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Found 8 results

  1. As the title says, Hello Here to get rid of my bad habits and poor decision making in this tonk game, and replace it with more useful things, like knowledge, skill (jk), and color (blue and up). Already started to read every bit of information here, what is not out-of-date, soo, that's all!
  2. Hi all, I've been playing since august-ish, and have read the forums and articles a great deal trying to improve. I feel like my progression is about normal at this point in my play time, I'm still a crappy yellow, but trying to dig myself out of the abysmal hole I dug for myself. My biggest issue right now is with the step between tier 8 and 9. I felt pretty comfortable in my Tiger 2, but I'm absolutely terrible with the E75. It "feels" like I get shredded in the E75, and I find myself reverting to the passive way I play my Panther, vs the brawling attitude I have with my SP.
  3. I am a new tanker playing on the EU servers. I have made a few reroll accounts for various reasons, but here I am with my potato stats I am looking to finally start getting pretty good at this game. My average exp and dmg are continually going up, but I feel like I have learned most of the game mechanics by now, and I want to start getting rid of my bad habits that I feel are holding me back, such as impatience. My favorite tanks: LTTB Jpanther T1 Heavy Cromwell B That's all for now, so hello!
  4. Don't let the name fool you, I CAN bite too. I am REALLY NEW to WoT and I am not very [redacted] good I'm afraid, That"s the reason I am Here on this forum... Personally I am a team player, And enjoy the social aspect of the game & the forums... I am a GENUINE newbe, no re-rolls here.
  5. Hey all, I'm _Brendan! I've been playing WOT since August 12th, 2013. I started off as a red baddie like most players do. When I first viewed my stats on Wotlabs, I realized just how bad I was... 757 WN8 and a pretty low survival rate. All I was really doing at that point was derping around in my IS-3 and low-tier tanks with bad players. It was then when I started stepping up my game. Come May 5th, 2014 I first sign up for the Wotlabs forum. Here were my stats at the time: http://wotlabs.net/na/player/brendanthekid/1399248000 I was slowly getting better at tonks. Since joining Wotlabs, I hav
  6. Hello i'm Andison and I'm looking to take my game out of the basement and become a more effective tanker. I consider myself an average player, but that is not cutting it, i want to learn and not be a scrub anymore. I'm thick skinned and intelligent and am looking to the forums for advice and knowledge from those who know their stuff. I will try to bring it ( intelligent posts) and thanks for listening, peace!
  7. Hello! I've just found myself in the rather interesting position of discovering that not only do my stats have value, but also that I increasingly care about improving them (who wouldn't? They're AWFUL!). This community looks like an excellent place to find advice that should help me get on my way with that, so I lurked for a while and am now writing a post announcing my existence. Well, that got circular in a hurry. In any case, I'd love to be pointed towards topics to read that will provide me with some information I could put to use to work towards improving myself as a tanker. I'd n
  8. halp. http://puu.sh/3wDb7.zip Idk what to do. I keep trying to survive and damage, but I can't seem to carry any of my teams to victory. Am I being too aggressive? Not aggressive enough? Need moar HEAT?
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