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  1. I'm a returning player and have just got back into my grove past day or so for my stats and I'm wanting to get back into the swing of things before I start looking for a competitive clan to try and get the new pretty tanks "chieftain I'm looking at you". If you want to grind mostly tier 7-8-9 with me just add me and lets have some fun mainly looking for people around my skill level and up but either way I hope you all have a great day
  2. Hello all, I've been playing this game for years and have largely been self taught, recently I've noticed that I've hit a plateau when it comes to improvement. I'm looking to learn how improve my skills in high tier tanks (mostly 10s). I'm honestly curious to see how very talented players approach things like vision control, map control, and hit point management. I have plenty of tier 10s (even some good ones) and I am pretty flexible on time right now. Any sort of help would be appreciated greatly. -echo
  3. Hi everyone. Been back for about two weeks from my hiatus and my friends list is dead. I feel confident again in my skills. I can use TS if needed, but I also enjoy to silent platoon and listen to music. I would prefer players above 1600+ wn8, so teal. I'm really just wanting to have a nice tanking session on my weekend off. I mainly play west server, but east isn't a huge problem. Add me in game: MrChameleon. I like to play Tier 8, 9 and 10 mostly. Thanks everyone!
  4. Hi all. I'm hoping to find people willing to toon up with my scrub ass and maybe teach me a thing or two along the way. I've only been playing since May of last year and am slowly getting better, but still have much to learn. I normally play on NA East, but don't mind playing on West either. I'm generally on during the week starting 5PM PST going until 11/12 PM, with a break somewhere in there for dinner. I generally play tiers 6-9. I'm willing to hop onto TS and totally OK with being told I did something stupid; trying to learn how to be better after all! Please let me know if you'r
  5. Hello Wot labs, my tag is Joepwn I play on the NA server and I am a new twitch live streamer! I have been playing tanks since 2012 consistently and I wanted to be more involved in the community! (probably inviting some hate here but that's fine). If your interested in laid back streams with good quality game play + very chat interactive (questions comments ETC) join me at Twitch.tv/Joepwnz2 typically Saturdays through Tuesdays! I'm always interested in helping players with questions!! See you on the battlefield! o7
  6. My friends list is dead and I need someone to help me keep my sanity. Tried to solo, almost tore my hair out. Hallpppp meee!!! Any tier is okay with me but prefer 8-10s.
  7. Hey everyone! I'm looking for ppl to join me grinding out my two tier 9s (T-54 and T-10) as well as my 8s for creds and future 9s. I play late just about every night 11PM est. Mostly I'm looking to have fun while grinding and win, so please respond if you have 50% WR and higher than 1100 WN8. Also, I promise to stop sniping off of everyone else's toon threads and will only add ppl who reply here
  8. Ever since I started doing work, I've had less and less time to play tanks, and more so at later times in the day. I left for over a year and then came back recently, which means that a lot of my former platoonmates are now dead. I mostly play late at night and in the early morning hours of Friday and Saturday (today's an exception) . I prefer NA West, but can do NA East as well. I can normally manage a purple recent, but I've been doing arty for missions. Yes, I'm a terrible person and a hypocrite because I also like to sperg at arty.
  9. im a EU server player and now im helping my friend to grind the Leopard1 in NA server, and now its VK2801 and maybe somedays later it comes to t7 lt. Its a little bit hard to keep the win rate so high so looking for some friends here to play together. i do not really care abt the win rate or WN8, that means if u want i can not shoot but just go spot. actually want a happy time~ ts could use and silence also acceptable. If u wanna play some arty or also grinding some lines, just reply here, i will watch everyday. becoz of the jet lag,i almost play it in the morning or noon or aftersoo
  10. I'm looking for platoon mates around my level or better on NA East server.The reason being for players better than me is that I want to platoon to learn more about play style, and I want to learn more and gain more experience. I am really tired of the unpredictable pub matches so I am looking for good platoon mates. I know that I am not the best player out there but I promise that I will try my best to communicate, help, share damage, and cover each other. The platoon can be silent, shoot the breeze, or talk about the game. Personally, I play at random times during the day but mostly in
  11. Hey there! My clan doens't seem to be active at all during the night when I get on mostly, so I'm turning to the forums here tot ry and find some cool people to platoon up with. Skype or teamspeak is a must, as its a real apin to try and communicate via typing in battles Feel free to shoot me a message here or ingame, or on skype! WoT: Tkdmaster Skype: jack_of_blades360
  12. Title says it all. I like the game but sometimes I get a little bored when I solo pub it too much. My name in game is the same here. Fair warning though, I get super bored after one or two PvE games so don't bother if that's all you're into.
  13. Just wondering if any Unis would help me improve; Esp. High teir med gameplay (E.G. BC25t, Amx 30) I can typically be on 5-8 O clock but I will be on most of the day for the next couple of weeks because winter break ;^).
