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Found 5 results

  1. KB-4, the bunker (with tracks and a engine) Since there is no KV-4 topic on wotlabs yet and it does get tons of hate. Here it is: A topic for this awesum 107 ton masterpiece of soviet engineering! Overal: The KV4 is the first true super-heavy tank combining massive weight, thick all-round armor, a powerfull gun and dreadfull speed in 1 package. The most redeeming factors of the KV4 are its size and massive weight (and armor). At 107 ton it is: - 7 tons heavier as an KV-5 - 15 tons heavier as an E75 - 22 tons lighter as an E100 - 2x heavier an IS-3 Only the Maus and E100 beiing heavi
  2. http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.com/2015/12/supertest-tier-8-kreslavskys-kv-4.html http://wot-news.com/main/postmsg/166053/34735/3/kv-4-kreslavskogo WG seems really desperate for an IS-6 replacement eh? Description A project designed by M.I.Kreslavsky. Not a single prototype was built due to the start of WW2. Existed only in blueprints. Tier: 8 HT premium Hitpoints: 1550 Engine: 1200 hp Weight: 92,6 tons Power-to-weight: 12,96 hp/t Maximum speed: 40/16 km/h Hull traverse: 20 deg/s Turret traverse: 25 deg/s Terrain resistance: 1,342/1,438/2,685 V
  3. First, I want to say thank you for reading my post and possibly answering it. I'm a yellow player that played arty to tier 8 and then tried other tanks and got rekt. After a little struggle I managed to get my win % with my favorite tanks to 52-55%. Now I have a few questions: Some people say the kv line is noobish, and that tanks like the kv-4 are bad and I should stop playing them. Is there any truth to this? I like their playstyle so far. Any suggestions on how I can improve with the kv-4? I saw someone with 70% win on it and I want to get to that level. Heck, I don't care if I
  4. So, I jumped in my KV-4 during my quest to not suck, and this happens : http://www.wotreplays.eu/site/1126409#.VAIeuWNiLvA I've noted several mistakes already : -Failing to hit the T71 at the start of the battle. -Giving the panther/M10 a flat angle while trying to angle against the centurion and the T29 -Completely ignoring the STA-1 wich was the unicum of the ennemy team (I simply didn't notice him) and a stock ARL 44, to the point of letting him getting behind me (I was dismissing him as not a threat during the battle) -Getting in a position where the ennemy could shoot in my cupola wh
  5. So, I decided to clear my replay folder and do 10 games tonight. Five in each of the tanks I am grinding currently, the KV-4 and the SU-101. It was a pretty painful night as I went 2/10 and would have rage-quit far earlier if I hadn't set myself the goal of uploading these replays. I suppose this thread can also provide an insight into what one can expect from the typical SEA pubbie PHilTH. It started out only moderately annoying as I was at least dealing some damage before we lost, however my performance got gradually worse and worse. I wouldn't say a single one of my KV-4 games were good
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