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Found 110 results

  1. hello, recently im playing t9 or t10 tanks, most E50 obj907 E5 amx30, and looking for some mates to make a platoon. but the problem is that i always platoon with an arty(ID: Boesejing), and since then the friends who i always platooned dont like to platoon with me any more, and only me and arty make the game a little bit hard to win for us. so looking for friends here who dare to platoon with us. better if u are a meds or t8 lts player then the arty wont ruin ur game much, hope u have almost the same stats, and im not the "commander" of the platoon, u can do whatever u want or go whatever u like, ts can be used or not. hope here has some players who are not afraid of platooning with an arty -_- btw who can tell me how to make my tank stats showed in the left side - -
  2. Hello, I'm looking for people to platoon up with at tier 6 - 9 preferably without ts but text chat is alright. Any skill level is welcome as long as you enjoy yourself and can mirror match for a fluid platoon comp (med & med for example). I'm open to give tips and receive them if I'm doing something dumb. If you find yourself in a Sisyphean dilemma then I want to be that guy who relieves you from that situation. I don't really whine constantly because at 18k battles, I know what this game is like and there's no point in be a little bitch. I'm usually on at 9am PST till noon every weekday till winter break in mid December and returning in January . Here's my tank roster if anyone needs to know (I seriously need more tanks) Tier 6: MT-25, KV-2, T37, Easy 8 Tier 7: SU-122-44, SP 1 C, Tiger 1, Tiger (P), E-25, T25 AT Tier 8: T-44, IS-3, T32 Tier 9: ST-1, M46 Patton Let this thread not be about me in specific but also for anyone who plays in the morning hours for whatever reason. Thank you for reading.
  3. Looking for regular platoon mates above 2k wn8 and 56% wr recent. TS not required but preferred. Am fairly chilled. No rage quits or arty rants from me. Would like someone who is on late night eastern 11-3ish. Play mainly tier 10s and pref 8s though I will do the occasional tier 6,7 or 9 battle. Am on east normally but west also works. Please message me in game, through replying to this thread or on the wotlabs forums if interested My stats for mobile users:
  4. Hey guys, I play mainly west but can also play east. Looking for some good players to platoon tiers 6-10s =)
  5. Trying to get my recent up to 3k WN8 and 65% WR and figured playing with some other good players would help (it has in the past). Looking for platoon m8's with similar or higher stats. Right now I'm just doing school so I'm on pretty often aside from clan wars at 7:30PM-9:30PM Eastern. As far as which server I'm indifferent to west vs. east but my ping is better on west. What I can promise if you platoon with me is as follows: I'm not a tomato, I make pterodactyl noises when I die, I talk to myself, I shriek when arty kills me, I got lots of tanks at every tier with every type of MM possible, not a belligerent drunk old man, not a 13 year old squeaker. Message me in game preferably but I'll try to check here as well. Plz halp me get gud m8's
  6. Hey everyone! Im looking for a couple of people to add to my friends list that I can platoon with on a regular basis. I usually play tier 5-8. I love playing tier 6/8 lights. I am against any arty playing. And I wont play a td in a platoon(altough you can) I have Teamspeak, and I also have a mic. I dont care about your stats, you can be tomato or a violet stet pedder IDC Only requirement is that your are not a rude prick and that you have TS I play on and off between 2 pm - 2 am EST I have clan wars every night between 7:30 and 10:30 EST everynight aswell Add me as a friend in game or PM me ingame
  7. I don't play any specific times just play whenever. Mic or no mic doesn't matter just chill and stomp pubs
  8. Hey everyone, just looking for people to add on my "Once and awhile" platoon list. I have tanks range from T5-10 with a T3 pref. But for now I need credits to buy the conq which I will unlocked soon. Will accept baddies aka tomatoes as well, but I expected you to at least contribute the game and read the map.
  9. Hey everyone. I'm relatively new to the Wot Labs Forums, some pretty interesting topics here. I'm looking for Na players that I can platoon with every now and then. I have a tank of every tier, including tier 8 prems with pref matchmaking and tier 8 lights. I only have one tier 10 at the moment. I'm mostly a light tank and medium tank player, I have arty and tds but I don't play them well. My clan isn't super active and doesn't enough people to platoon with online usually. I have a mic and can use any voice program. I can try my best to help with any platoon missions. Feel free to add me as a friend and message me in game or her on the forums.
