!
  5. I'm kind of stuck in my gameplay and just want some casual mentoring from time to time. If anyone is interested please say.
  6. Day after day, its getting harder and harder to find some really stronk guys to platoon up with. Team play & winning is just vital and my priority N1 in this game, so i am really up to platoon up with some superstronk tankers.. i prefer playing with better players than me [despite learning /it actually really motivates me doing my bestest.. or at least around my level... I mostly play during the evening.. and late evening/early morning.. looking forward to find some amigos to kick as with on a regular basis hf
  7. Hello Guys, after I joined wotlabs couple of months back i racked up some games and I would like to explore tier 8 and rising with capable platoon mates. Not looking to tryhard so much, but I always play to win and to improve. Feel free to add me ign: "Larsson2334" cheers
  8. Greetings all you EU scubs! So as the title reads I am looking for more platoon mates on the EU server. I recently moved to Europe and started an EU account. My EU account is Boomers_life. I have about 900 games and am just to tier 6. I did purchase a IS6 and CDC so I have a few tier 8's. What I am looking for are some chill guys to hang with. I have joined two clans mostly to meet people and am not currently looking for another one. So if anyone is whiling to Toon please send me a friend request! Thanks Boomer
  9. Hello guys! I'm new here and in high hopes to find someone to platoon with because most of my old friends simply moved on to different games through the years and left me as a lone wolf. I use skype, TS and Discord as a means of voice communication while gaming. As far as skill goes I'm fine with people better or worse than me ^^ Ingame my nickname is killer999death (yeah it's shitty but I don't have the munie to change it into something witty and good) so hit me up! I'm usually logged in all day.
  10. Black Crusade ESL-page a Fairly new international team is looking for fresh blood! Black Crusade is an international, English speaking team playing: ESL, Teambattles and all sorts of tournaments. Our aim is to keep a relaxed atmosphere while winning some prizes.Requirements:• At least decent spoken English.• Ability to play as a team and communicate.• Activity• Statistics: WN8 overall ~2000, recent ~2700• Usable tanks (STB-1, TVP 50/51, FV215B & 113...)All of the new members will be tested. To contact us, leave a message in this topic or to aggroblner &
  11. Hey guys, im quite new here and im looking for people to platoon with. Currently i only have 1 mate that plays WOT so would be great to have some more I usually play during the evenings and on the weekends im online most of the day, depends ofc. If you are willing to help me become a better player or just want to play for fun, please add me as a friend and we will have some games for sure.
  12. old topic, almost 1 year old. nobody is gonna see it anyway, so here is a new one. I know I have a clan but the clan is small, and they are all shitters. @vernl I play bad, kinda, 3k wn8 so, make me gud bois Tanks I mostly play are Super Pershing, M48 Patton, T55A and Rudy, IS-6 rarely a bit of IS-7 and T110E4/5, but mostly the 4 first tanks because I want to grind my crew :3 If my platoonm80s want TS, here we gooooooo! IP: s2.freets3.stannaz.uk:2108 PW: artilleryiscancer
  13. Hi there. I am looking to recruit more players for the upcoming Open League starting March 8th and for Go4WoT ESL Cups on Sundays. If you have tier 10 Heavy and Medium tanks and would like to join our team: http://play.eslgaming.com/team/9309830/ leave a message. Wn8 in your tier 10s should be around 1k. If you dont know how to join/use ESL Wire follow my HowTo: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/556101-looking-for-go4wot-players-for-sundays-and-open-league-7vs7-starting-in-march/page__p__12167363#entry12167363 When you are done, leave a reply or text me i
  14. Hy there guys, as you probably guessed I made myself a a YT channel. I'm from the EU server and I am not a unicum, but I do have some tips I would like to give to everybody. I gained my inspiration from the likes of SirFoch, Zeven, Circonflexes and so on. I will try to put up videos as often as I can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29Bk-Vto_bU Here is the first ever video. Hope you will like it. Open for critics as always. Will try to update this as soon as I upload a new video(s). More videos:
  15. hello, recently im playing t9 or t10 tanks, most E50 obj907 E5 amx30, and looking for some mates to make a platoon. but the problem is that i always platoon with an arty(ID: Boesejing), and since then the friends who i always platooned dont like to platoon with me any more, and only me and arty make the game a little bit hard to win for us. so looking for friends here who dare to platoon with us. better if u are a meds or t8 lts player then the arty wont ruin ur game much, hope u have almost the same stats, and im not the "commander" of the platoon, u can do whatever u want or go wha
  16. Anyone wanna be friends? my friendlist so empty Tanks I normally play: Tanks I play a lot: Other Tanks I play: People from wotlabs I play with @Zinn, @xmenxmen2, @breeze, @jshellster, @_exduz_, @sansan9
  17. So yeah, I wanna get into this now the rewards are actually pretty good, anybody have a spare slot for a superuni recent/almost uni overall?
