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Found 14 results

  1. http://wotreplays.com/site/2919087?secret=7ca3bdfdd6301fc35801b6251a7962d6 Got schooled by a shitter with 499 WN8 in an IS-4 I think I did pretty good at the start of the battle( held back like 7 tanks by myself) but as soon as that IS-4 got into position,things quickly turned to shit.What could I have done in this situation? I don't think I could've penned that IS-4 even with APCR cuz he was in such an awkward position.Should I have just camped harder or was my initial position just bad? Pls haaalp
  2. Good day WoTlabs. First a big thanks to you all for posting these numerous threads an replays with info that a new tank player like myself can spend his evenings reading. Then a short introduction of myself: I´m 30 years old, been playing competitively Esports games online since i was 13 (started with Action Quake 2, then Q3, CS and then 10 years with WoW (S1 gladiator, numerous realm first on the PvE scene and so forth), and besides that 20 years of playing soccer IRL. So i know the general about teamplay, making calls, communication etc. Ive recently been made a dad, so i no longer
  3. Hello Wotlabs Forum, as my first post, I want to try 100 battles solopub challenge in an is7 I've set my goals to: Is-7 DPG: 2250+ Is-7 Winrate: 54.5%+ Crew+Loadout for my IS-7: Current Stats: Hope I can reach these goals Batch 1 5 battles DPG: 3710 Winrate: 40% Replays: http://www11.zippyshare.com/v/HbsUwKG6/file.html Batch 2 5 battles DPG: 2656 Winrate: 60% Replays: http://www63.zippyshare.com/v/dNs3sj1R/file.html Batch 3 5 battles DPG: 2564 Winrate: 40% Replays: http://www92.zippyshare.com/v/TiXZfYfe/file.html Batc
  4. So, as some of you may know I am IS-7_jesus since unlocking it yesterday. I figured I'd publicly post my replays. I want to stay above 4k DPG and get my third MOE at/before I reach 100 games. I am streaming every time I play the IS-7 http://www.twitch.tv/burdenedfungus Be here when I fuck it up and ruin my stats! Stats at 126 games. I gave in to the pressure and platooned a bunch forcing my dpg down because I was stressing out. DPG dropped below 3800 at one point. Back up to 3873 though. CLICK THE IMAGES FOR LARGER VERSIONS Stats at 71 games. This highlight sums up my games for
  5. Hey guys at Wotlabs. I've just gotten the IS-7 yesterday, and I have to say, it's not been fun to play. Why, you may ask? People enjoy saying, "IS-7 armor is so ez to use just point it foward", but that almost never works out? Why? Magnetic lower plate weakpoint. Seriously, out of all of my attempts to keep this thing covered, people still can see and pen it. When I do get into a perfect positions, turns out none of the enemies decide to go where I am. Any tips to use IS-7? Is it a tank I just suck at and should give up on? P.S. I feel like I contribute more in the IS-8
  6. So me and one of my friends got into an argument revolving around whether the IS-4 or the IS-7 is the better "New Player Friendly" tier 10. He maintains the grind to the IS-4 is better, and the tank is much more fun, oh and the tank itself is better. He thinks its just the better tank all round. I maintain obviously that the IS-7 is the correct choice, due to everything it has, armor, gun, speed. I also personally feel the grind through the IS-3 is more fun, but i havent played that grind for a long time. Now guys vote on the poll, and offer your thoughts in this thread. *Note:
  7. Hello. Lately I've been playing my IS-7 a lot, and by a lot I mean 100 games in 2 weeks or less. I've been trying to not only increase my Average damage in the IS-7 from 2k up to 2.8k which has gone slow I have to say but it's gone up by 200 so far, but I'm also trying to improve my play at tier 10 as my clan are looking to become more active in Clan Wars other than only during campaigns. So, as the title may give away I'm looking for a tank that is similar to the IS-7 in gameplay, I have three tier 10s so far with the IS-7 being my second and the E100 being the first along with the FV4202
  8. So after 109 battles in the IS-7 and 2,222 average damage, I have come to realize that I suck at playing the IS-7. So I am asking for tips on what to do. Am I using my armor badly? Are there better positions for me to be hulldown? Am I playing to aggressively? I want to get my average damage at least to a level where I would be accepted into a good clan (2600-3000). From my perspective, what is stopping me from doing well is: Situational armor (Only reliable when front and hulldown) and bad gun handling/penetration. For equipment/crew skills I have: Rammer/Vert.Stabs/GLD Commander: Six
  9. First match in IS-7, Westfield. One of the reasons i lost was that I was engaging an E100 on the hills, we were both hulldown. I put about 4-5 shots, some premium into the flat turret cheeks, but no pens. This took up time I could have used to kill other tanks, therefore we lost. Now, with my over 300 premium pen, I should be able to pen the turret-cheeks of E100, shouldn't I? Should I instead have aimed for the weaker armor on the bar on top of the turret, with a higher risk of missing?
  10. I decided to try complying with the WoT terms of service, uninstall my custom RELIC WarPack mod files, and try seeing how a stream comprised of a middle-aged guy with slow reflexes playing primarily Tier 10 tanks will go over. I'll solo pub. Primarily IS-7 with some other random tanks thrown in. I'll platoon with a few friends and that one guy everyone hates. What a cunt that guy is. I'll try to offer useful commentary on why I'm doing the things I'm doing and retrospect on what I or our team could have done better if all doesn't go well. I'll laugh. I'll cry. I'll shake my head a
  11. Digging a hole with this tank. Put it away for a week and pulled it out today only to get beat down twice averaging 3500 dmg. Need help learning to win with this tank because so far it's not happening. Any advice on how to play it better would be awesome. Both these games I got damage (early 1st game, garbage dmg second game) but they felt poorly played. First game I take mid South Coast with a BC. We control it and just have just a M54E1 blocking us but I assume plenty of TDs backing him. Get a shot in on him and a shot on an E50 then decide to move up top. BC for some reason head
  12. IS-7 History and development Development In the spring of 1944 after lifting the siege of Leningrad at the Kirov plant which was partially destroyed, it was decided to manufacture the ISU-152 self-propelled artillery. Tank designers were returning to the Experimental Plant № 100, after the evacuation. The leader of the team was chosen to be J. Kotin. Under his leadership, the development of a new heavy tank which was to be well armed and heavily heavy armored. It received the factory designation "Object 260", and later - the index "IS-7" A wooden model of the
  13. Hey, during the On Track to the IS-7, I managed to finish my IS-8 grind to buy the IS-7 while it was on sale, and bought it on the discount but realized quite quickly that it is completely outclassed in the current meta game, due to the power creep that has been going on. With the current on track, I have been thinking about selling my IS-7 to re-buy the T71 and the IS-3 for tournaments and champion TCs. I'm looking for feedback from the gud@tanks group on whether it's a decent tank that i'm just not clicking with, or if it is the POS i believe it to be, and if i should sell it or not.
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