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Found 110 results

  1. Hi friends, Looking for a platoon as the title states, I play on the North American server. I don't have a working mic, but I can listen. Tanks I have, Tier X - T57 Heavy, T110E4, E-100 Tier IX - T-54 Tier VIII - IS-6 Tier VII - SU-122-44, AMX 13 75, Crusader SP Tier VI - Hellcat Tier V - T14 Tier IV - N/A Tier III - LTP, T-127, S35 739 (f)
  2. Currently grinding the Chaffee for the current on-track and figured it'd be more fun with people to shoot the breeze with at the same time. Let me know if anyone's up for tier 6 platoons.
  3. I recently got the T-34-3 and WZ-111 and need some people to carry me play with me in pref 8s. Feel free to add me to your spam list. I am down to platoon anytime Looking for players with 2500< recent Wn8 I play on West mainly cause Internets and try to avoid the East. Baddie lyfe on West #MustKeepPadding
  4. I don't usually like to platoon, but carrying the pubs has been a bit difficult of late and I would like some people to add to my spam list. No real stat reqs, but of course asians better players will get preference. Kthxbai. P.S. If we platoon and get less than a 65% w/r ima be like
  5. Looking for a few more dudes who are decent players, but also decent dudes to play with. I've had alot of my friends stop playing in the last while and I'm looking for a few people to add to my contacts list for some casual platooning. I usually do tier 7-10, with some pref 7's and pref 8's thrown in for money making. Throw your name down here, or add me as a contact in game. I said dude alot, you don't have to be a dude. You can been a dude, dudette or transvestite for all I care.
  6. UPDATE 19th of March: UPDATE 25th FEB: I will not take any more students for the time being. I already have more than enough so it is hard for me to give everyone the attention that they deserve. I thought I would start up this new sub-forum by offering my mentorship to anyone on the EU server. I already have a replay review center where I review replays from anyone, so if you are only interested in feedback on particular games I suggest you head over there instead. This thread is for longer mentorships than just a few replays. WaterWar's replay review center: What you can expect from me I am a deep-purple player on the EU server where I have played a wide range of tanks (limited TD's though). I play relatively aggresive, as I like to force the fight to the enemy and catch them of guard. You can check my YouTube channel for gameplay of how I play. My mentorship will be based on my own experiences with what works well on the EU-server. The standard procedure will be you platooning with me for an hour or so once a week (to avoid me burning out). I can also do an hour worth of discussion of game mechanics where we can load up a training-room for me to showcase different positions/maps/tricks/whatever. Other stuff can be arranged depending on my work load and your needs. I will during the session provide feedback on what you should/could be doing better but also what you did do correctly after each battle. I will be constructive and will point out the mistakes I can find important - big or small. I can mentor people in how to drive light, medium and to some degree heavy tanks. I don't play TD's enough to have any real experience with them - so I don't want to start to teach something I am not 100% comfortable with. Exception to this rule is the E-25 and the old British TD-line as I've played all of them. I will NOT be mentoring several players at the same time - as that would give me a massive workload in no time. Dont be afraid to ask if I can mentor you or not. If I am too loaded with stuff I will put you on a nice little waiting list, and then when I have time I will tell you. What I expect from you You should be able to take critism (obviously) and willing to learn. I do not want to mentor anyone who will question everything I say. You are allowed to disagree or question me, but if you disagree with everything I point out, then there is no point in me mentoring you. Also I require patience as I am doing this for free (in-game donations are of course welcome ), so if I one week can't mentor you, you just have to respect that. You should have TS installed so that you can hear me talk. I don't require you to have voice communications, but I require you to be able to listen to me. Real-time feedback is so much easier verbal than written. I have no expectations about your skill level - you are all welcome. HOWEVER: because of the high demand I have found for my services, I will not be mentoring anyone already with unicum or super unicum recent stats. There is simply so few things for me to help with that my time would be better spent on people more in need. What I do want is for you to have a general idea of WHAT you want to improve. We can have a session together where