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Found 8 results

  1. Going through this forum, I found a few threads on the t37, and the old chaffee, which was similar to the t37 as it is now. However, I saw nothing on the "new" chaffee, (yell at me if I'm wrong) which surprised me greatly, as the chaffee is a hidden gem on the us light tank line. It is probably a better pure scout than the elc, and its gun rips apart anything without armour, with dpm an elc could only dream of, and manoeuvrability that can make the elc look slow, and the little vk 1602 leopard look like a slug. It is the only good combat scout at tier 5 (elc is quite different to the "normal"
  2. The T95 is actually a solid tank. I'm over 30 battles played in it and it's sitting in the 54%-55% range with good DPG (compared to my other Tier 9s). I had similar success with T28 Prototype, slow TD's work with me for some reason. Here is my current setup: Who else enjoys playing this tank? I like it because you can shoot enemies with a good chance the return fire will bounce, especially at long range. Also the high damage/pen combo is nice with APCR rounds for the toughest enemies.
  3. Another shitgiting so soon? I was going to wait until Christmas, but then I got ocular cancer from this: You've all seen it, The T26E5 Expectorant Patriot. Red, white, and barf. My reaction: Yeah, I get that on paper it may be better than the T32 in many respects, but goddamn! The rules are simple enough that hopefully even you can understand: Vote yes in the poll to enter in the drawing, vote no to not be considered, or just be contrarian. There will be NO "extra" drawing for the "No" votes. As the winner of the Gasai Yuno shitgifting, @yoyoya2 gets
  4. I prefer Tier 8 tanks, I have 48k xp on the E2 and have to make a decision soon on which path to take. Primarily a Russian Tech Tree player, I have tanks such as the Object 416, IS3 with very little gun depression , so I choose to go down the American line and pick up one or two tanks down that line, my first is the T69, which I just got and love but now I'm having a hard time choosing which to pick. I also am slightly upset I didn't take part in purchasing the Fury as it was a tier 6 med tank for crew xp training, leaving the Super Pershing and ram II; Which line do you suggest; please
  5. Most people dont really know much about the T95 program. I have taken years of studying it ever since I started the T110 armor thread. The T95 program was the true father of all MBT`s. It was the first laminated armor that worked [wasnt fielded because cost alone but worked and was amazing] It had a SB gun firing APDS and Darts and was more powerful than the L7 gun. It had many of the first MBT features ever, since it was not chosen because politics and money was forgotten. They keep making ugly T95/96`s when in reality it was a sexy streamlined looking AMX30 type tank. Look at how fug
  6. Thanks everyone for participating. Remember I dont think the E4 is ultra weak, just that it needs a true home in what it is and needs some buffs to bring it to that point, these wouldnt change it much from a enemy tanks perspective but from a drivers that extra 350 HP would be huge, no more losing 50% of health from 1 arty splash etc. Survivability on a soft tank with no camo means HP... So IMO the E4 is a tank that was nerfed into the ground as was the M48. Seems like when US tanks are blatantly OP they get dealt with harshly as Im sure the T57 will be. IMO it also needs to be revisit
  7. I just remembered again that I had 19,500 gold in the EU region and I am rather tired of the North American regions low population and horrible Wargaming NA staff so I've created an EU clan/social group. The intent of this group is to dominate the Europubbies in the competitive scene every once in a while (most of you already are in clans/play NA regularly). Right now I'm planning for it to be mainly Wot Lab goers, PTATO players, and any unicums who feel like popping over to the EU in order to satisfy their desire to romp some euroscrubs in planes. There will be no stringent daily practice stu
  8. http://wotreplays.com/site/851681#fisherman_s_bay-jojack-t29
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