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Found 110 results

  1. I've heard people say they have a hard time playing solo and having more fun in platoons. For me, it's the opposite : Whenever I get in a platoon with some guys from my clan, It's always a streak of disasters after disasters after disasters, my head starts to hurt, and I just want to leave the platoon after 10 battles. What's wrong with me?
  2. I am familiar with the tactics of driving a vehicle, I the game mechanics, how to angle, etc. My main weakness is strategy. I am not good at reading the minimap and deciding where I am most useful. If anyone would be willing to platoon an hour or 2 Friday evening on the na east server, and could help me know better how to put my vehicle in the best place for my team, that would be appreciated. I have a mic, TS, and Vent.
  3. Welcome to PSYCH: The Magical Land of Pineapples and Fake Psychic Detectives! A platooning clan for good players, with the goal of eventually playing Strongholds. Requirements Blue recent WN8 (minimum 2000) 60% recent Win Rate Preferably several tier 10s with good DPG Also recruiting solo bluenicums who just want a clan to call home and who love pineapples!
  4. Do you hate love your T-34-3? Do you want to publicly express your hatred love for this Beautiful Machine? Are you looking for other crazy tasteful pilots to field this cheap knockoff coffin Sexy Beast with? Then you're fucking nuts you've come to the right place! Feel free to bitch comment about the vehicle or ask for advice in its operation. or request that your name be added to the List of Active Pilots with a deathwish, which shall exist to facilitate the creation of T-34-3 wolfpacks!
  5. Looking for platoonmate after 5th of August...playing mostly tier 8-10 !!!
  6. [uS]/=US= is a platoon clan that is looking for skilled and mature players. The original [uS] started as a Halo clan back in 2011, but died in early 2013. We are dedicated to giving our members a good atmosphere in-game. The main requirements are some skill at this game and a good attitude. We are going to join the stronghold bandwagon. Minimum requirements to join are: - 3000 battles - Tier 8 - 1050 Overall WN8/1450 60 Day WN8 - 50% Overall Win Rate - Voice communication/ears - English - 16 years old+ Applications are accepted on a case by case basis. WoT page: http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000016195-US/#wot&mt_order_by=-member_since Website: http://unitedswatclan.enjin.com/ Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/unitedswatclan - If you want to play other games with members Temporary TS3: I do gfx tl;dr - we're a start up platoon clan looking for skilled players bonus: we have a nice looking emblem bonus 2: we're gonna do strongholds
  7. I am looking for players on the west coast to platoon with. Although I do prefer west I can play east but the ping makes me miss shots I should hit. I will platoon with almost anyone unless you are red at 20k battles and don't want to improve but I am preferably looking for a player I can learn from. I like to mainly play high tiers but I do have a 2 skill t1 Cunningham if you want to go down that low. Tanks I own. Tier 8: 13 90, pershing Tier 9: none Tier 10: 140, leo If you would like to platoon I will add you in game
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking for a platoon with higher or same recent WN8 that can help me become a better player and get my winrate in tiers 9-10 higher. I would love to have someone telling me map tactics and spots for sniping/flanking so that I can work to achieve a higher W/R and WN8. I'll be on today and sometimes around 3:30 PST to mixed times. On the weekends I'm on most of the day with breaks. Please reply and send a PM ingame so I can invite you. I will be on today. Thanks! misiu
  9. Looking for some platoon mates for a t9, non-stop grindfest. Edit: Finished all my T9s, so I'm no longer doing the grindfest. Thanks all, and may RNGesus favor your grinds!
  10. Im broke, and looking to bank a few million so I can purchase a Centurion 7/1 a Jagdtiger and a few other things. Would like someone who is fun but is also good at hardcarrys (its summer time. you know what that means). Anyone interested?
  11. Hey all I am looking for players a bit better than me to show me ways to improve and hopefully having a good time at it. I prefer text comms over ts. I like to play mediums but I would like to learn how to play heavies or other tanks and I prefer tier 10 but may be grinding something. I usually play on west but I am fine with playing on east if wanted and usually play between 4:15-9pm western time zone. If you are interested please leave a reply or pm me in game. Ps: I don't platoon very often so if the play style is different I won't be very use to it
  12. Is anyone gud@tonks (or just average) interested in platooning with me? I have T-34, M41(elite), VK 30.01(H), and StuG III G(elite). Also, if you want to platoon at lower tiers, I have a Pz. II G. I am looking for someone to help me get better via advice and example. I play for approximately an hour to an hour and a half, in around half-hour chunks, between around 16:30 and 21:30 EST (4:30-9:30 for those who dislike military time). PM me if interested, please!
  13. Hello, so lately i have been trying to focus on getting better game play wise, i am sick of being alone in pup matches with no support to back me up a team mate that i can trust to watch my back and the other way around, so any one that is a good player that wanna platoon up and help me out you are more then welcome, maybe see what i am doing wrong and guide me would be very nice as i wanna figure out what am i doing wrong? i play on east server i have every thing from 1 to 10 but i like running 8s to 10s i would like that you use teamspeak cause i like interactive platoon mates that i can talk to and organize movment
  14. hello, i am looking for a good player or higher to platoon with, my range of tanks is from 1 to 10, i do wanna work on my skills and see what am i doing worng, and what should i do, what kined of skills should i work on, i am looking for a green (stats wise sense i am not stats expert) player or higher to platoon with, with the use of ingame comms or Teamspeak for communcation (i prefer teamspeak but what ever works) Thanks you for you time.