I try to spot any mistakes you might have, but if you have an idea yourself it will definitely help us both out. UPDATE 7th Feb: UPDATE 20th Feb: tl:dr What can I offer for mentorship? - Light tank, medium tank, heavy tank, British TD and E25 from all tiers (I-X). What server do you play on? - Both EU servers. How often do we meet per week? - Monday, Thursday and Saturday What is the price? - It is completely free. What level do I have to be? - Above bot-levels but playing below unicum recent. Do I need TS installed? - Yes, but only for you to listen to what I say. Do you like cats? - Cats furr Life! Current 'students': Artiach arthurwellsley AlexGG_72 BiddinWar Denizzje dk_dwwa (FCM 50t) Freud General_power_creep Katzenpipi LoverJoy MarauderMitch mydogspies Myranser Never2far Nilzatron Visn0r Sauerlandwalker Sertore That_Edge_Guy Twizted_steel Zefod42
  7. MVP IS A NEUTRAL CLUB FOR GREAT PLAYERS Requirements: 1750+ Wn8 Overall/60 Days 2400+ Must Have Ingame Name as Teamspeak Name 18+ RULES: Be Respectful Once you enter this Teamspeak All Hate is left at the door! No Fighting if someone starts A Fight with you simply Mute/Ignore and inform An Admin If you want A Friend in the Teamspeak Inform an admin give us His ingame name and we will give him Friends Tags if he does not meet the Requirements How Do I Join? Just Simply Post Below or PM me I will PM you the Teamspeak Info ASAP! What is the purpose of this Teamspeak? The purpose of this teamspeak is to give Great players A Chill/Mature environment with other Great players to platoon with or too relax and get away. Also Just to try something new With no clan involved at all Everyone is Welcome as long as you meet the Requirements or A Friend of Someone who Does! Server TAGS Will be Assigned to you by your skill overall. MVP members can suggest tags but we don't want people to have a lot of meaningless tags but we also don't want you to feel naked as well. Admins/Founders:SmyleeRage,__Major__,PhotoFinish Moderators:External007,imoody,Harkonnen25,EbolaMonkey,Eddie_Benz,CaptainCanadia,Elpuffmo COLORFULNESS REQUESTED BY Eddie_Benz
  8. Hey, guise! First of all, I'm looking for people to play with. I can play any tier 5+, if you wanna play tier 9/10 then I'll just play my Bulldog. I can adapt my play style. My main objective has always been to win, I won't keep farming damage if I'll see a lost flank. If there's anyone who feels like analyzing gameplay/tactics/mistakes then that's the mentoring part I can be happy with. Really motivated to learn and do better, so we can even set mutual goals if you want. I'll be on wotlabs in-game channel from now on as well. Let me know if you're up for it, send me a message, cya! Oh and happy St. Patricks day!
  9. I need exp, you need exp, I think we can help each other out for this week. Will be on from 7pm - Whenever. Platoons are to be spammed and will be mostly silent as I'm an autistic mothafucker. All who comment will be added, unless obvious bot. Also if you want to see how bad I am at this game, feel free to chime in. This may or may not be you
  10. So i want to fill up my platoon spam list with some of you skrebs from EU. <3 If you are at the kinda same skill level as i am (that means being a total idiot) then feel free to post something in this thread. You can expect me to invite you at any given time. Sadly i do not own a mic right now because i broke my old one, because i am a fat turd, so i hope thats not a big problem. Jeeez Con
  11. Im looking for some pontoon mates on the NA west server and am credit grinding my fcm into oblivion (pref 8 ) ideally looking for good awful players I like to use TS while platooning as well~
  12. Hello, I am a tank, I have been working on becoming a better tank. I have improved greatly over the last few months, but it seems I have hit a plateau at around 2k WN8. What I'm looking for is a teacher/tutor/mentor (whatever you want to call it) to help me get past this slump. Someone to platoon with me, and either give me solid directions/positions or answer my stupid questions. I've listed the tanks I currently run below in order of my proficiency (in my opinion)/comfort in them. I would like it for you to have equal or better stats than me, unless there is a special circumstance where you are very good at strategy/meta/calling but have bad internet or something that hinders your ability to get high wn8. I use Teamspeak and you are welcome to join me on the RDDT server, or I will come to yours. I play on NA East every day, usually around 3 pm EST after class for an hour or two, then around 8-10 pm EST for a couple more hours. Tanks Least comfortable/proficient: SU-122-44 (halp) Jt 8.8 Waffle (I do decent damage in it, but I am not getting its full potential) Somewhat comfortable/proficient: IS-6 Chaffee Matilda IV Churchill III IS-7 WZ-111 Comfortable/proficient: Batchat 25t Obj. 140 E-25 Obj. 416 T34 (1200 games in it) PzIC (best tank NA) I'll add more if I buy them/start playing them Tanks for taking the time to read this ;], and I look forward to learning from you if you are willing Regards, IAmA_Tank_AMA P.S. I'm broke so I cannot give any financial incentive to help me P.P.S. I curse a lot in TS so please no prudes Edit: added what server I play and what times Edit2: changed tanks
