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Found 8 results

  1. A contributor of reddit has done a 99% UCL calc on a personal data set and came up with the following: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/6dg5tf/the_918_matchmaker_saga_part_two_new_data_and/ I have no idea of whether this could be discerned from the API, but this kind of ninja nerf would be such a WG kind of thing to do. I wonder if the OP is a member here, it'd be interesting to have him present to our math guys.
  2. So, while trying to redo some 5 crew skills, I became interested in how accurate the info an popular understanding of firefighting was. It's a small sample, but I'll add a few different ones later to validate results Methodology: Target: 215b - it's got a very exposed and soft fuel tank for a lot of HP. Shooter mt-25 - good pen vs low alpha Went through replays with a hitlog and recorded each fire damage, hp at time, tick for module damage, number of ticks. Threw out any where fire killed tank. Groupings: Test 1 & 2 Skills: FF 100% + BIA Test 3 &
  3. Hey guys, so I need help. I am a student at the University of Southern California and the University of California at Los Angeles graduating this year with both a degree in Mathematics and Physics. I have already submitted my Thesis which I wrote on the mathematical exploration and principles of the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap dilemma. However, I would like other input from my fellow mathematicians. I should mention that I am trying to solve and provide a proof for it for my dissertation. Also, there is a million dollar prize for solving the problem which I will share with the people tha
  4. In this topic I'll try to give an idea, how WG converts your damage into MoE rating, measured in percents. After each battle your "moving average damage" is recalculated as Dnew = (1 - 2/101) * Dold + 2/101 * (damage_battle + max(assist_track_battle , assist_radio_battle) ) When you buy a new tank, your initial moving damage is set to zero. After hundreds of battles it approaches your plain average damage+assist (if you play constantly good). Your current value of moving damage can be found in battle_results cache files, if you use Phalynx converter. Writing down moving da
  5. Been seeing a rash of the usual arguments on the official forums: game is rigged, etc. The usual crap. What mystifies me, however, is the frequency with which people will make flatly false statements, like "I had nine out of eleven matches last night with a 40% or below chance to win. That can't happen randomly." I mean, yes it can. Is the concept of sample size really that counter-intuitive? Is it really counter-intuitive that people need to collect data before making such bold statements about a game being rigged? Is it really that difficult to understand that chance plays a larger
  6. I posted the below in the WoT Forums and I wanted to offer it up to the experts here to make sure my understanding and math were correct. It is a basic watered down version of the complexities of the aiming mechanics with some examples to help illustrate the wording. Thank you. The aiming algorithm is different than the pen/damage algorithm as it utilizes the gun value known as distribution...or effective accuracy. It is a value given of where your shell will land at 100m from the target. The higher the value, the wider the shot. The further the object, the chance for a miss increase
  7. I freely admit that I am a math bumbass, and a bad player. Nor am I a numbers driven personality. I've got 6689 battles and a ~43% WR. I don't know how to calculate the following questions: how many games will it take to move a WR to 45 to 75% in 5% incriments. I guess anouther way to say this is, what are the numbers needed to move through the rateing colors starting at red make any assumptions neeed as to play improvement in order to get the numbers to work I've been told not to stress out over stats and just work on improving my game. I realize that I may not be able to a
  8. Let's do an experiment. Let's say you flip a coin with a 50% chance of landing heads. You flip the coin X times. What is the longest streak of continuous heads (or tails) you can possibly hope to achieve? My answer is below: The longest streak of heads (or tails), out of a series of X throws, you can expect is approximately that of log2(X) More on Streaks Here's why. The chance of a streak of N consecutive heads is (0.5)N, this is because the odds of flipping four heads in a row, for example, would be (0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5), or 0.0625. Now look at a streak of N consecutive heads, it
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