  10. Good afternoon, I am searching for some people who want to platoon east or west. I'm looking for players 1900+ as my recent is between 1900-2100. Maybe someone even higher that can give some pointers?
  11. Greetings, everyone! Just another shitter here trying to improve his gameplay, and I find it easier to do while also in a social environment. I offer you my WR stat camo services for free!
  12. Hello WOT-Labs, I am an average player (With recent WN8 around 1000, as I've just got back into the game) and I am looking for some players who can give me tips on how to improve while in game and (maybe) I can help you in some ways. I have a Tiger II, and Multiple T6's and T5's to platoon with. My ingame name is 3p1cModZZ, so add me or send me a message. Thanks in advance
  13. looking for decent platoon mates; I usually run tier 8s but I have a few tier 9s and 10s as well. Feel free to invite me anytime I'm online
  14. Hi all I just join this group and I'm quite happy a nice SIMP player pointed me in this direction. I am a rather decent player but I'm not where I want to be I know I can do better in the game and I'm coming here for help in what ever way it may present itself. I love playing games to met new people so this seems like a great way to meet even more people XD. My in game name is Margaritaman I play on NA East and NA West and I'm on most days from about 3 pm - 10pm Eastern time. So I guess that's it PM me in game or here on the forum if you'd be interested in platooning with me or have any tips and tricks you'd be willing to throw my way I'm all ears. Good lock on the battle field and I'll cya in game.
  15. I'm looking for someone who has somewhat understanding of how to get better at this game and can help me out (So I would assume a Blue+ player). I feel like i'm not progressing and getting better at the rate I would like to be going and I make mistakes that cost me my life(In-game of course). I'm currently learning to play Mediums, Lights, and Heavies but I like the play of mediums and lights a bit more than heavies so If you specialize in those that would be great. I think I could also use more specific knowledge of map hot spots. I would like to improve in knowing what to do in situations so that I will be able to get out of possible situations that might get me killed because I wouldn't know what I should do. I would also like to get better at knowing the line i'm playing and what I should and shouldn't do in the tank i'm playing. I'm not expecting a huge commitment, just people who are willing to play a few games here and there to point out some good ideas/areas/tactics as well as some flaws/areas of improvement in my game, I have TS, do not have a rage problem, or an ego, and I can take all the criticism you throw at me (as long as it is for the purpose of helping me). Just to let you know just what i'm playing I have the Tier 8 heavy IS-3, the Tier 8 medium T-44, and the Tier 7 light Amx 13-75. I Don't really like playing TD's or Arty's that much so I wouldn't need mentoring for those. If you are interested in helping me out then I play on the NA server generally starting whenever I wake up so around 10 AM up until 2-4 AM (no not typo AM) sometimes earlier, eastern standard time. Thank you for reading, if you don't mentor but know someone who does could you please send them here
  16. To All: I'm in need of some assistance in traversing the Red sea of Pubbienopolis. I'm a average player looking for people to help with the red menace. I'm usually online most nights after 9:00pm EST, and weekends if I'm not working. I would very much like to run tiers 8-10 (Have 3 tens unlocked, no monies), but I can run any tier if needed. I have TeamSpeak and can communicate. I'm willing to take instruction as needed to assist with a win. A little about me: I will give you my best. I do like to joke...a lot. I want to have fun, but you have to win to have fun. I may be older than you, lol. I have a family and a great job. I will not PAY you to toon, I've done that before and got screwed. I also understand that not all people get along with each other, honestly you will either like me or not. My feelings will not be hurt either way. Life is too short. I am a straight up person, no bullshit. Thank you for taking the time to read. East or West server is fine. Hope you can help.