  13. Are your stats blue or purple? Are you sick of clan wars or just want to take a break? Do you LOVE pandas and other furry critters? Do you enjoy feasting on the blood of your enemies having an extremely cute panda logo on your tanks? Then Black and White Supremacy may be right for you! <-- This could be you, crushing the pubbie beneath the weight of your furry might! *** Lets be honest, pandas are basically the best animal ever, and that's why this clan has the superb panda theme to go along with its excellent player base. B&W Supremacy is a casual clan for exceptional players (and my friends). Come join, make friends, rub elbows with other blunicums/unicums, platoon, do tournaments, or pretty much anything you want. There is no agenda here, except having a fun community of goods where you can come and go as you please. Stat requirements are a must so that not just any old skrebs will join, so here they are: WN8 overall: 1800 WN8 recent: 2500 Reqs are not set in stone, so if you're a chill tanker and really want in hit me up. *** So come, join me on this amazing journey to whatever it is we may be doing soon. Clan wars taking too much out of you? This is how you tell them 'I quit'! Some pub insults your style? Show them who's boss! But most of all, keep the way of the panda, and I know you'll prosper in this life. Stay fluffy, my friends.
  14. Looking to expand friends\platoon list and get some medium game play to work on my WR. tier 10 prefer super unicum recent for wn8 and >59% recent 4pm eastern to 6pm and 9pm to 10pm[Most days] raging is fine but i myself will try to control it so please try to also Send me an invite if you would like to play thank you very much!
  15. Looking for people to platoon with that are around my skill level (light blue recent) to help with some grinds and to have fun with I'm on most of the time on NA East but can play west
  16. I'll be Grinding the OBj. 430 II and WZ-120, both fully upgraded, and i need a platoon. If you'd like to join me, drop your name below and i'll invite you, or add me and invite me sometime
  17. I am looking for amazing players that wont mind helping me to get a better win rate and I am willing to gift gold (PM me if interested and we can talk price, stats, etc). This may sound stupid but I am desperate. EDIT: Preferably someone with a win rate above 60% and 2000+ WN8 if possible.
  18. Hi guys im looking for somebody which would be willing to platoon with me. Im currently driving the m103 so for the time beeing tier IX would be appreceated. (Pls no window lickers )
  19. Due to the recent popularity of this tank, I am going to start a platooning/mentoring/replay review, etc thread here. Requirements: Be willing to put up with me, I am not entirely confident in my abilities as a teacher, some people learn a lot, others not so much. NA Server for platooning. I could probably go over replays for SEA but i don't know much about the style on that server (campy/aggressive/vision-oriented etc) So best i could give you would be mechanical advice on positioning and such. Other then that there are really no requirements (well have a 34-3 considering that's what you want to learn I guess). This is all free of course. Anyway to the tank: Mobility: The tank handles pretty smoothly, Ok acceleration, a decent top speed of 50 and a good traverse rate (hull traverse: 46, turret traverse: 46) gives you enough mobility to move around to where you need to be. Protection: The hull is nothing special, and it being low to the ground is a detriment since most tanks will be shooting down at you negating your frontal slope. The camouflage is good, allowing you to play vision games and use bushes in engagements. The Turret is where this thing shines, a very strong turret that will bounce enemy shells more often then not. Firepower: This is where the tank stands out, it mounts the 122mm D-25T cannon with 390 alpha, along with the common 175mm AP penetration. However unlike its Russian counterparts it trades the 217 APCR shell for an outstanding 250mm HEAT option. The 175mm AP pen is still very workable as most of your shots will be against enemy mediums/ sides of heavies, with HEAT being reliable enough against tank you will face frontally. The High alpha allows you to lower your exposure time while still doing a large amount of damage. The Low rate of fire actually comes in handy, as you are able to fire, move behind cover, and are unlit by the time you are ready to take your next shot. The Downsides to the gun are its bad gun depression (-3 is very hard to work with for the majority), long aim time, and high (but better now) bloom. However even with these detriments the gun is semi reliable at snapshotting. Tips: 1: if you don’t have time to aim, snapshot anyways, the tank has a very large ammo capacity (40 shells) and if you miss you miss, if you hit you will take a chunk of their health away (and you can laugh because you hit them). 