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Found 10 results

  1. Hi! I'm still not aware of all the gamemechanics and "What to/Not to" in wot so i ask you insted. I have no higer tier tanks atm but will have in a near future. But already I find the grinding on some tanks from stock to fully upgraded painfull and that is a bit frustrating. I don't mind grind xp for the next tank in the tree since i understand it's imported to learn the game the hard way. And here is the question: When stock and outgunned, outpowerd, lack in wievrange and most of the time is in mercy of my fellow teamplayers. Is it a faster way to get XP if i fire HEAT and damage mo
  2. I recently asked a question about whether or not I should carry HEAT rounds in my Bat Chat 25t, answer was no, and I've been doing well without them. After searching the forums, I couldn't find the answer to my question, also I checked the Wiki's to no avail. So I was wondering when do you use HEAT, as most of the tanks that I've played in so far have APCR as there premium ammunition. As I understand it so far is that HEAT like HE does not lose penetration over distance, but it get no normalization. In what situations would it be necessary to use HEAT, and how exactly does HEAT
  3. I have been keeping an unofficial record of heat performance since the patch and have noticed a serious rise in bounces and critical hits. Even gone in training rooms to compare results. I thought it was just me but after a CW battle we can look at the results of 15 players and see a fall in performance. Most glaring example is a pub I was in. T 57 shooting heat I shot every round I had and had a less that 50% pen rate? Im sure some if it was poor targeting but this is silly. I know not to shoot tracks or space armor. SO is anyone else having this trouble?
  4. ☭ Comrade tankers, As you all have surely heard, the great and everlasting Party has announced that high-quality HEAT and APCR shells, produced by the exceptional effort of the workers' might, are now available to all tank divisions without requiring the use of golden ration tickets. In addition, all premium shells are granted at a great discount to immediately encourage the use of these weapons against the enemies of the people's Republic. This short experiment presented here with 30 battles in the SU-26/122, the Soviet Union's most feared light self-propelled artillery platform, aims to
  5. 12k matches and I'm still soaking in the data, but I'm tired of digging for it. I'd really like some of the Unicums and seasoned drivers to put their weapon load %'s, and then what they fire it at? For example...I've been loving my JP2 lately and I get sucked into a lot of T10s with it; I often think I'm firing the wrong rounds at the wrong vehicle. I primarily load (in %'s) 70/30, so I'm trying to find the load out that fits the most tiers. So how about some HABU (hook a brother up)?
  6. HEAT is one of the most common rounds in the game, used as the premium rounds on many thanks.Yet it has the most complex mechanics of any round and also has the least information published on the wiki about said mechanics as well as the few forum posts on it, of which only detail the weaknesses of HEAT, not giving a complete picture of the round in my opinion. However, understanding how to effectively utilize HEAT against your enemies is vital to success, especially recognizing when it is beneficial, and when it will be less effective than a traditional AP round. I hope this guide helps consol
  7. ☭ Comrade tankers, As part of our five year plan, we have begun fielding the new SU-152/152 to enhance the destruction of our hapless foes during our glorious campaign. This new beast killer is the pinnacle of Soviet Tank Destroyer Doctrine: if gun does not work, use more gun. Through the selfless toil of the Union's innovative tank engineers, we have successfully mounted an unstoppable 152mm gun on to a mobile chassis, allowing us to quickly deploy such weapons anywhere on the front. Combat experience indicates that the blast from the SU-152/152's mighty 152mm cannon can easily rip the turr
  8. Quantity is a quality all on its own. ☭ Comrade tankers, Welcome to the new era of Russian industrialism! Witness our glorious factories as they labour furiously to build endless columns of our new T-54/100 main battle tanks! The true symbol of Soviet mass production, these technologically-advanced machines boast 120mm of sleek, sloped frontal armour, the highest ever known to exist on any medium tanks of the line. Coupled with improved stabilizers in addition to a strong and reliable engine to match the heroism of the Union's working public, the T-54/100 is able to shatter the limits of
  9. ☭ Comrade tankers, Today, we continue with our groundbreaking studies on the economics of gold shells with the KV-1 breakthrough tank, which is named after the people's Commissar Kliment Voroshilov. First, we would like to clarify common misconceptions about the name. Comrade Voroshilov is not the same person as Comrade Molotov, the same with how Comrade Stalin is not the same person as Comrade Lenin, even though their names end with the same sound. Voroshilov is the Soviet defense commissar. Molotov is the Soviet diplomatic officer. They are both famous names, as Voroshilov commands the K
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