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Found 110 results

  1. Day after day, its getting harder and harder to find some really stronk guys to platoon up with. Team play & winning is just vital and my priority N1 in this game, so i am really up to platoon up with some superstronk tankers.. i prefer playing with better players than me [despite learning /it actually really motivates me doing my bestest.. or at least around my level... I mostly play during the evening.. and late evening/early morning.. looking forward to find some amigos to kick as with on a regular basis hf
  2. So with in-game chat thoroughly taking a dump right now, a friend of mine hit upon how to platoon with peeps outside one's clan. In the WoT client, click on the "Channels" button (just to the right of the friends list button at the bottom left of the screen) Select "Create Channel" tab Enter name and create the channel Tell friend name of channel. Friend goes to the Channels button, searches for your channel, and joins it You right-click on your friend in the channel and enjoy platooning. It worked well for us this morning, maybe this will help others.
  3. Hey Friends, Since this Forum is completely deaded, have another Clan-Thread to shitpost in. LDMA - Lass Dampf ab We are looking for Member for our small clan. [LDMA] is a relaxed clan without any Ambition to participate in SKirmishes/Advances/Clanwars, whatsoever. If WG decides to ever create a campaign again, that is worth to play and no Battle-spam, that might Change though. We have a german core, but also other nationalities among us. As Long as you can Insult us in any european language, there shouldnt be any language barriers. We do not only recruit by stats, but mainly by recommendation of fellow Clan members, so if you want to join us, just hop on TS and get in touch with some people or write me a message. What we can offer: - A stunning clan, which is more like a bunch of friends - A Teamspeak-Server, with mildly offensive to disgustingly racist Servergroups - Top-of-the-Server Platoonbuddies ( if people actually play WoT) or many other games - No Drama about rules, activity requirements, General behaviour or other Kindergarten activities, Super Important Clan Stats: At the moment we are actively looking for a Clan Mascots Have fun in World of Tanks or what else you do in Life!
  4. Hello everyone! I just switched over from the NA server to EU because it works way better with my current work schedule. I get to enjoy to wonderful grind from the bottom! Just looking for some decent platoon mates to help me grind out the bottom tiers and make it more fun/bearable. So far I am up to t7. We can try that recruit system for more exp/credits. I have comms if required. Shoot my an invite in game IGN: _KillSwitch89. Thanks!
  5. Just got back to WOT and im looking for people to platoon on West server. I usually play on weekend and sometimes on weekdays. Add me or leave your IGN Plz notice me
  6. Hello everyone, I'm just looking for some other newbie players like myself to platoon up and grind some tanks with. Voice is always a fun feature. my best tank right now is the t-43 tier 7 russian. I also have a couple of tier 6's including my t-34-85 (which i'v kept in order to possibly research the kv-13) and my T-150 heavy. my tier 5's include the su-122a SPG, the su-85 TD, the kv-1 heavy, and american m4 sherman medium and the british churchill 1 heavy. I also love to take any and all suggestions for tanks/gameplay strategies I soak up all information and I reallly enjoy playing this game. so hit me up and lets play!
  7. Heyo friends, My Friends list is kind of dead and Faded is kill, so i can't spam invites anymore Also my recent WR has tanked due to me failing solo. I play mostly T7-10, Hit me up if you aren't bad
  8. as the title says, the E5 is getting a nerf, specially to its lower plate and cupola if you don't already know in addition, i would like to rally a platoon of E5's so we can enjoy what time we have left as pre-nerf E5 players together (also being coordinated helps a lot) if you are interested in my idea, feel free to say something here or PM me
  9. Have you ever carried so hard you get an influx of friend requests and platoon invites after the battle?
  10. Skilled casuals. International english-speaking clan for people with skills since 2013/03/19. Our stats (2017/06/19) according to wotinfo.net: 55.42% avg win rate with 1986 WN8 We don't play for pixel glory because we don't care. We roll platoons only. Our expectations are: WN8 of at least 2000 (rerolls 2400) overall with 2200+ recent. Check your WN8 here: click! You have to speak english AND behave, if you don't please look for another clan. Join our Discord: click! Want to join? Contact m1ch through forum PM, this thread or ingame. About us: wotinfo.net: click! wotlabs.net: click! noobmeter.com: click! eu.wargaming.net: click!
  11. Hey all, I'm just a teal wannabe looking for some peeps to learn from and toon with on SEA. If you see me on line, please send me a msg! ps - Thanks for this great site and the info it provides. It's been a fantastic learning journey!