  17. Hey Guys! Some months back I opened a forum topic looking for experienced players to platoon with. I got alot of good feedback, and properbly the best one of them, was to find a clan with "stronk" players i could learn from - which i did. However a lot of water as run under the bridge since then (is exclusivly a danish proverb? Kappa) and I have outgrown my clan as well as found that Clan Wars, expect for campaigns, aren't my thing. My issue now, and this is why i created this topic, is that i feel like i'm in a void between having out-gown my current clan and not having the stats + experience to join clans with players i can truely learn, and become better, from. To me, the perfect solution to this issue is to find platoon mates / mentor who can point me in the right direction and help me better myself, Here are a few further details: - I drive mostly tier 10's as this where i've found ive made the fastest progress in bettering my gameplay. If you have different suggestions / not comfortable driving your tier 10's and lowering your stats in them, im more than okay with driving other tiers. - I have Ts and you are more than welcome to verbally abuse me as much as you deem necessary. - Tanks i drive atm: t-62a (58% wr, 2400 dpg), Stb-1 (60% wr, 2560 dpg - had a dip last week due to me playing like shit will get to 2700 in no time) E100 (56 %wr, 2550 dpg), IS-7 (61% wr, 2700 dpg) and last but not least 50b (61% wr, 2950 dpg - same as Stb-1 should be 3k+ after weekend). As you can see its not completly s**t but also far from great - this will give you an idea of about what level im on (wn8 is to easy to pad Keepo). Best regards,
  18. I've had a recourring issue lately of really ineffective platooning. I've seen a lot of tactical guides for Strongholds (ala 7v7-15v15) but I haven't seen much about platoon level tactics. Is there a place to find it or is it just not frequently discussed? I see a lot of talk about platoon matchups and "fail platoons", but not the actual close-coordination in battle. My general impression that working as a trio to scout, engage, pin, flank, and destroy is pretty straightforward. But actually coordinating that is eluding me. I tend to fall into calling a match, even when I am the least experienced player (I would rather the more experienced players do it, but only some of them are into calling), but general cooperation eludes me most games. Any general advice or links?
  19. Hi friends, Looking for a platoon as the title states, I play on the North American server. I don't have a working mic, but I can listen. Tanks I have, Tier X - T57 Heavy, T110E4, E-100 Tier IX - T-54 Tier VIII - IS-6 Tier VII - SU-122-44, AMX 13 75, Crusader SP Tier VI - Hellcat Tier V - T14 Tier IV - N/A Tier III - LTP, T-127, S35 739 (f)
  20. Hai friends I am looking for a platoon buddies for my EU account. Right now I only have pref 8 but when I get further up the line I will play other tiers. So I only want 2500+ WN8 and 60% wr with the ability to play at night. Since I am an NA shitter I will play at weird times (5:00pm my time is 3:00am in Germany) I also get higher ping than I am use to so be okay with me whining about that. The most important thing I want is to have fun while platooning xD sorry if I sound needy but I don't like playing solo so it would be nice if you guys carried me <3 My EU account name is VLC_MediaPlayer
  21. I don't usually like to platoon, but carrying the pubs has been a bit difficult of late and I would like some people to add to my spam list. No real stat reqs, but of course asians better players will get preference. Kthxbai. P.S. If we platoon and get less than a 65% w/r ima be like
  22. Hi! I'm looking to platoon more often than I have been up til now, and so I need people interested in playing with me! I usually like medium/light tanks, but play heavies every now and then. Currently I play the following tanks most of the time: Obj 140, T-54, T67, T71 and T37. I LOVE these five tanks, but can certainly need a break from lights if you don't want to platoon with one. I also take out the IS-6 and IS-3 on occasion, and if you can teach me how to IS-4 I would certainly appreciate it, because I kinda hate it atm. Other than that I have lots of tier 5/6 tanks and some others unlocked but not bought if someone is interested in grinding "non-finished" tanks Fair warning; I have kids, so every once in a while I have to suddenly disappear. Not often I promise
  23. Hey, guise! First of all, I'm looking for people to play with. I can play any tier 5+, if you wanna play tier 9/10 then I'll just play my Bulldog. I can adapt my play style. My main objective has always been to win, I won't keep farming damage if I'll see a lost flank. If there's anyone who feels like analyzing gameplay/tactics/mistakes then that's the mentoring part I can be happy with. Really motivated to learn and do better, so we can even set mutual goals if you want. I'll be on wotlabs in-game channel from now on as well. Let me know if you're up for it, send me a message, cya! Oh and happy St. Patricks day!
  24. Looking for a few more dudes who are decent players, but also decent dudes to play with. I've had alot of my friends stop playing in the last while and I'm looking for a few people to add to my contacts list for some casual platooning. I usually do tier 7-10, with some pref 7's and pref 8's thrown in for money making. Throw your name down here, or add me as a contact in game. I said dude alot, you don't have to be a dude. You can been a dude, dudette or transvestite for all I care.
  25. I need exp, you need exp, I think we can help each other out for this week. Will be on from 7pm - Whenever. Platoons are to be spammed and will be mostly silent as I'm an autistic mothafucker. All who comment will be added, unless obvious bot. Also if you want to see how bad I am at this game, feel free to chime in. This may or may not be you
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