  14. Hello, I'm looking for people to platoon up with at tier 6 - 9 preferably without ts but text chat is alright. Any skill level is welcome as long as you enjoy yourself and can mirror match for a fluid platoon comp (med & med for example). I'm open to give tips and receive them if I'm doing something dumb. If you find yourself in a Sisyphean dilemma then I want to be that guy who relieves you from that situation. I don't really whine constantly because at 18k battles, I know what this game is like and there's no point in be a little bitch. I'm usually on at 9am PST till noon every weekday
  15. Im Coolmanjack on the NA EAST or WEST server. I just want to platoon with a player that is more experienced than me to see what skills I can pick up on, I also have no tier 10s but can play my ST-I with a tier 10.
  16. I was looking for a fairly serious t8+ Platoon mate. FYI, I only have 2 t10s. Cheers, 4khan
  17. Looking for regular platoon mates above 2k wn8 and 56% wr recent. TS not required but preferred. Am fairly chilled. No rage quits or arty rants from me. Would like someone who is on late night eastern 11-3ish. Play mainly tier 10s and pref 8s though I will do the occasional tier 6,7 or 9 battle. Am on east normally but west also works. Please message me in game, through replying to this thread or on the wotlabs forums if interested My stats for mobile users:
  18. Saw a guy made similar thread in world of tanks forums thought should make it here. Will make Absolute Stronghold channel pm me ingame for PW so no pubbies can troll. "AbsoluteStronghold' will help other commanders and officers to find a team in Absolute Stronghold, this will help you not sit in Q for 10 min and then get no fights. Officers pm me ingame for pw if this seems interesting to you. if the channels gets deleted will remake it after 7:00 pm EST or any issued just pm me pls reply to this thread for better ideas ~ Thanks
  19. Hello, looking for someone who can tell me what I do wrong in the battle. I have previously given advice and told I am not ready to focus on how good I am, however, I feel like the longer I wait, the harder it will be. I currently have three tier 6s and a tier 7(I have two other tier 7s researched but need the credits to purchase them.) I also have a mic for communication and as long as you don't mind me being fourteen, send me a friend request. Thanks, Brandgoon26
  20. Tiers 4-9 (please no ask for E-100nerino). Pref 5/8s available, Pz B2 available. Be willing to hop on TS3 but no mic. Prefer West for better ping
  21. Hey everyone! IM mainly just looking for someone to teach me how to Play Tds.... I am excellent at heavies,lights, and mediums. But I avoid playing Tds, which in turn... has set me back in my personal missions. I love to play 5-8... But can play 9 and 10. I just massively need help playing Tds and arty. I have TS and a mic. *note* my recent wn8 on WotLabs is actually 2450+ now, it just hasnt updated here on the forums yet
  22. I have really low overall stats due to playing 12000 games at 12 FPS and an unstable 400 ping connection. However, I have a setup which can run the game worth a shit, and I am increasing my overall WN8 by 1 every 3 games i play. I currently have a 2.2k recent wn8 right now however I switched my mouse out and now I am logging of at a minimum of 2.2k with highs up to 4k. I have previously ran a clan and have calling experience. Although I prefer to deal with small groups. I am able to play 6 days a week on average. I enjoy doing strongholds and clan wars. Tier 10s: IS-7, E-100, T57 heavy, Object
  23. Hello friends o7 My friends list is deader than dos and I need people to spam me invites because mark grinding triggers me and solo pubbing gets boring after a while. I have tiers 10-8,6, and 5 but I usually run tier 9s and 8 prefs. I'm really aggressive yolo prone and it would be nice if I had some like minded platoonies. I don't really care who I play with but it would be nice if you are able to play at a 2 mark level #MoEs_Best_Metric. Tl;Dr I need aggressive toon mates to farm wins and monies with. Post and I'll add you. o7 If you don't want to have anything to do with me maybe this 3 min
  24. Hey everyone. I'm relatively new to the Wot Labs Forums, some pretty interesting topics here. I'm looking for Na players that I can platoon with every now and then. I have a tank of every tier, including tier 8 prems with pref matchmaking and tier 8 lights. I only have one tier 10 at the moment. I'm mostly a light tank and medium tank player, I have arty and tds but I don't play them well. My clan isn't super active and doesn't enough people to platoon with online usually. I have a mic and can use any voice program. I can try my best to help with any platoon missions. Feel free to add me as
  25. Hey there fellow tankers! Ive heard a lot about the WoT Labs forums and Ive read a couple of threads. I just want to learn to be a better player, and to maybe one day pass on some of my knowledge to others. Im still getting used to these forums and I am looking forward to any interaction with all of you. If anyone ever wants to Platoon up or run Team Battles together in game, I welcome it. Just send me a friend invite and message me! You'll find im a very friendly guy that loves to joke and have fun. This is not my first post as a few minutes before this I posted a thread in the "mentor" sec
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