2: Gun depression can be simulated by abusing terrain (Ill post replays when I have time to play), otherwise try not fight over hills as it takes to long to get your gun on target and you have to expose the entire tank. 3: Your ammo rack is in the direct center of your tank (on both sides) so try not to give enemies your broadside; your fuel tank is in the front right (from your PoV). 4: Don’t be afraid to fire on the move. 5: HE is good for taking out artillery/ very low HP targets without aiming for weak points. Recommended skills: First: Gunnery skills, Safe stowage, Sixth Second skills: camouflage or BIA Third skill: Whichever you did not chose for skill 2 All in order to maximize the tanks fire power. Equipment is more preference oriented, Personally I run Vstab/GLD/Rammer. And to top it all off, this tank is FUN!! it is satisfying to do well in it and carry a team. If you want a replay reviewed you can just PM me or put it here and ill get to it ASAP. Same for platooning/mentoring!
  20. I am trying to improve my overall stats lately, but although my WN8 is rising steadily, my WR is remaining stagnant. Im not the guy that sits at the back waiting to be a late game damage farm hero, i play aggressive when i can, and defensive when i need to. I try to react to failing flanks, wether that means pushing my flank, flexing or retreating. Basically, i am trying to hit every tip the forums give about l'ing 2 P. My question: my WR is stuck at 53% but my WN8 is rising through 2000. I play mostly solo. Is it a fantasy to aspire to get purple win ratios in solo pubs? or is that usually reserved for platoons? Some clans require good solo WRs, and i see lots of bluni/unicorns with purple Wrs....is that all solo or plats?
  21. Hello there all! as title suggest, looking for anyone that i can learn from and add my to my FRIENDS list. Ive lurked alot, but the time has come to take action! Ty
  22. Hi, I am looking for someone that has good stats to learn from. I can play both servers (most of the times, generally not weekends I need the East server). I am usually on around 7'ish M-F. On Friday's I have more flexibility I don't work Friday night's. I have TeamSpeak 3 and i am willing/wanting to learn. I am currently online right now (I usually work Sunday nights but i took the night off). I thank you in advance for your help. I am currently wanting help on mediums, heavies, TD's and arties (obviously, I understand if you will not teach arty because you don't like it). Thanks, greenturtle407
  23. Introducing World of Tanks Platoon Finder [beta] Website Link: https://www.wotmanager.com/platoon Powered by WoTManager.com Youtube video to show you the site in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCtRHDAHYnA&list=UUuPB_qguro3228uko69u-kA Starting with the home page, the user is asked to login with openID https://na.wargaming.net/support/Knowledgebase/Article/View/182/22/ this is to know who you are and what server you are on. Once the Login process is successful, you will be presented with the home page in which you have the option of Adding yourself to the list of people looking for a platoon or you can view all players that are looking for a platoon. If you do add yourself to the platoon list, you will be matched with other players with the same tier as you inputted. Our website is still in beta, so please if you notice any bugs or have any suggestion let us know so we can improve the platoon finder. We hope with this tool we allow you to meet new people and improve your WoT experience. Importantly this tool will always be free. As always we receptive to new ideas and features requests. Website Link: https://www.wotmanager.com/platoon
  24. This weekend, I spent a lot of time solopubbing for the first time in a while and had a rough go of it. As is my wont, I figured I'd create a poll to see how much time you guys spend in platoons. What are you thoughts on judging the skills of others based on how much they solopub? For the poll, you can get your solopub v. pontoon battle counts from vbAddict. Just go to your summary page, then click the "Battles" tab. This only includes the battles that you've tracked with the ADU, though.
  25. Looking for someone to help/teach me to get to blue recent, kinda tired of only being teal. Really need some help reading enemy lineups and map awareness. Play from either 10-11 or 8-10 EST on Tuesday and Thursday, 430-630 on Wednesday and weekends wildly vary. Thanks!
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