  15. Hola, So I think I'm a decent medium tank driver. I can carry pretty hard in my T-54 and solo it to the tune of 60% WR. My results have been blue-ish for a while now and it feels like I'm not too far from purple, if only I could conquer T10. However I recently got to the end tier and it seems I just can't carry as hard. I'm quite simply failing to achieve more DPG in the T-62A compared to the T-54. Sometimes it feels as if I was in a gimped version of the same tank, and we all know that it's just better. Is there a unicum MT driver out there that would not mind platooning with me a bit to help point out my mistakes? I promise I'll let you use me as a meat shield! Edit : forgot to say, I'm on NA, EST time and will play during prime time hours on most days. I also play at random moments during the day when I'm not at school (university student, so I have a kinda loose schedule).
  16. Hey guys, so I'm looking for a group of people to platoon with every now and again. I'm a decent player, my stats aren't spectacular but my recent stats are going up and I'm getting much better, I can typically hold my own when backed by a platoon. if you're interested in hanging out and tanking it up add me. Hanypw. Edit: I'm currently running M4, T20, and IS
  17. Hi folks, I'm looking for some people to casually platoon with. I'm rather new to platooning, solo-pubbed my way from the beginning, since I have no friends (at all as well as in WoT) who could team up with me. Currently I'm enjoying the chinese branch very much, so I'm focussed on taking my wz-120 and wz-132 out. I do want to improve my overall effectiveness - which can be quite challenging with a buckload of potatoes and tomatoes in the team. Since I'm still in the learning process, my overall stats are not too impressive. WR is 53-54%, WN8 is something around 1330 - much room to improve. My self set goal is to hit ~58-60% within the next 6 month (why so long? Because work and real life are distracting factors ) Even though I cant offer to voicecom with you, I'm fairly "team" oriented - meaning that I intend to act as a team rather than pulling my own thing off. So, perhaps somebody wants to give it a try Cheers s!Gm4
  18. Don't have time for Clan Wars? Are you tired of Clan Wars? Want to just relax and platoon? Welcome to PSYCH: The Magical Land of Pineapples and Fake Psychic Detectives! Requirements At least a 54% overall win rate At least 1600 overall WN8 A 60 day WN8 of at least 1900 (Blue) Preferably several tier 10 tanks with good DPG (The overall stat requirements aren't absolute, but the 60 day blue WN8 is pretty much the minimum) The Super Catchy Psych Theme Song I will have a basic teamspeak server up soon. Join today and get a free virtual pineapple! http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000013817-P5YCH/ ***Would be willing to merge with another blue/purple recent stats platoon clan on one condition - we will keep my awesome, silly clan name. I'd even be willing to send a gift of gold to make this happen.***
  19. I was terrible when I first started but after watching a few videos and reading some tips on here I've gotten quite better. A 51.93% winrate after 7k battles with only 80 TCs and about 50 platoon battles. Wanting a good player to help me get better.
  20. Just a short question : If we create a platoon composed with different nations, does it disable the confrontation mode ? Did anyone already test is on the test server ?
  21. Please add me if you are interested. I play at least 4 hours daily, but have something similar to an Australian timezone. Can play Tiers 1 through 9. Do not have recognised statpadder tanks like the KV-1S, T49 or Hellcat at the moment. Prefer playing Tiers 7-9. Do not own a 10, but I enjoy playing an AMX 13 90 which can match 10s. This is my first post on the forums so I'm not sure what else to say.
  22. so i am looking for a good platoon mate to play with, that can tell me what i am doing wrong and help me become better, cause i know that there is somethings (if not most) that i could n done better or won at Tiers available 1-9 ( you can run your 10 with me, cause i wanna get better at high tiers fights) TS available ( i want someone to interact with not just watching him do something a rationalizing it, i want someone to talk me throw what he is doing and tell me what i am doing wrong and how i could n done it in a better way) Thanks for your time in advance.
  23. Hey, just want to see if anybody would like to platoon that are playing to win and improve. I didn't care for this game till around 10k battles. So now I'm trying to wash out the crap stats that I have created over the years. Thanks. Also I'm running Conqueror nao and E-75, and WT tier 9 P.S Throw the invites
  24. Hello from New Zealand and mostly the NA West server, although it seems to make no difference these days. I posted this below in another section but those with more knowledge suggested here.. so here it is. Hi, I am on the NA server, generally on West but okay to head to the East server from time to time. I am in the Pacifc region time-zone, Auckland New Zealand, looking for top tier and skilled players for coaching. I have 10,000+ battles under my belt, a bunch of tier 10 tanks and others, never sold one in fact, but would like some advice about how to improve in-game play. I am teachable. My most recent stats are better than the early days, which has meant a long road to turn the stats corner. I am not looking for a clan at this time until I improve. I generally tank most nights and some times over the weekend. Let me know if you are interested to help. Your stats of course should be better than mine and give straight advice and I can take it... Cheers NAJ
  25. I am currently grinding my IS-8 and some other T8 and T7, i am your average player not so good but not so bad and i would really like to platoon with some one that can teach me how to play high Teirs, so if you want to help shoot me a pm/invite while i am online. *forgot to say, i play on the NA east server Thanks.
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