  18. How you want win, noobs? [-MM] MadMen is a fast growing clan of very capable players that is founded on the principle that skilled players can compete with low drama. It is possible to play4funtm and still be good at winning games, carrying randoms, and winning tanks. We have built up a solid group of players very quickly that are active and able to win games. We would like to continue doing so. In that vain, for the time being we are not recruiting any more platooning members and are now recruiting players that would be focused on competitive play. We are recruiting players that a
  19. A bunch of us kittens is trying to build a 7vs7 team for ranked teambattles. We are looking for players above 2k WN8 and a good recent to join our adventures. You should have at least 3 tanks fitting for that mode (IS3, lwt, 1390 etc) and be available about twice a week in the evenings. If interested join us in on TS (ts.kittyclan.se) for your application and chit-chat about the whole thing. /Gyre, Gotma & Peregrine
  20. Hello Ladies and Gentelmen, I'd like to anounce that PIXEL community is recruiting new players. What's the pixel community? PIXEL community It's a spanish national community created by some expirienced ESL silver league players in order to achieve a stronk national clan that can compete in ESL tournaments and also in the global map. We focuse on competitive gameplay to improve both individual and cooperative gameplay with teammates. We play daily SH and CW as well as ESL when people have a tournament. Our community consist on (so far) 3 different clans. They have different requirem
  21. Hey! I'm HxDucK and I'm looking for an active EU clan that participates in CW and SH. My Overall stats are poor (1600), but my recents I feel show my potential and determination to play well. Before I took a 3month break I played at about 3.5k Wn8 and after coming back its about 3k Wn8 although I presume it wont be long until its back up. T10 CW tanks AMX 50b T62a Obj 140 (not bought) T110E5 Drop me a message ingame! Thanks, HxDucK EDIT!!! Overall stats are now over 1700... T10s list is now, AMX 50b T62a OBJ 140 T110E5 121 E50m Ba
  22. Hellow yuros. If anyone has ideas for a semi-competitive T6/8 stronghold clan that would accept a fail-reroll, feel free to post names. I can show for early times, from around 1-5PM GMT daily. Have T6 (vk3601h) and T8 (p88/T54P) tanks, just looking for some better methods of grinding and some $ bonuses. Stats down below, I r potato.
  23. So in the interest in finding some less dead timezones to play in, I am joining the yuro's. Playing ~1pm to 3pm GMT on weekdays, then ~4am to 5pm GMT on weekends. Currently at T2 3 4, so pls be ok with low tier shit till I get gud stuffs. Going for E-50M (mostly for the E-50, going for higher than 3.7k dpg on the server). Acc is here (will update after the battles I play get registered and stuffs). Siemka! edit: i got a panth 88 for crew training/credits, so I can also do that whenever.
  24. The recently founded German speaking clan WORKS is a project to establish a clan of top level players who can compete in the top 10 of EU clanwars. What do we offer? the most ambitious clan project of the German speaking community for long timehigh activity in strongholds and CW 2.0a community of unicum level players with experience in many different international clansgreat atmosphere for playing and having an awesome time togetherGerman alternative to international clansWhat do we require? +15k games+2500 WN8 overall+3000 WN8 recent 1k games+58% WR overallat least eight T10 + not less than f
  25. I'm serching for a mentor helping me to get to 3k recent. Just send me a message ingame or in this topic. thx
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