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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I started playing WOT a bit over a year ago (May 2015), but only found WotLabs this past Feb after winning the WGLNA fantasy league and meeting some players in person as a result. Since then I've been paying a lot more attention to how I perform in the matches I play and trying to learn from streamers like Zeven. I think I've improved a bit as a result, but I know there's room for more improvement as I still have tomato moments every now and again (last night was particular bad for those!) I've finally decided to stop lurking from the shadows and say hi. Hopefully I'll contin
  2. Hello there, New member here, glad to sign up. 8.3k battles and average tanker who prefers Lights and Medium machines. I'm currently grinding tierVII mediums (Chi-Ri, T-43, just finished Panther, plan to buy T20 soon), a few tierVIII researched but not bought yet. No noticeable feats except a Kolobanov+Pool's medal (3rd MoE M24 Chaffee on Himmelsdorf). Cuddles and noodles. Swoup.
  3. Hello you -all, My name is Nekhron, I have been playing WoT off and on since its inception, my absences from the game usually caused by recurring spells of illness due to a chronic malady I suffer from, I shant bore you with specifics. I usualIy am known to pilot the German Line and own nearly all of those vehicles. I am glad to be active once more in WoT and look forward to getting my skills back to par, though I have no doubt it will be a painful transition. The battlefield is singularly unforgiving, lol. I wish you all Good Hunting... Yippie Ki Ay, You - all...
  4. Hi! I've been playing WoT for a few years and have about 8k battles under my belt. Last year I was introduced to Wotlabs and have found this site to be amazing for learning how to improve my performance. I hope that by joining the community I can learn even more and possibly contribute some of my own experiences to players even newer than I. I'm looking forward to joining in on the discussions and learning from the best! Thank you!
  5. Hello WoTLabs forums community, My in-game name is vurhd1 and I've been lurking around the wotlabs forums for a couple months and I've finally decided to make an account. For the longest time, over 9k battles, I'd consider myself to be a forever-noob. I was stuck at about 1200 recent WN8 and no improvement at all. I just powered my way through being a noob and was able to push that number up to 1400 recent, but it took me over 4k battles for that little improvement. Back then i really didn't understand how WN8 worked, I just thought it represented how good you were and that damage was impo
  6. Hello! I'm Kevin... Just recently got back into playing this game the last few months... I had played a bit in version 8.something-or-other, and got out of the habit after hitting a bit of a plateau a few hundred games in. When WoWP came out (and I had a new gaming rig) I installed that, and reinstalled WoT just for the heck of it and to see what the new version was like... lo and behold, for the past few months I am hooked on Tanks pretty much exclusively (I find the other game a bit too "arcade-y" to hold my interest). I ran across this forum after starting to use the stat tracki
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