  12. I am a long time wot player with a lot of hours of play under my belt, I learn from streams, you may know me from twitch Torchy_wot. I am looking for people to platoon with... Right now i mostly play 9s-6s. Ignore my recent wn8 i disappeared from this game for a while and i'm just getting used to it again. Of course i am willing to use teamspeak discord or any other service please PM in game or reply back to this thread. Thanks//
  13. Greetings all you EU scubs! So as the title reads I am looking for more platoon mates on the EU server. I recently moved to Europe and started an EU account. My EU account is Boomers_life. I have about 900 games and am just to tier 6. I did purchase a IS6 and CDC so I have a few tier 8's. What I am looking for are some chill guys to hang with. I have joined two clans mostly to meet people and am not currently looking for another one. So if anyone is whiling to Toon please send me a friend request! Thanks Boomer
  14. Hey. I have been kill for about a year in World of Tanks, but feel like playing the game again for a while. My friends list is kind of anemic, anyone want to play? add me or let me add you and we can Pontoon Boat sometime.
  15. My friends list is dead and I need someone to help me keep my sanity. Tried to solo, almost tore my hair out. Hallpppp meee!!! Any tier is okay with me but prefer 8-10s.
  16. I yearn for the sweet release of death and also some funboi platoon guys, so join me on NA east for all kinds of retardation and pub lord stompage message me here or just send a friend request in game whatever sinks your submarine l8r allig8rs
  17. I'm in South Korea visiting for another month and doing pubs solo is about to drive me crazy. Pretty much I play from 7pm-10am est. I'll play with anyone fun/not terrible. I mostly play 8-10 + money tanks.
  18. Trying to move up in the tiers. With that said, most of my contacts like the lower tiers better, so anybody who likes to run high tiers, I'm up for joining forces and harvesting even more pubbie tears!
  19. Looking for a platoon mate to run my T54E1 with Any teir 9 tank would do Im on most times so just shoot me a msg or a friend request
  20. Hey guys, took a long break from WOT (I do often) and I want to get back into it. My friend list since has shrunk, so I'm looking for cool guys to play with. Throw me a request or reply here. Thanks
  21. I play mostly tier VI and up (yeah, I have fun in those tiers, but sometimes it´s frustrating) but I like to play with music or nothing at all. Don't get me wrong, the occasional TS chat is good, but I feel more comfortable playing like that. Add me in game if you wanna reckt pubs with total silence ;). DexFreak EDIT: Send in a PM!
  22. I have 2,500 blitz games. My overall win rate is 44.5% and slowly climbing. So, I'm a noob and I think also a bad player. I want to improve. My recent win rate (250+ games) is about 52% and 55% for the last 100. I am driving a level V Crusader (sidelining with the Cromwell) and want to stick with it. I would like to: A identify and eliminate errors from my play (such as understanding better when to slug it out and when to back off) B find improvements (e.g. better understanding of the maps I play) C platoon with someone more often so that more of my games feature at least some team element (pet hate: when someone says 'group right' and half the team shrugs and goes off the other way and we lose) I have learned already here that the Crusader can't take much damage, is not for peekaboo fighting but has an awesome DPM rate, and is a good sniper and flanker and that has caused me to change my play. That's it.
  23. I'm looking for platoon mates around my level or better on NA East server.The reason being for players better than me is that I want to platoon to learn more about play style, and I want to learn more and gain more experience. I am really tired of the unpredictable pub matches so I am looking for good platoon mates. I know that I am not the best player out there but I promise that I will try my best to communicate, help, share damage, and cover each other. The platoon can be silent, shoot the breeze, or talk about the game. Personally, I play at random times during the day but mostly in the evenings(East Coast). I'm 20, so no, I am not a squeaker. I run tier 5 to tier 9 and occasional tier 10s, more often than so I run premiums to grind credits and lower tiers(M4 Sherman for the derp) just for fun. M4 Sherman, SuperPershing, FV4202(P), Caenarvon, SU-100Y, E-25, Type 58, T69, T110E5, T57 Heavy, T67, M18 Hellcat, T30, T110E4, M53/M55, Cromwell, Centurion 7/1, Centurion AX, FV304, Leopard 1(I rarely play the leopard), Rhm Borsig, and WT auf E100(rarely). If you are interested in platooning add me in game or shoot me a message here: Snorbett
  24. Hey there! My clan doens't seem to be active at all during the night when I get on mostly, so I'm turning to the forums here tot ry and find some cool people to platoon up with. Skype or teamspeak is a must, as its a real apin to try and communicate via typing in battles Feel free to shoot me a message here or ingame, or on skype! WoT: Tkdmaster Skype: jack_of_blades360
  25. Hi everyone. Been back for about two weeks from my hiatus and my friends list is dead. I feel confident again in my skills. I can use TS if needed, but I also enjoy to silent platoon and listen to music. I would prefer players above 1600+ wn8, so teal. I'm really just wanting to have a nice tanking session on my weekend off. I mainly play west server, but east isn't a huge problem. Add me in game: MrChameleon. I like to play Tier 8, 9 and 10 mostly. Thanks everyone!
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