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Found 110 results

  1. Hello from New Zealand and mostly the NA West server, although it seems to make no difference these days. I posted this below in another section but those with more knowledge suggested here.. so here it is. Hi, I am on the NA server, generally on West but okay to head to the East server from time to time. I am in the Pacifc region time-zone, Auckland New Zealand, looking for top tier and skilled players for coaching. I have 10,000+ battles under my belt, a bunch of tier 10 tanks and others, never sold one in fact, but would like some advice about how to improve in-game play. I am teachable. My most recent stats are better than the early days, which has meant a long road to turn the stats corner. I am not looking for a clan at this time until I improve. I generally tank most nights and some times over the weekend. Let me know if you are interested to help. Your stats of course should be better than mine and give straight advice and I can take it... Cheers NAJ
  2. Hi, as you can see, I'm not that gud @ tanks... I'm looking for an experienced player to platoon with to help me improve @ tanks. Tiers 5-7. Availablity: I have a weird schedule, so don't expect me to be online at anytime - I'm randomly on/offline. NA EAST - I live in Canada (GMT -5:00 - Toronto/NewYork)
  3. I'm playing in my Object 704 and this happens. Can someone come help a poor man grinding his Object 704?
  4. I often recruit players or give advice to random newbies, but I never have an adequate answer to one question: What is the best tech tree to research if you wanna get into team battles asap? Currently I would say - T57 and 50B branches. Because I believe that T69, 50-100, 50B, and T57 are 4 essential, non-replaceable, tanks for competitive team battles, and mastering those 4 should give you a spot in a decent clan/team. For someone interested only in CW the old T-54 branch seems to be the best one. It is the only one that leads to two very good tier 10 tanks. Would you agree, and why not? Which tanks to avoid at all cost?
  5. As it seems my friend i toon with normally is somewhat bored of wot lately. As i dont want to Run After him im looking for 1-2 toon mates for the weekend. Im from Germany so Germans and english speaking dudes are preferred. Ts3 available. Ratingwise im looking for some people between 1700-2200 wn7 to match me or maybe i can learn from. Tanks: foch50 ( want to Grind the 155 this weekend), 3002m, leotard 1 and proto, jpe100, e50m, m46, m48, t32, t54e1, 50-120, batty, some more, mainly playing t9 and t8. Start would be friday 2230. pm me on wotlabs or ingame. Expect some Heavy trolling/heavy flaming. Regards, crytis. Edit: warning: im able to potato like a drunk 6yo sometimes.
  6. Thank you, PityFool, for platooning with me this morning. I had a blast, in spite of my poor showing.
  7. I had a great time platooning with a stranger last night. I ws logging in for the night and there was a fellow hanging out in the BUNEH room all by his lonesome. Aleeshia told me he was waiting for Neverwish to interview him and suggested I drop in and let him know that Neverwish had logged for the night and he was temporarily SOL. I chatted with him for a few and we decided to platoon a little. Here's where it got interesting. I didn't know him or his style, and neither did he know me. In order to facilitate awesomeness I was more vocal about my intentions than usual. In fact, more vocal than ever. I usually don't talk too much about what I'm doing because I'm unsure of myself and my plays. I got past that mental block and we coordinated all over the place. We won 4 out of 4. Then another person joined us. His stats were better than mine or my partner's so I got shy again. Instead of suggesting strats and talking about what I was doing and what was happening I went silent. We lost 2 out of 2. Then our third got invited to a platoon with some friends so he split (or he bailed because we lost two in a row... not sure, doesn't matter). We played two more after that, won 1, lost 1. I really feel like there's something to this. I intend to try to communicate more consistently with platoon mates. I expect it will help a lot. Sure seems like it did last night.
