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Found 13 results

  1. I really do want to blame the tank here, but I'll take the high road and say that I can't make this thing work. Like, at all. Clan mate gifted it to me out of the blue, so I wasn't gonna say no... but oh geebums this thing is so uncomfortable. I'm used to my American and Brit tanks, to be fair. I've only gotten the IS-3 as its tier 8 meta, should we decide to do tier 8 stronks/cw later on. I hate the KV-4, but will eventually buy it back to get ST-I so that I actually have a superheavy. But I'm willing to give this thing another chance, as I know alot of people love it. BEHOLD,
  2. Now that I have your attention, I was planning to make this little comparison a little more detailed with the usual comparison of income etc, but since the mission is over soon and I don't quite have the time to do all of that now, I'll write out my ideas right now. These are two very interesting vehicles, I'm curious to your opinions and what you think the WZ is capable of. First of all, I must of course prove I'm not a baddie Load out is obvious, optics could make sense. Same equipment as my IS-6. Why is it so bad? Lfp is utter trash. When tier 6 mediums have no problem pen
  3. Since we recently saw a lot of threads comparing the 112, Wz111, the KV-5 and the IS-6 in the current Meta I was quite surprised that most of those threads simply ignored the Given that all four of these tanks sport rather inaccurate guns according to their stats and specifically since the accuracy nerf seems to be mostly aimed at the 122mm Sniper gun three of them carry I though it is necessary to compare those tanks under the light of this change since premium tanks are a long term investment into WoT. Note however that all my knowledge of any tank other than the IS-6 is derived from guide
  4. The Proletarian Public's IS-6 Gold Economics Study Journal of Sovietskiy Gold Economic Studies (1948), Volume 1, 12-20(4) Abstract This study evaluates the economic viability of an IS-6 when firing gold. Research is conducted by recording statistics from in-game battles. The study concludes that the IS-6 can fire half APCR and still generate a surplus of silver ration tickets. These findings demonstrate that the tanks of comrade Stalin can crush capitalist potatoes without limit. Keywords: IS-6, APCR, gold, Stalin, potato Music Introduction Ba
  5. I am having trouble making my IS-6 the my damage hoe.... I get 76% WR solo but I just can't seem to get the damage. I think the 2 difficulties I have with this tank is that I miss a TON and I am so fucking slow I arrive at the battle too late. I am having trouble finding the perfect medium between Yolo and "I am a leo" playstyles. As I am primarily a medium tank driver, I have no idea how to drive this tank. Can someone with godly IS-6 stats ( Valachio???) share some replays on this thread so I may learn how to earn money while padding?
  6. Going to run my T-54 a lot over the next couple weeks to get obj 140. Even with the credit bump it'll be a money loser so will probably pair with my IS-6 after any T-54 losses. Need platoonmates to help ease the grind. Typically run 10pm-12am ET most nights. Also run occasionally on Tuesdays during the day with limited comms. Prefer anyone green wn8 overall or up. Too many blue/purple toons at 8/9 from 10-12 and feel that green/yellow toons tend to handicap teams more than soloing. Add wot acct SlyGambit to any spam invites or let me know who you are and I'll add. In my T-54/
  7. Get ready to speculate like hell. http://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/1stdu9/upcoming_is6_event_for_korean_server_is_crazy/ TL;DR: Get 100k XP in a tier 6 tank in each nation, get IS-6. I noted the similarity to the rumors flying some while ago concerning the 20 kills in the 9 different tanks over three weekends and received this response: So, will it go global? Will it happen at all? Is the user telling me this information full of shit? Stay tuned for more rampant speculation and misinformation!
  8. December 15 (today) - last chance to sell tanks for full price December 16 - buy USSR tanks for IS-6 grind December 19 - buy German tanks for IS-6 grind December 20 - 22 - double experience weekend December 23 - buy USA tanks for IS-6 grind December 24 - last chance to sell equipment for full price December 25 - equipment sale starts December 27 - buy French tanks for IS-6 grind December 30 - buy UK tanks for IS-6 grind January 2 - 5 - 5x weekend January 4 - buy China tanks for IS-6 grind January 7 - last chance to buy equipment, camo, or premium tan
  9. Ok, I've done a little searching and I think I have this right, but before I sink a bunch of time into something I wanted to pose the question here in case someone more knowledgeable has a correction. I have been working on the Russian medium line (current about 70k XP shy of the T-54) with the plan to eventually unlock and purchase both the T-62A and the Obj140. I plan to keep transferring my crew as I move up the line with my current T-44 crew ending up in one of the tier 10s. However, I will need a crew for the other tier 10 and maybe for the T-54 if I decide to keep/rebuy it. I just bo
  10. http://wotreplays.com/site/397599#self A game I had this evening in the IS-6. 7 total kills, 3 while I was the only tank left alive. Just under 6k damage. Steel Wall, Sniper and Top Gun. 1,823 base exp. Another 5,700 potential. One of the better games I've had in the tank. Worth noting, I almost never fire gold in it, which is why I wasted 3 shots at the beginning on the KV-4 before switching to it. The normally trollish IS-6 gun made me bounce on the rear of a Conqueror, but otherwise RNG gave me a great game. Thanks to my platoon-mates for putting up with my adrenaline i
  11. I've read all sorts of poasts about how the IS-6 is godly and such, but I've heard gud things about other tanks then been somewhat disappointed, and heard other tanks are complete crap (which they were tbh) but did well in them regardless So... I guess I'm asking for some sort of reviews/tips? I have tons of Soviet heavies already, and totally love the IS, and would love to have a 6 for the crew trainer, but would just like some other endorsements/play tips or whatever before I sink 11k mad goaldz Sorry in advance if I've totally gone against wotlabs poasting guidelines, I just
  12. I am an IS-6 neophyte. I once considered the vehicle to be mediocre at best, memories of the stock IS-3 grind in an age when gold ammo really was gold ammo colored my perceptions. Happily, I was wrong. This particular match is a mere 413 credits from breaking my highest revenue record, but alas the event bonus for it was 20k instead of 25k like the last. It's my highest unbonused revenue, though. YouTube video at the bottom, with some sounds thrown in that you may recognize if you were a C&C fan. For a week or so it was #1 on the Noobmeter top 20 board, but then someone had to come and kno
  13. While Stalin has shown us that faith in the people inspires us to action, to valourous deeds! ☭ Comrade tankers, To maintain our ever-rising Sovietskiy economy and the steadfast expansion of the ideals of comrade Marx, the people of our working republic have introduced the newest model of the Iosif Stalin production series: the IS-6/122. Originally an unfinished prototype, the Obyekt 252 was left untouched for many months, but recent requirements for additional heavy tanks to protect the Motherland has inspired our persevering engineers to perfect the design, the result of which, redesign
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