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Found 18 results

  1. This thread is for epic Blitz battles. Post up screenshots and shit of your pushing shit in. Shove the knife in and twist it in those mobile-tards. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/877503735745116892/1F046AFAB9755FB1335653C84365FFB053AED3A8/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/877503735745117280/4B99721C39B6FC55F3C5FA337A32DB372B3FBCF2/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/877503735745117649/B628FD22B847C318518DE6DA44269CB71F135D89/ x5 XP and x2 credits "Birthday" bonus battle in my tier 5 Leopard, combined with a 350% freeXP bonus tag. 121k
  2. If you guys are too dumb to read the title this is a motherfucking review The ship I want to review is this OP piece of russian bias called the Mikhail Kutuzov History: This is a Sverdlov-class cruiser..... Who gives a shit about the history. This is a post WWII ship in a WWII game because fuck you, we are russian, we do what we want. Why should you trust me with this POS review First i'm not @How_Terrible Secondly: Loadout: Pretty straight forward CA build, With the latest patch and the way the ship plays there is no reason to have concealment. T
  3. Anyway since it's Sunday I thought it would be fitting to introduce a fanclub for TWD. I've always been interested in anything zombie related... Shaun of The Dead, Dawn of The Dead, Resident Evil, etc. but Walking Dead jumped to a whole new level. I personally started watching the series on the season 2 opener. I ended up having to back track to season 1 to understand what was going on, but since then haven't missed a single episode's premier. *In case you were wondering who I used for my profile picture that would be Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie Greene. Sorry I'm not a Katy person a
  4. Despite it's serious frontal weaknesses the KV-5 is notorious for being one of the best tier 8 heavies. It especially dominates city maps where it can side scrape and conceal it's frontal weakspots. Wiggling your weakspots helps a lot. It has the most hitpoints for its tier and that can be the decision factor in many games where you've survived and just had enough hitpoints left for more brawling confrontations. One of the best aspects of the KV-5 is its ability to ram other tanks because of it's sheer weight and the fact that it doesn't really get damaged in the process of doing so. Curre
  5. Anyway more free time opened up for me. However it's during the weekdays mostly in the mornings and afternoons. Unable to play much during the evenings and weekends. I seek shitlords with unicum recents who are active quite a lot. I don't care about overalls I just need competent team mates. Pref 8s are desired (I absolutely love my KV-5). I don't play anything below tier 6 (unless it's a scout tank) as I've tried tier 5 in recent days and it's just utter cancer. I'm currently grinding my Comet, and T-54 lightweight just a FYI. So yeah post below and add me in-game... and whenever I
  6. Some tanks solo better than others obviously... but in recent times I've been finding it increasingly hard to deal with complete retards. Basically today I purchased the Centurion... First game was a decent 1900 damage win, but I guess that was the only win I got out of it so far. Bask in the presence of the 12.5% winrate. And it's not too hard to see why when you get teams such as this one... Basically moral of the story is platoon....
  7. So I decided to re-roll the russian server yesterday. To my amazement it was actually playable. 200 average ping is quite easy to deal with considering I usually get 30 ping on NA I felt some difference but not a whole lot to hinder my gameplay. What I noticed were a lot of people online on the Russian server. Hundreds of thousands of people. No wonder WG must me making a lot to still survive even though they are blatantly ignorant towards the needs of the masses. Russia is one of their primary markets. They have lots of servers. RU1, RU2, RU3, and it keeps going. When I logged in it sele
  8. Because this shit is too long for a status update... I'm 18, relatively healthy, and confused about what I want to do. I registered into University to study commerce and been in the commerce program since September. Previously in highschool I actually somewhat enjoyed mathematics... I enjoyed history classes above everything to be completely honest and I still do in University, however I am uninterested with what I'm taking. I feel like I'm not engaged with learning, and feel like I'm not get the most out of my education. This year I've been increasingly bored with my work. Before I used t
  9. So today a fine gentleman gifted me a CDC. I'm running this thing on a 75% crew, no skills or perks. It's tough not having stuff like sixth sense. Anyway I've never had a tank like it. I really have to adjust my play style as I like tanks that can bounce the occasional shot. The armor so far hasn't bounced a damn thing. I lost my first 3 battles but I'm trying to turn things around. It's definitely a fun tank. I don't have an fcm so can't really compare both (unless you want to gift me an fcm ), but I've gotten in tier 10 matches so far and you have to play a bit more passively as hig
  10. *elevator music* Who am I? I’m a McMaster University student enrolled in commerce. I’ve always been a procrastinator. Found a lot of games, played them, and moved on, but WoT sticks with me the most. I’ve been a part of other forum communities before this one, but I like this one the most because you can pretty much use profane language and the rules are fairly lenient here (minus arty sperging). I can also use my sexy perry gifs here that otherwise wouldn’t be allowed on the official forums. Who are you? Chances are if you’re looking for help you chose me because I’m a shitlord y
  11. If you want a good laugh look through the whole thing... Today was the first day I turned blue in a long time and I have to say I felt rather good about it. I didn't get banned but turned blue so everything is allright. My replays opens up with WoT Russia for some reason so bear with me.... The map is Swamp north spawn with 5 arty on our side and 4 arty on theirs. That's probably the best case scenario for long drawn out games and campfests. Arty promotes fun play right? Arty is essential for this game right? IM's promote excessive clicker play right? So anyway going to ju
  12. I'm bored as fuck so I decided to write a story. I've been thinking a lot lately about artillery and what causes people to play artillery and what even causes people to say that artillery takes skill. Actually I've been thinking that artillery isn't so bad. So I'm trying to get in the minds of artillery players and what affects their psychological processes. Chapter 1: The Beginning It was a rather cold day at Billy Swagger's house. He came home from school that day feeling rather shit. He just finished writing a 5 page essay at school and he wanted to unwind. Also Billy was a major pro
  13. Every week I will post my most retarded arty kill. T54 lightweight vs. FV207 #Fuck_Arty
  14. Howdy almighty Unicums, So I have big problem when playing high tier TDs (704 for example). I tend to either camp too much and miss damage/clicked or rush too much and end up getting rekted. I'm currently stalling at 1700 Wn8 in them and wish to improve that since it is my most loved tank (<3 704). So yeah, I'm currently not home so I can't post replays but once I get home I'll post some. 704 stats: Games: 211 Avg. dmg: 2200 W/R: 53%....................................... was 58% 2 days ago. k thx bye <3
  15. Animactus

    AMX 50Bae

    Thanks to tourney/cw gold, I will be completely skipping the AMX 50 120 and will be jumping straight into the 50B, a tank that has been on my shopping list since it's release that I only made decent progress on grinding towards about 2 months ago. I do however understand that I will be missing out on the learning of playing the tier 9 version but am pretty set on my decision. So what tips do you 50B drivers have regarding equipment/consumable loadout and tactics? Which camo patterns look the sexiest?
  16. A few days ago I left IOC with a friend (CW is killing IOC), we are going to be making a new clan mainly for people with no interest in CW but who still want to be able to plat with other good players. However before we can even do that we need a name and a theme. The clan cannot be MLP or Furry themes seeing as the guy paying for it doesn't want to be in such a clan. There is no gold prize for the winning name becuase I'm poor; the only prize is bragging rights. We have already discussed IOC_5 but we are not sure about it. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with, thanks ahead
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