  8. This question is multifaceted. It deals with several of my shortcomings and my inability to figure out how to fix them at the moment. Part the first: T71. Poor performance overall: Defeat!, T71, South Coast, 7/29/13 8:13 PM: 334 nXP, 294 dmg Poor scouting at the very least: Defeat!, T71, Airfield, 7/30/13 3:14 AM: 769 nXP, 1,580 dmg Poor scouting, nearly got myself killed a few times had I been against competent players: Victory!, T71, Ruinberg, 7/30/13 3:49 AM: 1,662 nXP, 2,411 dmg I've attached some replays (with links) above. I've had a few high damage games with this thing but never have I had a game where I truly felt I did well. I just feel lost in this tank, and I know several of the reasons I think, but not how to solve them: 1) I'm generally a poor scout to begin with. I don't know sight lines well enough, nor do I know proper deployment. I also don't know where to go after my first scout run, or after I find my first passive bush. This usually results in me getting less than 1k spotting damage (as I'm sharing the spots with everyone else I'm sure), very little direct damage (targets too close to fire without possibly breaking camo), and I fall in the middle of the pack on my team. 2) I have no idea how to use my mobility. I've been an arty main (yes, you may loathe me) and heavy tank specialist (KV-5 mostly) for almost my entire career. I tend to overextend very easily, get a few shots in, then have no exit strategy in mind. This is partially due to the fact that I don't know about 30-50% of the maps. I understand where to brawl with my heavies most of the time but that means I don't study the parts of the map more open to faster tanks. What I need to understand, especially with the T71, is how to properly scout and when to pick my engagements (and how the hell to plot an escape route at the same time). Any advice I can get here is invaluable. Part the second: Mediums. More specifically, the T-54 Yes, I actually have trouble with mediums. My problems enraged me to the point last week where I actually ragesold my T-54 to get the funds to continue progressing through other lines (T57 Heavy Tank line, AMX 50 B line). Simply put, I have no idea whatsoever how to play a medium. I don't know where to go, I don't currently understand timing, proper positioning, exposure time, vision control, anything. Something about playing mediums simply eludes me. Unfortunately I don't have any recent replays to put up for my T-54 so I don't know what specific advice I can request, or how much help you can be. Part the third: Platooning and learning The issue that complicates all of this is twofold. I tend to gravitate toward only platooning with a select few people that I feel comfortable with, and I don't know how to follow through on intense practice. The second part is rather embarassing considering I'm a musician and composer, but the fact remains. With regards to platooning, the people I tend to platoon with are good (one green, one purple), but I don't really grow at all playing with them. I've been stuck at my current level for months now. I know my 60-day stats are all green, but in reality I've been performing at the same general competency level (statistically and subjectively) for quite a while now. I don't know where to go to find people to help me (outside of these forums obviously), I tend to be way too timid about platooning with people, even in my own clan, and as a result I feel stuck. If I had the funds I'd pay Crab for a session with him, but, well, I'm a musician so I'm poor *grin* I would appreciate any advice on ANY of these points from any of you. What do I need to improve on, how do I improve on it, and how do I get to the point where I can KEEP improving?
  9. I copied and pasted this post from the WoT Forums in the hopes that I could obtain some positive feedback and collaborators from a more scientifically-minded community. 1. Introduction Many WoT players have opinions about the effects of platooning or Tank Companies on personal stats such as Winrate, Survival Rate, Efficiency, WN6 or Performance Rating. I believe most people think that platooning in general will have a positive effect on Winrate and a negative effect on Efficiency (or any other individual performance calculation.) (I just want to clarify here that I have no interest in knowing what your personal opinion is about these effects, so please don’t spam this thread by posting them.) In order to get some real evidence, not based on personal experience or speculation, I designed an experiment which relates Player Skill, Platoon Size, and Communication to Winrate, Survival Rate, and Efficiency. Due to limitations with the maximum size of posts, I'm going to have to break this into parts and I will go on to explain the entire experimental process, although it’s a bit technical at times. If you don’t know anything about experimental design and/or don’t care, I suggest you go right on down to section 7.2 (Preliminary Stat-Padding Optimizer). 2. Objectives 3. Experimental Design 4. Experimental Procedure 5. Results 6. Analysis 7. Conclusions 7.1 Observations 7.2 Preliminary Stat-Padding Optimizer 7.3 Sources of Error 7.4 Future Projects 8. Request from the Community The purpose of posting these results on the WoT forum is to obtain feedback from the more scientifically-minded WoT community, regarding which experiments would give the most useful results and how to design them. I am also looking for players of all skill levels who are interested in participating in further experiments. You can either respond here or PM me. I am open to constructive criticism, inquiries and revealing more details about any part of the process. Having said that, I know this forum is filled with trolls, so if you don’t want me to permanently ignore you, please don’t do any of the following: Tell me your personal opinions on platooning and/or stat-padding, unless you are doing so as a preliminary to suggest an experiment. Criticize the experiment unless you read the whole thing and both understand it and know what you’re talking about. (A hint, if you don’t at least have a university degree in some field related to math, science, or engineering, you probably don’t know what you’re talking about) Make fun of the wording I used. Claim that I said something I didn’t or that I didn’t say something I did. Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who participated in this experiment. Their names will remain anonymous, but they know who they are. -Ravenmaster
  10. Hello dear all, Firstly, I would like to express my appreciation for this forum. I really like the expert insights and the copious amounts of sarcasm. I write this post because I am a Ferdinand tanker looking for a wingman. Up till Sunday night, I had a 70% winrate in 50 battles. All pub, no platoons. Being able to carry round after round, even with the stock guns for the first 40 battles, and performing as the god of murder once I got the real gun, gave great satisfaction. These stats are from then. It was a nice reflection of my joyfull tanking. However, since yesterday, WG has made sure that 50 to 90% of my fellow pubbies were either clinically braindead, or paid by WG to get my winrate down. My winrate is dropping, as well as my WN7, which belongs in the purple in my modest opinion! But most of all, I spend more time cursing and insulting the badies than actually tanking and laughing sardonically.... So, if you feel like playing a couple of rounds with me, let me know. I'm usually on late in the evenings (9-12pm GMT+1), when my girlfriend and dog are sleeping, for optimal concentration and smooth internets. For the practicalities of the platooning (which tank you would drive etc.), I let it up to other people's advice here. I only ran 25 platoon games or so, so far, mostly tier 5 to 8. I am just really looking forward to having at least one person by my side whom I can trust. The main aim would be to play satisfying battles, with a lot of ownage, while I will not be afraid to take loads of damage myself. Improved stats are not the aim per se, merely a reflection of the success. Tito
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